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Is being a girl my mistake??

You are happy to hear her tiny giggles, Pinks suddenly seem apt, She is the apple of your eye,the doll, the princess, Her birth brings you joy, You wanna give her every happiness possible for you and sometimes make even the impossible possible, Dad's princess, Mum's sweetheart, Brother's loving sister, she is there.. like a happy rainbow smiling in your house :) You want her to study hard, get the best of everything, You even digest the bitter syrup of sending her away to far away town to study, She brings colors to your life... Your daughter !!
She is generous to share the icecream she saved in the freezer, You know its a couple of cute words and she'd always keep your secret secret, She'll stand by you no matter what... your friend when you are lonely, And still there like a star shining in the dark, when you are surrounded by your friends, You know you'll always have her, no matter what, she'll always be yours.. Your sister !!
She is there to hear your …

My one wish that came true and gave me immense joy...

And then them coming true :)
Feels like heaven, doesn't it?

So here's my one wish (out of many many) which came true and the joy it gave me then was uncomparable. The joy I get now just thinking it happened is enough to make me smile while I write this.. So here's raising the red curtains :)
I have always been real close to my parents.My sibling and I are left free to voice our opinions, we are encouraged to share anything and everything we want to, we are allowed to cry in front of them when we are weak... It's a beautiful relationship.. It was Dad's 49th birthday. Dad had been forcing me to come home a day before. I was too tired, but then I relented. My sibling couldnt make it amd promised to be home on the birthday. So, when we started our usual celebrations at 12:00 night, digging-into-the-mushy-gooey-cake-and-then-opening-the-gift-and-reading-the-card-ceremony, I took a moment, dashed towards Dad and hugged him. I told Dad I love him. (This was my w…

Eternal peace!!

The night is dark, Its raining heavily, No shelter, No light, No warmth, No security... I feel alone, I feel unsafe, Cold and dark, Looking for solace...
“But listen to me. For one moment
quit being sad. Hear blessings
dropping their blossoms
around you.” 
― Rumi
A light shines and the world looks like a better place!!

Lost in trance...

Bold and bright
And everything right,
Sugar and spice
And everything nice...
That is what I am,
That is what I outta be…
No hurt, no pain,
It’s like a dash of rain,
Pouring now,
And stopped again….
You cannot hurt me
You can bring me no pain, Coz I’ll stand against it And your try is in vain!! I do not say I am too strong, I would not say my tears don’t fall But all I know is, I will get up every time I fall! If I give you a chance to enter my life, To see me beyond the mask,
To love and be loved…
Don’t take the privilege to hurt me at off-limits..
Yes I have them and I’d stand by them!!
Coz as you know, and if you don’t lemme tell you..
I have the power,
              To make everything right,                              Bold and bright..              To make everything nice,
                             Sugar and spice…
And then I let my hair down,
Swooned by the music,
Lost in trance…
Nothing can stop me now :)

Crying Alone.....

I cry alone..
tears of joy,
tears of pain,
tears of blood
and tears hidden in the rain..
I cry alone..
So, the next time I stand,
I face the world and say
Bring it on,
I am tougher and stronger than before..

I quit..

An excruciating pain grips my jaw,
I cannot feel my feet, they are numb...
My other wise comfortable and warm blanket has nothing to offer tonight,
As I twist and turn praying for some sleep,
My weary eyes, tired and swollen, cease to close...
Blinking brings in more pain,
My throat is choking and so is my nose,
Have to use my mouth to breathe...
Till when the torture,
Till when the torment,
Till when will I stand this God?
Where are you God,
You promised you'd carry me when I am too weary...
But all I can see are marks of my swollen feet...
Liberate me of the pain and sufferings,
Free me from this world of mortals,
Cause love doesnt nurture love back
but hatred and hurt surely bring hatred and hurt back, so what if they were intentional or unintentional...
I don't understand this world of revenge,
I don't want to understand how tears go unnoticed... or rather termed as crocodile tears...
I so don't want to be a part of this bad bad word....
I let go...
I quit...

