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Dance as if no one is watching!!

There are so many posts in my drafts mode, some needing just a touch up and some a write up... but this one needs to be written , right now right here!!
This is what music does to me...

I am waiting for the bus and plug in my headphones. One of my favorite dance number is on, I hear it once and it doesn't satisfy me, it never does! I turn off the radio and move to the music player with the album on repeat mode.. Once in office, the music fever is still on and I am almost at the verge of dancing in the lift.. No I am not a good dancer and yes I was the only one in the lift... The fever is on when I am applying my lip gloss and I quickly do a few moves in front of the mirror.... wooooooooooo..... That's what music does to me...

Just came back to my desk and the songs are still on repeat mode and I am enjoying every bit of it..
Am I the only odd one out or does it happen to you?
I feel intoxicated by music...
Do you too?


I walk with my heart in my hands, Ready to give love to all.
You came,
Made me feel special…
I gave my heart to you..
Little did I know, you’d take the liberty to break it..
And then give my broken heart back to me..
You smile with the world,
Laugh on their jokes..
For me all you have is bad words and tears..
The unrest grows,
Tears come no more…
Why should I anymore care for you,
Why should I bother?
Why should I live with the pain, when there’s a better world to go!
With heavy hands I pick up the pieces,
The memories shattering me even more…
The broken pieces pierce, the blood flows… so do the tears…
The memories I cherish come back to me…
But the pain is unbearable..
Should I let time heal and carry on or should I just move ahead and never look back!
The answer has never been simple, it never will be!
But a single life I have and that I gotta live…

Cannot wait all my life for that smile or that twinkle in your eye..
Cannot wait all my life for that touch or that cuddle…
Cannot wait all my life to get love…


Lost in your thoughts,
Time comes to a stand still..
Sorrows bring tears,
Smiles widen with the happiness!
I changed,
You changed!
All left with me are the memories..
Memories I cherish and hold onto..
Memories I live for,
Thinking maybe some day..
They'd be our present not our past...

Lost in your thoughts,
Time comes to a stand still..
Tears flow for the times we have missed, for the times we fought!
The cold breeze dries away the tears, soothes and promises a better future.
All left with me are the memories..
Memories I cherish and hold onto..
Memories I live for,
Thinking maybe some day..
They'd be our present not just our past...

To "My Man"..

The curtains swayed, the shining moon casting its shadow on your face.You curl up and cuddle the pillow. I pulled the comforter over you, a ritual I do every night. The warmth makes you feel good. As the curtains and the moon play hide and seek, I stare at your face, something I can get never enough of. You look at peace, innocent like a baby.. Behind this serene and youthful face is the man who takes over the burden of the house EMI, the car loan, work load and above all he handles me - be it in my worse times or my best or when I am just being me or when I am throwing tantrums! As I continue thinking about us, the memory lane doesn't look like a bed of roses, it never has been, the thorns prick badly and I need to stop thinking about the bad, but then how can you appreciate the good if you haven't seen the bad. I repent on the follies I did, at the same time forgive you for what wrongs you have done to me. After all, it is about accepting each other with the differences, a…

Suggest Suggest....

Hey all you wonderful people out there… Image Courtesy : The one and only I need to take a holiday… some much needed rest… The last week on November from the 22nd November till the 30th. Suggest a nice place…!!!
Goa is what is the default location, Jaipur/Udaipur are looking good to me.. any more suggestions from the blogosphere??

The client visit...

If you are in I.T. or related to someone here, you’d know about clients coming over to India offices. To me it’s always been analogous to coming to office early, fancy lunches [which you’d just hear about maybe coz you are too low in the hierarchy] or going shopping with them to those fancy stores which sell clothes with Indian embroidery or other items which can be tagged “Indian”.
    A member from the client team came over today and is gonna stay over for 2 weeks. We knew he was coming but when/where/how wasn’t know till today morning. Today’s sunshine saw our offshore manager in office at 9am… like 9 am!!! He doesn’t really come to this part of our office, this secluded and confined place. Read about this office here! We knew something was wrong as he gave me a rude stare when I was dunking my oatmeal cookies into my cuppa. And by the time I enjoyed the dunken magic, another senior team member came to the stair case, which we now call our cafeteria and told me to go…

Growing up or growing old or just growing bore...

1.A couple of grey hair smiling gently on the scalp 2.Hair volume reducing every day 3.Slight fine lines on the face 4.Inches and pounds adding up 5.Need to rest on weekends rather than going out 6.Preferring online shopping over the huge league of malls 7.No window shopping 8.No sense less calls, just talking sense 9.Getting angry with the maid over ignoring the dirt 10.Being unhappy with the cook coz he cooked something unexpected over telling him politely 11.Thinking nonstop of the future rather than living in the present 12.Adding a new album in my music gallery which reads “Peace” after a lot of albums “Rock”, “Hip Hop”, “Honey Singh”… etc and hearing “Peace” when I do actually hear music… 13.Forgetting headphones at home and not feeling bad about it 14.Not having configured the radio after getting a new phone even when its 2 long months 15.No adrenaline rush on getting/buying a gift 16.No hurry to download that song which I loved seeing on the T.V. 17.No worry when someone is wearing the same t…