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                                                           My pencil sketches :)

Wedding gowns !!

I have always fancied Christian weddings !! I love the gowns..
Here are some I sketched :)


It's a wonderful Saturday afternoon... I am lazing around reading my last book of the Fifty Shades  Triology in my favorite pink-white dress. My hair smells awesome of the leave on conditioner I just dabbed. I am in that oh-so-happy mood.. But yet again Mr God and his plan B... arghhhh
        Knock at the door, the society secretary wants to see me. As I climb down to the office, eight gentleman are sitting - Round table conference ehh guys!! They ask me about my details and then rudely tell me I need to empty my rented appartment - STRICTLY BACHELORS NOT ALLOWED... And then the gentlemen are not-so-gentle-anymore... They start shouting in alien language, talking to each other and making me look like a fool. They tell me they'd draft me a notice and also notify the police and here after I can talk to the police directly... Excuse me... And the male chauvinists they are they don't let me talk... As I clear my throat and request them to talk to the owner of the fl…

Quilling and painting....

Meanwhile.. I have been learning to quill paper :)
And its fun :)

And this is a painting... It was at SM's ( friend @ office) desk. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to paint it. Happy Saturdaying people!!! x

The obvious and the understood...

Spare me if the title doesn't justify what I am going to rant about, and yes this is a rant so gleefully skip if you are happy.
         Last night while I was chatting with NC (my cousin sister, who is studying gynaecology in some remote college) We both have a very happy life, we are both happy with our professions (*not exactly happy, I guess the correct word would be successful, working and earning enough for a living*), we are average looking and our parents are proud of us (ye ye ye) . We are not burdened with the usual get-married-soon-rant from our parents, though they do once in a time talk to us about it, but not been forced like the other friends. NC said the obvious yesterday, she said she was alone, she felt very lonely - the obvious, but something we din't want to understand. Busy with our careers and always thinking we were complete
in our own lives, we never thought we'd need a partner. I guess she is stronger when it comes to this. I am not, …


It's a wonderful Friday morning!! Birds are chirping outside, the sun rays enter my room and warm me up. I got up in the usual I-dont-want-to-go-to-office-rant. I let my ipod sing beautiful tunes. My aching body asks for relaxation and some pampering. So here's what I did all you beautiful gals and I want you all to try this -

             I warmed up the bathing water and then indulged myself in an awesome bath. So, get some aromatic candles. I am gonna get some .Remember to light them up some time before you enter the bath and put them off before your bath, you dont wanna end up suffocating. But for today I dint have them, so they are optional. I was late already but then it was "indulgence time" , so big deal!! will reach office 30 mins late, now that wouldn't stop the earth from revolving , will it ? As I massaged my body lightly with my aromatic litchi-purple shower gel, I felt good. Wow!! Try it people, its fun and relaxing and good. Then , I da…

Things I love...

So, finally I bought myself two canvas to paint on. And I did. They dint turn out to be very good, but not too bad either... I loved moving my brush on the canvas slowly mixing the different hues and shades... And I tried painting a face... much to my horror... but I am so happy I tried :) Here they are -

And I tried paper quilling -
And water colored a ballet dancer -
And I wrote the letter "D" -

Mistress of MISHAPS!!

Bewildered... This world is such an unsafe place. Ain't it?

I am crossing the road waiting for the signal to go red. The pedestrian sign goes green, I start walking on the zebra crossing. When I just a couple of feet away from the foot path, out of nowhere, a guy speeds on his Pulsar 220, headphones in his ears. I whisper a small prayer, what is he doing God, speeding up when the signal is red. And before I realize what has happened, I am knocked down on the road. After hitting me, the guy crashed on the road too. His bike and him at ninty degrees.My back is warm from the friction and my body is shivering. Tears start rolling down my cheeks.

Now coming to me being the "Mistress of MISHAPS". Two days prior to the accident I slipped in front of my bathroom. There was water on the floor. I had a bucket of warm water (*hands folded in prayer*) Thank God, it was just luke warm, as the lights had gone, had it been a normal the water would have been super hot, and I would have…

Its here [O]... yeeeeeeeeee

My Gtalk status msg :- Finally... its here [O]

K's Gtalk status msg :- Indeed finally its here [O] !!!

Our little secret.

Thanks Dad and Mum :)

We are so happy, we cannot tell you :)

We are so happy,we cannot wait to get our hands on you [O]...

What am I upto..

So I have been reading and reading and reading and doing nothing else. The fever and the weakness doesn’t let me do anything else. Poor K has to sweep the floor, get food for us (he tried cooking for a day or two and then he knew it wasn’t his cup of coffee),wash the utensils and then again pay attention to me (I know how reluctant I am when it comes to eating medicines) So I read a lot of blogs and felt totally insane.. I should stop writing, I guess. After reading other people write, I feel like all I write is crap. But none the less, here I am today coz what else am I supposed to do after working 8 hours, facebook being blocked in office and have to wait for K to pick me up.. Well yes I can read.. but then when am I supposed to rant :P

So yes, I read the all so famous “Fifty shades of grey”, followed by “Fifty shades darker” and am gonna start the “Fifty shades freed” soon… No mischievous smiles please, but I really couldn’t swallow the book- its actually grey and dark, though I l…

Bed bugs.... eeeeeeksss

It all started with the earthworms followed by the pigeons and now it is the “Bed-Bugs” (*eyes rolling*) I mean... Who would want their birthday week to be celebrated with bed bugs!

So, the other night when Mum, K and I were trying to catch some sleep, we felt tiny pricks. Not that this was the first time. I had been telling K over a long period of time that I felt something was biting me through the night, but given the lazy bums we are, we dint bother, until that fateful day. So , it was beg bugs everywhere, climbing down the walls, dancing upside down on the ceiling and having a relaxed time on the floor. Before we opened our eyes to realize the risk we were in they were already in millions attacking us from all the sides. So, we spent a sleepless night followed by an early morning session of pest control, which only added to our woes as we had to stay out for around 4 hours. That dint help much either coz irrespective of the “HERBAL, NO SMELL” pest control treatment, it left us c…