And …

And I always thought, no mistake was big enough if you really loved someone...

I know I am wrong,

I made a mistake bigger than the mountains.. but I really am sorry

My sorry doesn't count anymore,

My tears no more move you..

I am just a botheration...

You don't want to see me around,

You don't want to hear my voice..

I am the worst person ever..

And I always thought, no mistake was big enough if you really loved someone...

As you said, it would hurt for some days, and then everything will be fine,

But how will I live with this burden?

You hate me now,cannot tolerate me..

That hurts and you say I will get hurt for hurt..

But I never meant to hurt you,

I now know I did hurt you a lot...

But I really din't wish too...

I want to make up to you..

But my being around makes you numb already

Tell me, how then will I try to break the ice?

How then will I try to make you smile once again,

How then will I ever ever show you I really am sorry for what I did.

If only,

there was some way for me to prove that I wouldnt repeat my mistake,

there was some thing …

My first zentangle...

Beautiful... Lets me draw my mind....
Now I know why I love scribbling :P
Scribbling can be so much fun!!

Her sunshine!!

Colorful – that is what you make my life,

Bliss and happiness surrounds me, when I think of you,

The naughty wind teases me,

Makes my hair sway,

Makes me feel you are nearby,

You are God sent,

You make me complete,

You make me feel beautiful,

You are the sunshine of my life!

                                        Keep shining !!!

The three things I badly wish I could have are..................................

The three things I badly wish I could have are..................................

1. A perfect body to die for….
Who doesn’t wish for this especially when you’ve had it once upon a time and now all you look at is flab flab flab..
I so wish to be like I was 2 years back…

2. More time…
Time to do things I love..
To learn dancing, painting, sketching…
To dance as if I have been set free.. To wear those ballet shoes and swing to soft music..
To write every feeling I feel..
To read every book in my wish list.. To read every unread blog on my reader..
To spend countless days with people I love
To rest, to cook the numerous recipes I note down… and so much more

3. A life partner who'd understand me and whom I'd understand
Loneliness kills.. I want someone whom I can look forward too.
Some one who'll make me feel special and I'd do everything to make him feel special too..
Some one who'll take me in his arms when I want warmth, some one whom I can hug when they are tired …


My blog is already more than 100 posts old and I came to know about this so late....
Awww... I missed my blog's 100th post day....
But none the less... more than 100 posts.... yeeeee am so so happy :)
Thanks NS, you were the driving force....
Thankyou so much :)
Love you the blog - the biggest vent to all my feelings..

One last dance

He held her close, she held on to him. Resting her head peacefully on his heart, letting her heart beat sink with his… she knew they’d have to let go.. Let go of the beautiful relationship , of the long nights of longing, of the sweet nothings, of the fights over not getting time to be together … yes it was time to bid their final good byes…

Her tears would not stop… It was time to say good-bye

And before she knew, he took her by her waist and made her body swing to his tunes.. A step here and a step there and they were dancing, dancing as if there was no tomorrow…

Then he got down on his knees and proposed to the princess of his life... She could not believe it was finally coming… She said the long awaited “YES”… And then together they bid good bye to their lives as ”HE” and “SHE”… coz it was time to be “WE”…

P.S. -- The painting is still incomplete... Will do some detailing and re post... Couldn't wait..even though it was incomplete

Happy Birthday Dad


2012 >>2011>>2010>>2009>>2008

Dad’s birthday :)

It all started with Dad telling me to come home on the 27th. Soon, normal talk turned to requests and then to bribes (yes!! We did that, bribe each other to get things done :P) and then to threats… And I had to relent. Picked up a gift for Dad, called Mum to get his favorite Black forest cake and keep it secret!! As usual, Dad started calling me for my whereabouts when I was around 10 kms away from my house and he was right there to pick me up at the bus stop. It was fun to be with Mum and Dad, called Lil’ K , teased him that he was missing all the fun and then threatened him to come home as early as possible, after all it was Dad’s 49th Birthday…

Around midnight, Dad entered my room and asked me for his Bday cake :P I mean it was supposed to be a secret, but how can it be a secret if we repeated it every year, every birthday… We got up, relished the cake, the gulab jamuns, the rasgullas.. yes we have a s…

Who do you think you are??

