Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me!!

What better than my blog to pen down my feelings on my birthday!
Lately, the family is going through a rough patch. The loss of loved ones is beyond words and cruel. Only time heals, nothing else does. This month came along with two such sad news and gave us a jerk to reality. No amount of planning or thinking can change destiny.
But this post isn't about the darker hues. No matter what might be going with each and every one in the family, every one was considerate to wish me a happy birthday. Nothing lavish, but the hubby, bil, mom and kiddo planned a act-surprised-12-pm-cake-cutting! I had a huge slice of yummy kiwi and death by chocolate cake. It was great to have all of them.. all of them who mattered to me :) Thank you guys :) You mean the world to me!
The hubby went a step ahead and got me a thoughtful card [ask me , why the stress on the card! He doesn't like getting them, doesn't like reading them and finds it difficult to select one] It has one of the most beautiful wordings on a card and I am really happy. He also gifted me a cute huggable soft toy. Pictures coming soon...
Google wished me a happy birthday too! Wish we could contact all those people in the heaven above, maybe tag them in a facebook post or write to them and tell them, how every special day is incomplete without them. How every smile brings along unwept tears! But alas! RIP my loved ones! Miss you a whole lot more today!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who stood by me at my best and at my worst!

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