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Just books! 34 Bubblegums and Candies - My review

Author - Preeti Shenoy

Preeti Shenoy is an author whom I enjoy reading! The stories are simple and mostly you can relate to them! This is her first book and it is really simple. It is a collection of short stories which you read and realize such things have happened in your life already. It is a light read for times when you want to take a time off from some heavy reading, no doubt I finished it in a couple of hours. Nothing very great but does make you go down the memory lane.

Just books! The Fault in our Stars! - My review

Author - ohn Green
Wow!! This book is amazing from the first page till the last! Hazel is cancer patient, who has a world of her own. A brave heart who is fighting gets swooned over Augustus , who is a cancer survivor. This book is about their dreams , their love story, their life and painful separation. There was a fault in their stars, else this would have been "a happy ending". The book beautifully gives a sneak peek inside their life. The description of the types of books they are reading to the Anne Frank house to the Oranjee.... [you'd know it , if you'd read it] is absolutely perfect! For a moment , I wanna leave everything behind and go to Amsterdam to explore everything written in the book! It is perfect.. must must read!
This world definitely is not a wish granting factory!

Just books! Ajaya: Roll of the Dice (Epic of the Kaurava Clan #1) - My review

Author - 

The kinds to be interested in knowing both the sides of a coin, this book kept me engaged! I am eagerly waiting for the sequel - Rise of the Kali.We think of Krishna as the God and Pandavas as the ones who were right, but it's great to think about the Kauravas. Were they really wrong? Or were they proven wrong as part of the big plan. Why were they renamed from Suyodhana, Sushasana.. to Duryodhana?
The author has beautifully woven a magical world where you get engulfed and feel for Duryodhana. His humanitarian ways, his friendship with Karna, his love for Subhadra and his marriage to Bhanumati - all feel so real! The description of the architectures is wonderful. I could actually imagine the castle build for the Pandavas. Some parts of the book make you think and re-think, like the one where Gandhari asks Draupadi why she chose to be the wife of five brothers and she wittingly replies.
Must read if you love reading mythology!
Suddenly, my view about the…

Just books! Those Pricey Thakur Girls - My review

Author - Anuja Chauhan
☆☆☆☆ My first read from this author and let me tell you it is entertaining.. wants you to read and read till the last page. The author has beautifully described each character and you get the feel that you know them.. I can actually imagine the series of events taking place. Debjani delivering news on the television, her love for animals, her finger ring, her sarees, one can actually relate to.. Love stories no matter how common and how predictable continue to amaze me. So, if you like to read them, you should surely go ahead and pick this book. Am adding the other books from this author in my to-read list! Enjoy reading!!

Just books! Falling in Love Again - My review

Author - Ruskin Bond

☆☆☆ It's a collection of short love stories! A light read where you don't need to use your brains just read at your leisure.. Some stories are good, while some are just alright. This was my first Ruskin Bond read. The style of writing is good, easy to understand and the stories are descriptive, no hurry... The talk about love is practical, what usually happens and not something out of a fairy tale.. But then I din't find anything more to it!!

Just books! The One You Cannot Have - My review

☆☆☆☆☆ Preeti Shenoy has always been one of my favorite authors. The stories are simple, relatable yet deliciously written and can be completely devoured and digested. "The One You Cannot Have" is one such book, where the author describes about first love, the longing, the emotions and then the separation. Whether you are the one who leaves or the one who is left behind, the pain stays. If the other partner is understanding and loves you, life changes, but the thorn pricks. The story flows and yet again I was unable to place the book down and completed it in one read.. you will too! The journey of loving some one and then marrying some one else, comparing that some one else with the ex and not living is something we see around everyday.. but then there are some people "You cannot just have" in your life and you need to accept that!

Beautifully written and a light read! Must read!

Just books! Jaya: An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata - My review

☆☆☆☆A good book of Mahabharata secrets.. some of them I knew some were knew and they continued to amaze me. Though at some part in the book, I had to go back and check whether this was what I had bought this book for - the part where parenting and reproducing is concerned, but I guess that's the background laid by the author to understand what happens next.. The short stories about events make me want to read more, it clears certain doubts , at the same time generating some more! 
Read if you want to know more, read if you want to know why the Kaurava's reached heaven while the Pandava's did not except Yudhisthira and much much more... The book beautifully enfolds the emotions of mothers and wives, the fear of having a child born out of wedding lock, the fear of losing, death, birth , curses and blessings!
What amazes me is that my viewpoint about the characters has changed.. I don't essentially feel that Duryodhana was entirely wrong.. or that Krishna and Arjuna are tot…

My Airtel App - Bachat ki Khunn Khunn!

Have you seen the new Airtel App advertisement? If yes, you'd relate with the "khunn khunn" coin jingle! If no, here it is -

When I first saw the advertisement, I wanted to download the app and I did! It is a quick 5.5mb download, which installs very quickly and has a beautiful UI. The best part being, it is personal!! The home screen actually shows your name and tells you the account balance - both the talk time and the data balance! So no more dialing *123# to check your balance! Just open the app and have a look!
Making smart use of the smart phone using this smart app!!

The Airtel Mobile App has some lovely surprises. 1. Recharge your phone for the first time with the mobile app.  2. Choose coupons of the same amount as you recharge Free food , shopping and entertainment coupons!! :) 3. Recharge successful, now sip your free coffee!! Now that's some pampering :)

Share your birthday and they'd surprise you!! Waiting for my birthday to see, what surprise wish …

My Mom-My First Expert and much more!

We lived in a joint family, with my grand parents, uncle, aunt and my cousins. Dad is the youngest in his family and so is mum. But when they got married, Mom had to shoulder a lot of responsibilities. Looking down the memory lane, it still gives me goose bumps to imagine how mom, a 24-something then handled a huge family and had a baby too. She very happily cites how she managed to do everything and then give us all the time she could. She remembers each and every thing we did as kids. Even when she started working, she'd have her work-life balance, cooking , managing the house, having guests over and still being successful in her job. Mom had the time to cook meals we loved, bake a cake every now and then, take us out for picnics and even accompany Dad when he was overloaded. This one thing which Mom taught me just by being herself is to balance my life, give priority to my family even while carving a niche for myself. She always tells me to be an individual first, have an …

My Mommy Strongest!!

    When she grew up, she loved studying.Youngest among three sisters and two brothers, she was always pampered. She was the only one who went ahead and attended college, cleared her Bachelors in Commerce, which was a big deal back then! Her hunger for food did not end there, she wanted to learn more, get a job and help support her family. But life had other plans! She lost her father. All her dreams shattered. No further studies, no job dreams, just be at home and manage the daily chores. 
   Then one day, she got married into a joint family. And the saga continued, she had to work all the time. Then she had a baby girl. Her life started revolving around her baby. Her dreams of studying and working were hidden deep inside, but she knew she wouldn't be able to pursue them. While managing her family, she also started learning. She would study with her daughter, read to her and learn talking in English. She'd practice writing in a cursive font. Then she had a son. Her family need…

Why I have the Myntra app and why you should have it on your cell phone!!