Who do you think you are,

yes you, who thinks I am a good-for-nothing,
and you, who thinks that I should get married now, even though I don't wish too,
and you, who talks to me only when you need help,
and you, who thinks just because I am nice and I am talking to you, I am not a "good gal", not that I care how you define a "good gal",
and you, who thinks just because I have been living in a city,away from my parents, I would have slept with almost all the guys I know,
and of course you, who thinks I don't know what kind of clothes I should wear, just because you cannot carry yourself properly, you think you can say that to me?
and you, who thinks I shouldn't talk to guys
and you, who gleefully crushes my love under your feet like it were a cigarette butt
and you, who thinks I am option, you can reach me when you don't have any one else
and you, who has a problem with my attitude, it is my own, why do you have to bother..
Yes, all of you.. who some…

Stronger than ever!!

I stand each time I fall, and each time I stand I am stronger than before.. I loved you, You didn't trust me, You dint want me, I cried.. not that it affected you.. I let you go.. coz you wanted.. I grew stronger I love you, you love me, I try making things better, And here I am, taken for granted..

                                                                    Hurt now,
                                                                  In bitter pain,
                                                                 Lean and weak,
                                                                    I fall down...
                                              But don't think I have lost it...

                                                              This time I get up,
                                                           I'll be stronger than ever..

Lightening speed..

I saw you, I wanted to draw you... I have always been awed by you, The majestic appearance, The free spirit, The lightening speed, The humble eyes... Though I couldn't capture all of it, My maiden attempt :)


Restless, eyes full of tears, She waits... Her mascara is washed off, Her kohl smudged. Oh the wait!! He comes, "Happy Birthday Sweets!!, I am sorry I am late" is all he has to offer............. He doesn't note her eyes nor her lost smile nor the beautiful dress, she thought he'd adore.. The party ends, he drops her back. "Happy Birthday self", she shouts out loud.. Tears roll down and this time they don't stop. Restless, eyes full of tears, She waits..                                  for the wait to end..

I am so happy

Yeyeye... I feel like dancing and singing out loud, painting the town red.. or may be blue ;)

And I have so many reasons to do so...

One, I had an awesome start of the day, with the perfect time to read my daily news and my daily dose of music,"angrezi beat,radha..." and the likes gave me an awesome start.

Two,it wasn't really cold today morning and I had an awesome time enjoying the cold breeze while coming to office.. And then perfect Latte made me happier.. though I had to throw away the second cup, don't know why I thought I can drink two or maybe I got it for some one else (*eyes rolling*)

Three, I spoke to PS today and SP day before and SN the day before that day :) :) And it brought back memories, memories of those two years we spent together... SP,PS,SN,SK and me studied together for our 11th and 12th standards, and it was the perfect "GALS ONLY" time we had. Sorrows, happiness, food , studies , gossips... we had an awesome time in college but th…

My take on things..

A lot has been happening around us over the last two weeks. Loosing one of the most powerful politicians, the paranoia of Shiv Sainiks over dragging two "FREE" citizens over them expressing their opinions on their personal profiles and the hanging of Kasab. Every incident in itself made me ponder and debate about what I think about all of it, how would it affect me voicing my opinion, what other people think about what happened and how will these things affect us in the broader picture called "Life".

I already expressed how the closing down of Pune hampered my life for a couple of days. I am overwhelmed with grief for the loss of a loved one a family faces, but the same fear gripped me that day, the fear of loss!! A life is a life and is more precious than anything else. So when over a couple of hours, Pune and Mumbai were closed, the lives of a millions were affected. I don't think a people's leader would bear his own people being troubled and tortured li…

Every girl's dream....

A very cold morning..
Even the sun denies coming out of its warm cover...
She gets up from the warm embrace of her blanket, laces her jogging shoes and there she goes chasing the night away....
Coz in her heart is the dream.... to let her hair down and dance to the DJ's music in her LBD!!!

