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The bill

She unlocked the car and saw the bills on the seat. Thinking he'd forgotten them she bought them to her work desk and asked him if he needed them. He answered in the negative telling her it was past office timings and it wouldn't be possible to pay them then.
When he dropped her home, she asked him if he'd keep the bills. He said she could keep them and he'd take them the next day..
The next day he forgot them, so did she.. In the evening he called and scolded her for not giving him the bill. He blamed her for the fine he'd have to pay, just because she was stupid enough to get the bills from the car. She din't know what to do. She got them up thinking he wouldn't have to go till the parking to get them. She thought he had forgotten them.. but anyways she got blamed... She kept the bills at his disk..
The next day she asked him if he had paid the bill, to which he replied bluntly that he din't. All he wanted to do was to clarify certain details... so a…


Sometimes life just doesn't move the way you expect,
Sometimes the road is full of potholes,
Sometimes there are no roses , just thorns,
Sometimes there is no silver lining to the dark clouds,
Sometimes no matter how much you try whatever you do turns out to be incorrect,
Sometimes no matter how much you work , you won't get any appreciations,
Sometimes the maze you are stuck in will never have a way out,
Sometimes the game you play will always be won by the opponent,
Sometimes you won't have a say in your own life,
Sometimes people will be always be cruel and not care for you,
Sometimes you'll be stuck in between decisions which are both equally important,
Sometimes your life's biggest happiness will not be taken in consideration,
Sometimes you'll be left alone , crying to yourself,
Sometimes you'll find yourself with no way to move ahead on,
Sometimes you'll realize the relationship you think you are in, is a one sided one,
Sometimes you'll have …

Good bye Google reader! Hello Feedly!!

Goodbye Google Reader..
You will be thoroughly missed...
You were the only reason I met so many nice people and continued reading the jewels they wrote...
You are the only reason I could come back to a part of me which I had lost somewhere in the fight of engineering/job... the reader in me lives because of you :)

Hello Feedly!!
Now that I have imported my google reader data here, you have become an integral part of my life :)
I so hope I can update myself and read all the blogs I had missed over :)

Thankyou CM!! Your advice worked..

I want google reader back..........

I am missing google reader..
Reading blogs was so easier then...
I want it back....

Be your own sunshine!

Heya peepz..
Long back when ever there were things in my mind, I'd either write them down on paper or draw stuff and then forget about them.. Then blogging happened.. Thanks to Noor.. and then I met so many people who'd cheer me up when sad, be a part of my happiness.. I derive strength when I read your blogs, my tears flow when you cry and I become super excited when you are happy..
No more do I feel the pressure of keeping things in my heart as I can put them all down here! It empties my heart and soothes my soul...

Today, I am feeling happy :)
I always tell myself to be my own sunshine.. coz if you can't make yourself happy, nobody and nothing else can!
It's difficult! But then God does give you reasons to smile and people who give you reasons too and then you shine bright!

I was feeling blue but NN [I have written about our awesome cake baking experience over here] instantly cheered me up! There's something about some people that instantly draws you to them.. …

Stupid Observations!

A very very stupid post ahead... Please avoid and ignore if busy! "Tune maari entriyan to dil me baji ghantiyaan rey ton ton ton ton"
Seen this song peepz? I cannot take my eyes off Ranveer, I mean he is dancing with such vigour and such is his body language and style that I just cannot help but ignore Arjun Kapoor. He looks like background... I wouldn't even know that he exists as a hero in the film!
Stupid observation right!!On the contrary, am loving Arjun Kapoor in the "2 States" promo.. He is looking so Chetan Bhagatishhhh.. The "PUNJABI puttar" with those geeky glasses and a HOT HOT girfriend :P Seen the promos for "Mai tera hero".. the song "Tera dhyan kidhar hai, tera hero idhar hai".. Such an awesome pack Varun Dhawan looks.. awesome expressions, dance moves! I mean each time I see the song, I cannot move my eyes off him.. If there is someone after Shahid Kapoor who can do the tapori kinda dance well, it's Varun!!I lik…

Feeling Blue!

Feeling blue..
Feeling blue..
Feeling blue....
My heart says, can't be, can't be true..
Oh me!
can't be true..
My heart says, can't be, can't be true..

Jaane kya chahe mann bawaraa...
Jaane kya chahe mann bawaraa...
Akhiyan mere savan chala..
Akhiyan mere savan chala...

Song of my soul!

Yaar mangiyasi rabba maine roke
kedi main khudaai mang layi..
kedi main khudaai mang layi

Mar jaan de mar jaan de
Mar jaan de kisi da maino hoke
kedi main khudaai mang layi..
kedi main khudaai mang layi

Kiniya duavan manga koi vi na mani jaaye
Kiniya duavan manga koi vi na mani jaaye
Kaanu roz roz de ve sanu dhoke
kedi main khudaai mang layi..

Pyaar mera kar rabba mere hawale
Yaar bina dil mera kaun sambhale..
Cheez apni hi maangi maine tujhse
Kedi main parayi mang layi..

Mera yeh naseeba hai meri nahi sunta
Sapno ke jaal to yeh roz roz bunta
Kabhie sun le tu meri bhi duhai
Kedi main parayi mang layi..

Mar jaan de mar jaan de
Mar jaan de kisi da maino hoke
kedi main khudaai mang layi..
kedi main khudaai mang layi

The atrocities of love!

A four letter word, which can change your life forever - for good or for bad!
I am stupid when it comes to love.
Someone loves you, you love them back, then they stop loving you but how do you do the same?
If a two lane traffic suddenly becomes one lane without you knowing it and you are on the other side of the road and so so bad at traffic sense, how'd you handle it?
Tears follow more tears and then some more till they dry, but next time they start again.
It's better not to love at all than to love and lose, and that too when the loss is the person being with you all the time but still not there to support you!
Life is a difficult games and for a non-player it can really throw challenges.. so what do you do - become a player or just let go!
In both the cases, it burdens your own soul... lost self-confidence, lack of self-respect, anxiety, depression...
It's like walking in a blind alley, can't enjoy the journey, don't know the destination..
Fear grips, wor…

And Odie joins Garfield for some fun...


Updates Updates!!

A lot has been happening in life..
A mixture of good and bad.. Each time I see a dark cloud, I try and find out the silver lining around it. Let's see how long this approach works..
The other day I forgot to wash my coffee mug @ office desk, so just filled it with water and left for the day.The next day found the mug shining clean in the pantry :) Somebody was thoughtful enough to wash it for me!! Now that's what we call "GOOD HOUSEKEEPING"
I saw a horrid accident just seconds after the impact.. :| Am praying that everybody is fine. The bikes were badly shattered.. Fortunately, as it happened right in front of the office gate, the security guards played good Samaritans and took care of the situation - right from the people to police to ambulance to the bikes! Kudos guys!
Work and environment in office has hit an all time low. Don't know what I am working on and what for! New people are being recruited in the team with absolutely no existing work.. There have been no…