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Start A New Life!

The loss of a family member is a wound that never heals, never soothes, never calms! No amount of time helps and no matter how much you try, there comes a time when memories flood, you try holding on to happy ones, but you cannot part away with the sad ones!
When I lost my Dad in a road accident, little was left in my life. But things aren't as you imagine, rather than sinking and not living, I had to live, stand for my mother , smile for my brother who had just begun his engineering. Life was not simple. We all wore multiple masks to hide the sadness and sorrow, coz out of our four strong pillars on which our house stood, one was gone - the one which was the strongest! But life doesn't stop, does it! With a year of education still waiting for me and 4 long years for the brother, life changed. We didn't afford the luxuries which we could earlier, nor did we have a reason to smile. We all felt alone in this world with nothing but darkness all around. Mom stayed back at our na…

Help A Child To Study!!

If you can read this,consider yourself lucky! Not everyone is lucky to get education.
Every child deserves to get the right of education. Else it is a vicious circle, no education, difficult making ends meet, poverty, crime giving rise to even more vices.. Let's do our bit, however small and help educate. I am doing mine, what about you?

Introducing the "Help a Child to study" NGO- Write for them, donate, do your bit!
Let's join hands for a better place!

Activity: Help A Child to Study sponsors the higher education of meritorious underprivileged students, supporting them to achieve dreams of a better future. We sponsor all formal courses above 10th, including 11th and 12th, diploma courses, degree courses, B.E., M.B.B.S. and Postgrad. Through education our students are able to escape the cycle of poverty through their own talents.
Details: We are very proud of our students - who are the children of labourers, small scale farmers, weavers and other families with low income…

5 Reasons Zenfone 2 is the Best Looking Phone of 2015

Two years back, on this very day we were destined to be WE from YOU and ME! I gifted the hubby a cell phone on our wedding day. Given that I am a lover of giving and receiving gifts, I’d put all efforts possible to search something he’d love, be useful to him and be money-wise too! And here is the ASUS Zenfone 2 to help me out this time!!  Who knows hubby might just be lucky to get this super sexy phone!! Though I wouldn’t mind one for myself too!
Pulling the curtains away to present to you the incredible ASUS ZENPHONE 2-

Here are 5 reasons why the Zenfone 2 is the best looking phone! It is sleek and slim
I mean who doesn't love a phone which is a style statement in itself!!
The luxurious ultra-thin ergonomic arc design, brushed metal finish and concentric circle detailing makes it look bold and elegant at the same time!  Intuitive Controls on the back 
Keeping the selfie culture alive, it provides a rear key to click selfies on the go.
So snap selfies and adjust the volume, nice and …

Feeling T-shirty :)

Its hot!!
One of those times, when I'd want to sit at home, put on the A.C., wear my comfy cottons and hog on watermelons... But I am in office, sitting and working.. but thankfully its Friday!!
I am feeling T-shirty :)
Here are the three cute T-shirts I bought from
In bright tangerine and red colors and with awesome prints!! Happy Summers!!

My April 2015 Fabbag

Woohooo!! 3 fab bag reviews one after the other..
But then this is the last bag for this quarterly subscription I had applied for... need to subscribe again! Cannot the bag just magically be given to me every month without me having to pay for it :P
Here is my April fabbag -

The bag has a beautiful zebra print and has been tagged as the “Nine to 9 Fab bag”. I like the bag, it looks sturdy and is spacious. Better than the Feb and March fab bags.Here are the products I received: 1.Sample pieces of Malavara Lime Vetiver Shower gel and Body Lotion 60 ml each priced at 300/- for the gel and 390/- for the lotion The gel and lotion are too good. The lemony lime smell is mesmerizing and stays for a long long time. I loved the light weight gel and have included it in my comfort bath time. The lotion is nice and keeps the skin hydrated. The smell just keeps me craving for more. When I got the bag, the shower gel had leaked out, so the bag smells all lemony now. The fab magazine and the coupons …

My March 2015 Fabbag

You know this thing about fabbag – Till you don’t get it, you wait for it! Once you get it, happinesss!! Use the product and the happiness multiplies!! And what better than to share the happiness J
The March fabbag products are fab! Have a sneak peek here

The bag has been tagged as #MakeupForDifference and it does full justice to the tag! Here are the products I received:
1. Soul Tree Pure Black Kohl – Full size priced at 350/- The Soul Tree Kohl range is totally herbal, smells good and is available in different colors – black, grey, blue, maroon, green to name a few. I wanted to experiment with the colors and was expecting anything else but black.. but I got black. That said, one application was enough for me to know it is good. It has ghee, natural oils and the color is perfect! It stays on and actually makes my eyes feel cool on application. It is a part of my handbag now and I use it everyday!
2. Palladio Herbal Lipstick –Flame – Full sized priced at 650/- This lipstick is good.. …

My February 2015 Fabbag!!

If you read my blog, you'd know how much I am in love with the fabbag! Fabbag is a monthly cosmetic bag service which has 3 deluxe cosmetics & beauty products from top global brands plus expert tips-n-tricks that help get the most out of every product and it's perfect! As much as I wait for a new month to get my salary, I look forward to my fabbag for the month the same! I had a quarterly subscription and I almost lusted for each product in the bag, not to mention used everything too! And so I requested hubby to gift me another quarterly subscription and he did!! [Yes he did, without asking or complaining... Guess he enjoyed how happily I spent the day I got my fabbag for the three months.. the dance of glee I did :P] So, here it is... the review of my February Fabbag!!

Curtains roll up.. presenting the Valentine theme heart shaped Feb Fab Bag -

The bag is good to look at but not the kinds I will carry in my hand.. I did not really like the finishing.. but then to each her o…

Boiled egg-butter onion sandwiches

Easiest recipe if you wanna eat something healthy, yummy and takes less time!

Ingredients -

Boiled eggsOnionsBreadButter Black pepper and salt to taste Get cooking - Dice the boiled eggsCuts the onions in thin slicesTake a pan and saute some butter. You can skip the butter and use oil, but it tastes yummm with the butterAdd the onions and let them fry till light pinkTake a bread slice and arrange the egg dicesTop with the now pink onion slicesSprinkle salt and pepperPut it in the toaster and let them roast till light brown Woohoo!! your sandwiches are ready! Eat them with tomato ketchup!


In happiness - cake
In sorrow - cake
Lonely - eat cake
With friends and family - eat cake
Birthdays - cake
Anniversaries - cake
Oh!!! The joys of cake baking and eating it too...
You can have the cake and eat it too...
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Ajnabi ajnabi...

Humsafar banke hum saath saath hai aaj bhi.. Fir bhi hai ye safar ajnabi ajnabi Rah bhi ajnabee, mod bhi ajnabee.. Jayenge hum kidhar ajnabi ajnabi!
Jindagi ho gyi hai sulagta safar, Dur tak aa rha hai dhuan sa nazar, Jaane kis mod pe kho gyi har khushi, Deke dard-e-jigar ajnabi ajnabi
Humne chun chun ke tinke Banaya tha jo Aashiyaan hasraton se Sajaya tha jo Hai chaman me wohi aashiyaan aaj bhi Lag rha hai magar ajnabi ajnabi
Kisko maloom tha Din ye bhi aayenge Mausamon ki tarah Dil badal jayenge Din hua ajnabi, raat bhi ajnabi Har ghadi, har pahar ajnabi ajnabi
Not been a single time Jagjit Singh doesn't touch the strands of my heart and cause that tear deep in the heart away from the eyes of the world flow...