Today morning view when I went walking!!
Beautiful ain't it??
I was all alone on the beautiful path..
Finally on the way back, opened my arms , took in the cool breeze and ran down the slope like a crashing helicopter, just that I dint crash (*winks*)... (yes, I actually did that :P, but it was fun!!)


And they ask me why isn't my Dad visible in any of the many family pics I upload...
My dear people.... I wish they had special camera's for heavenly people...
And then I smile and reply, "Some one needs to click, he's right there behind the camera..."


I dint talk to you, not to anyone in general until and unless I was sure we were friends - and people called it attitude. I had made this small comfort zone around me and preferred staying in it, my books , my dolls, my things - and people called me an introvert. I was tagged. I was some one who couldn't make friends, who couldn't trust people, who couldn't open up and talk, who wasn't a nice company to people who dint know me, who wasn't fun, who was always in a world of her own. Everybody mocked at me, comparing me to people, telling me to do this and do that, be like her and learn from him , but nobody rejoiced in what I was. I was forced to leave my comfortable cocoon I had spun around myself and open up, talk, live as you'd term it. But little did you know what I termed "LIFE" as.... and I did... for you and you and you... all of you whom I love.. I changed

Now I talk to all of you, be with you like you, behave the way you'd love to... somet…

Pune Central woes..

Remember my post on the diamond earrings I gifted to mum this Diwali. Unfortunately, inexperience showed up. I bought rings and they were small for mum. I had to get them replaced , which I did, but very unsatisfactorily. It was supposed to be a 100% exchange for a month's time. But they just did not having any other piece of jewellery with a cost near my earrings. So, either I had to pay around 7-8k extra , which I dint afford to do, or end up bearing a loss of the difference in the cost. I mean, how is that a policy, if they don't have any items in the same price range, why should I bear the loss ? After a lot of discussion, they agreed to give me a kiddy watch which costed the difference amount. Now , there is not kid in my house and even if there was one, I cannot imagine gifting an ugly, plastic pale blue watch to them even it is selling under a "BRAND NAME". So I ended up exchanging the earrings and bearing the loss... Awful !!

And this is not enough, next da…

How The Thackrey loss in my loss in the true sense!!

I wouldn't really comment about Mr BalSaheb Thackeray (one because I am not much into his works, so doesn't make sense to comment and two because I read what fate Shaheen and Rini had to face for posting a comment in a country which allows Freedom of Speech) . But what I'd really like to say is how it was my loss.

So, mum, K and me went cloth-shopping to Central. Had a quick KFC snack and headed to shopping, this was Saturday morning. Central wasn't an amazing experience. This was my second bad experience with Pune Central, Erandwane. By the time we reached home, we were totally exhausted. The cooking gas had ended the previous night and we were totally dependent on the restaurants for our food. And the next thing I know, Pune is closed. No, I completely agree, that a big respected leader passed away and there were chances of violence, but what I dint understand was why! Whom were people going to fight? GOD?

To sum it all up, we were left with no food and no cooking …

Surprise surprise!!

Yeeeeeeee… am so happy… could not contain my happiness, better to write it down here so that I do not giggle to myself every now and then. Before people start thinking I am struck by the laugh-to-yourself-bug, here is the BIG secret…

Finally, I got mum diamond earrings from Nirvana :) Yeee!! They are tiny, but they are beautiful! I absolutely love them, am dying to see her smile once she gets them.. I wanted to buy studs but ended up buying these.. they are so mesmerizing, will post a pic once I gift them to her…

And that’s not all – Got her a new cell phone – HTC Explorer :) So , we are now an HTC Family… Though she’ll have to learn how to use it but I guess that’s fine :) Ye ye ye ye…. Shit, I am giggling again to myself as I write this :P But I am so happy :)

And yes bought a sexy sweatshirt for K, peeped into the room to see him hugging his sweatshirt… Cannot tell you how happy that makes me.. Gives me all the more reasons to smile..

