Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The three things I badly wish I could have are..................................

The three things I badly wish I could have are..................................

1. A perfect body to die for….
Who doesn’t wish for this especially when you’ve had it once upon a time and now all you look at is flab flab flab..
I so wish to be like I was 2 years back…

2. More time…
Time to do things I love..
To learn dancing, painting, sketching…
To dance as if I have been set free.. To wear those ballet shoes and swing to soft music..
To write every feeling I feel..
To read every book in my wish list.. To read every unread blog on my reader..
To spend countless days with people I love
To rest, to cook the numerous recipes I note down… and so much more

3. A life partner who'd understand me and whom I'd understand
Loneliness kills.. I want someone whom I can look forward too.
Some one who'll make me feel special and I'd do everything to make him feel special too..
Some one who'll take me in his arms when I want warmth, some one whom I can hug when they are tired or low...
Some one who loves me, some one for me to love :)

This is my post on the "Wish List Wednesday" on Preeti Shenoy's blog..

I so love your books Preeti...
Waiting to read this one :) Good Luck!!!


  1. The are the exact same things I'd wish for too, Deepika. :) I like your blog, following you now. Do check my blog whenever possible.


    1. Hey Dhriti,
      Thanks for stopping by..
      You have a beautiful name!!
      Added your blog to my reading list already :)


  2. Nice post.
    Time ... we all want more of it. Since we cannot get "more" time we have to make good use of what we have got!


    1. Thankyou Arti!
      Yes absolutely, we cannot get more time... so no choice but making use of what we have and making the most of it :)
      Thanks for stopping by

  3. Aah..these are in my wishlist too...all of them...though for this prompt, I made a different list! 3 is such a small no.for a wish-list, no?
    I like your blog...following :-)

    1. Hey Priya,

      3 is so small a number to wish!!!
      Thanks for liking :)
      Thanks for stopping :)


  4. Nice wishes. Really liked your post.

    Congrats !!you got special mention from Westland.


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