Thanks SS for shopping along with me, hope you…

Mind wanderings..

An old playlist playing my favorite songs,
my comfy bean bag,
warm maggi in my classy blue bowl,
frothy hot coffee - lil sugar and lotta coffee, just the way I like it,
an engrossing novel ..
Under the stars, the moon shining brightly..
Need i ask more...
This is perfect
Is it ??
What if there was someone with me..
Sharing my coffee and maggi,
Humming the same songs I am humming,
Holding me warm and tight in the cold breeze,
Filling the empty place....
Shy smiles and giggles under the moon,
Winks and pecks , stars shining in our eyes..
Won't this be perfect...
But what if he doesn't want to do this?
What if this is not his definition of perfect?
What if he doesnt enjoy what I do ?
What if this makes him unhappy..
What if he is too sleepy to see me smile and giggle?
What if he is busy?
My warm blanket comforts me,
The coffee makes me warmer....
The songs calming my mind...
This feels good !!


"Why do you cry my love", he asks her.
"Coz I miss you.." and a tear rolls down her eyes.
"But I am always with you..., close your eyes and feel me...".....


                                                           My pencil sketches :)

Wedding gowns !!

I have always fancied Christian weddings !! I love the gowns..
Here are some I sketched :)


It's a wonderful Saturday afternoon... I am lazing around reading my last book of the Fifty Shades  Triology in my favorite pink-white dress. My hair smells awesome of the leave on conditioner I just dabbed. I am in that oh-so-happy mood.. But yet again Mr God and his plan B... arghhhh
        Knock at the door, the society secretary wants to see me. As I climb down to the office, eight gentleman are sitting - Round table conference ehh guys!! They ask me about my details and then rudely tell me I need to empty my rented appartment - STRICTLY BACHELORS NOT ALLOWED... And then the gentlemen are not-so-gentle-anymore... They start shouting in alien language, talking to each other and making me look like a fool. They tell me they'd draft me a notice and also notify the police and here after I can talk to the police directly... Excuse me... And the male chauvinists they are they don't let me talk... As I clear my throat and request them to talk to the owner of the fl…

Quilling and painting....

Meanwhile.. I have been learning to quill paper :)
And its fun :)

And this is a painting... It was at SM's ( friend @ office) desk. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to paint it. Happy Saturdaying people!!! x

The obvious and the understood...

Spare me if the title doesn't justify what I am going to rant about, and yes this is a rant so gleefully skip if you are happy.
         Last night while I was chatting with NC (my cousin sister, who is studying gynaecology in some remote college) We both have a very happy life, we are both happy with our professions (*not exactly happy, I guess the correct word would be successful, working and earning enough for a living*), we are average looking and our parents are proud of us (ye ye ye) . We are not burdened with the usual get-married-soon-rant from our parents, though they do once in a time talk to us about it, but not been forced like the other friends. NC said the obvious yesterday, she said she was alone, she felt very lonely - the obvious, but something we din't want to understand. Busy with our careers and always thinking we were complete
in our own lives, we never thought we'd need a partner. I guess she is stronger when it comes to this. I am not, …


It's a wonderful Friday morning!! Birds are chirping outside, the sun rays enter my room and warm me up. I got up in the usual I-dont-want-to-go-to-office-rant. I let my ipod sing beautiful tunes. My aching body asks for relaxation and some pampering. So here's what I did all you beautiful gals and I want you all to try this -

             I warmed up the bathing water and then indulged myself in an awesome bath. So, get some aromatic candles. I am gonna get some .Remember to light them up some time before you enter the bath and put them off before your bath, you dont wanna end up suffocating. But for today I dint have them, so they are optional. I was late already but then it was "indulgence time" , so big deal!! will reach office 30 mins late, now that wouldn't stop the earth from revolving , will it ? As I massaged my body lightly with my aromatic litchi-purple shower gel, I felt good. Wow!! Try it people, its fun and relaxing and good. Then , I da…

Things I love...

So, finally I bought myself two canvas to paint on. And I did. They dint turn out to be very good, but not too bad either... I loved moving my brush on the canvas slowly mixing the different hues and shades... And I tried painting a face... much to my horror... but I am so happy I tried :) Here they are -

And I tried paper quilling -
And water colored a ballet dancer -
And I wrote the letter "D" -

Mistress of MISHAPS!!

Bewildered... This world is such an unsafe place. Ain't it?

I am crossing the road waiting for the signal to go red. The pedestrian sign goes green, I start walking on the zebra crossing. When I just a couple of feet away from the foot path, out of nowhere, a guy speeds on his Pulsar 220, headphones in his ears. I whisper a small prayer, what is he doing God, speeding up when the signal is red. And before I realize what has happened, I am knocked down on the road. After hitting me, the guy crashed on the road too. His bike and him at ninty degrees.My back is warm from the friction and my body is shivering. Tears start rolling down my cheeks.

Now coming to me being the "Mistress of MISHAPS". Two days prior to the accident I slipped in front of my bathroom. There was water on the floor. I had a bucket of warm water (*hands folded in prayer*) Thank God, it was just luke warm, as the lights had gone, had it been a normal the water would have been super hot, and I would have…

Its here [O]... yeeeeeeeeee

My Gtalk status msg :- Finally... its here [O]

K's Gtalk status msg :- Indeed finally its here [O] !!!

Our little secret.

Thanks Dad and Mum :)

We are so happy, we cannot tell you :)

We are so happy,we cannot wait to get our hands on you [O]...

What am I upto..

So I have been reading and reading and reading and doing nothing else. The fever and the weakness doesn’t let me do anything else. Poor K has to sweep the floor, get food for us (he tried cooking for a day or two and then he knew it wasn’t his cup of coffee),wash the utensils and then again pay attention to me (I know how reluctant I am when it comes to eating medicines) So I read a lot of blogs and felt totally insane.. I should stop writing, I guess. After reading other people write, I feel like all I write is crap. But none the less, here I am today coz what else am I supposed to do after working 8 hours, facebook being blocked in office and have to wait for K to pick me up.. Well yes I can read.. but then when am I supposed to rant :P

So yes, I read the all so famous “Fifty shades of grey”, followed by “Fifty shades darker” and am gonna start the “Fifty shades freed” soon… No mischievous smiles please, but I really couldn’t swallow the book- its actually grey and dark, though I l…

Bed bugs.... eeeeeeksss

It all started with the earthworms followed by the pigeons and now it is the “Bed-Bugs” (*eyes rolling*) I mean... Who would want their birthday week to be celebrated with bed bugs!

So, the other night when Mum, K and I were trying to catch some sleep, we felt tiny pricks. Not that this was the first time. I had been telling K over a long period of time that I felt something was biting me through the night, but given the lazy bums we are, we dint bother, until that fateful day. So , it was beg bugs everywhere, climbing down the walls, dancing upside down on the ceiling and having a relaxed time on the floor. Before we opened our eyes to realize the risk we were in they were already in millions attacking us from all the sides. So, we spent a sleepless night followed by an early morning session of pest control, which only added to our woes as we had to stay out for around 4 hours. That dint help much either coz irrespective of the “HERBAL, NO SMELL” pest control treatment, it left us c…

Calling quits

I don't know what goes in your mind when you call it quits with me,
Maybe its my untamed behavior
or maybe its my lost smile..
Maybe we are presuming things
or maybe we are jumping to conclusions.
But maybe you have forgotten that --
          There's this little girl inside me
           who still prefers toys to make-up,
           chocolates to coffee,
           cuddles to adult talk,
           happiness to work place silence.
I lost her somewhere
Only to realize that that was the true me...
Only for you , not for the world though
   And she just doesn't wanna grow up.
And no,I am not talking marriage when I say all this.. coz marrying you is a dream I see almost every night..
I am confused and troubled, have any empty mind and hence a devil's workshop..
I respect your decision and will always do...
But just for once want you to think,
Is it really worth?
Coz I really don't know
What goes in you mind when you call it quits with me!!

Found this on my closet l…

What have I been doing….

Except the fact that I have been falling sick every now and then, there have been new advacements…. Finally , this time K and I bought Ganeshji home… yeeeeee

We made the temple (ok, I wouldn’t call that a temple, but I don’t know what word to use for Ganeshji’s seat)  and I made the modak… for the first time again. I am feeling good J
Our bean bags have finally arrived and its fun, bean bag, coffee, novel … wow!!

My rose plant, which otherwise looked like it was dying even after the immense care, has finally blossomed and here’s the cute flower. Happy weekending people!!

The highway

As a kid she was always confused when she saw her fellow kids go out with their parents and return as happy sould. First her parents never took her out and second if they did, she’d always come back crying. She dint know why but her parents found a reason to fight everytime they went out. She began avoiding going with them, but she dint really have those choices to make. Initially, she cried more when she noticed her tears went unnoticed, but later she found solace in the cold breeze, which coldly dried up her tears. She started loing the trucks on the highway, each time their bike slid besides a truck, the truck would shield her from the cold breeze. She felt warm. The highway, the lights , the trucks made her calm. Then again she had her toys with whom she’ddiscuss why her parents fought. Then she grew up. She found the love of her life, now that she had lost all hopes in an arranged marriage, she knew he was perfect for him. He cared for her, loved her and their relationship wasn’…

On longing...

Melisa lay on the hospital bed. All near and dear ones near her except him. She knew he was busy. He had office, after all it was a normal working day. So what if she was unwell, hadn’t he called her up in the morning. But wasn’t it clear to him that if she didn’t get up at that hour of time which she felt was ghostly there was something wrong with her. She had tried her level best to be normal given the fact that she was a brave hearted girl, but fever has its magic… or say black magic. She couldn’t. She was soon rushed to the hospital, was she supposed to be telling him this? Wasn’t he supposed to be asking this. Her she lay on the bed thinking about how the ethics in a relationship worked. Strange she thought to herself. Rewind à Wasn’t he always like this she thought. The other day she was stark naked in the bed with him and he had excused himself to take a call. I mean how could he? Did he not respect her or her sentiments ? She was puzzled to the core. She din’t know what to do…

Pigeon Soup Anyone ???

So first, it was “Earthworms on sale” and now “Pigeon soup anyone?” Is there always a plan B to irritate me? For instance, the previous room where I stayed, every morning greeted me with dozens and dozens of creepy earthworms free fielding on the bathroom floor. Now I have the pigeons. Its four a.m. and they would use their complete cooing (or whatever the sound of a pigeon is referred to as) power to wake me up wildly from a sweet sleep. To add to my woes is the broken kitchen window from where they enter inside and make the kitchen a birdhouse in the true sense. What began with one pigeon is now the playground of three happy pigeons. So, they fly in and out as if it’s their own territory and irritate me by their sound and all I can do is get up and shoo them away… Almost every morning I imagine myself making a pigeon soup (Don’t get it wrong, I am an animal lover otherwise, I mean a virtual pigeon soup) I am so aghast and sleepy… zzzzzzzzzzz
So, pigeon soup anyone?

Cerelac with paneer cubes

No, I am not suggesting any recipe what so ever.This is about one of the worst eating experiences I have had.Office has a sad menu to offer most of the times, leaving me with little option but to venture out to soothe my taste buds. “Swami” restaurant at a walking distance from my office has some paneer delicacies. The other day, we thought of trying something different and ended up ordering “Paneer pasanda” which according to me (experience talk :P) is supposed to be stuffed paneer in a mildly sweet white gravy. But what I got was a yellow colored gravy with excess of turmeric. It almost tasted like the turmeric milk mum forced me to drink when I had a cold. When I told the waiter about the same, he was more than glad to change it. But what he did instead was getting me a more dilute version of the same dish. And when it comes to food, I am on a big “NO COMPROMISE” mode. We offered to pay and leave as the staff refused to accept their mistake and get us something else to eat. One of …