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Is being a girl my mistake??

You are happy to hear her tiny giggles, Pinks suddenly seem apt, She is the apple of your eye,the doll, the princess, Her birth brings you joy, You wanna give her every happiness possible for you and sometimes make even the impossible possible, Dad's princess, Mum's sweetheart, Brother's loving sister, she is there.. like a happy rainbow smiling in your house :) You want her to study hard, get the best of everything, You even digest the bitter syrup of sending her away to far away town to study, She brings colors to your life... Your daughter !!
She is generous to share the icecream she saved in the freezer, You know its a couple of cute words and she'd always keep your secret secret, She'll stand by you no matter what... your friend when you are lonely, And still there like a star shining in the dark, when you are surrounded by your friends, You know you'll always have her, no matter what, she'll always be yours.. Your sister !!
She is there to hear your …

My one wish that came true and gave me immense joy...

And then them coming true :)
Feels like heaven, doesn't it?

So here's my one wish (out of many many) which came true and the joy it gave me then was uncomparable. The joy I get now just thinking it happened is enough to make me smile while I write this.. So here's raising the red curtains :)
I have always been real close to my parents.My sibling and I are left free to voice our opinions, we are encouraged to share anything and everything we want to, we are allowed to cry in front of them when we are weak... It's a beautiful relationship.. It was Dad's 49th birthday. Dad had been forcing me to come home a day before. I was too tired, but then I relented. My sibling couldnt make it amd promised to be home on the birthday. So, when we started our usual celebrations at 12:00 night, digging-into-the-mushy-gooey-cake-and-then-opening-the-gift-and-reading-the-card-ceremony, I took a moment, dashed towards Dad and hugged him. I told Dad I love him. (This was my w…

Eternal peace!!

The night is dark, Its raining heavily, No shelter, No light, No warmth, No security... I feel alone, I feel unsafe, Cold and dark, Looking for solace...
“But listen to me. For one moment
quit being sad. Hear blessings
dropping their blossoms
around you.” 
― Rumi
A light shines and the world looks like a better place!!

Lost in trance...

Bold and bright
And everything right,
Sugar and spice
And everything nice...
That is what I am,
That is what I outta be…
No hurt, no pain,
It’s like a dash of rain,
Pouring now,
And stopped again….
You cannot hurt me
You can bring me no pain, Coz I’ll stand against it And your try is in vain!! I do not say I am too strong, I would not say my tears don’t fall But all I know is, I will get up every time I fall! If I give you a chance to enter my life, To see me beyond the mask,
To love and be loved…
Don’t take the privilege to hurt me at off-limits..
Yes I have them and I’d stand by them!!
Coz as you know, and if you don’t lemme tell you..
I have the power,
              To make everything right,                              Bold and bright..              To make everything nice,
                             Sugar and spice…
And then I let my hair down,
Swooned by the music,
Lost in trance…
Nothing can stop me now :)

Crying Alone.....

I cry alone..
tears of joy,
tears of pain,
tears of blood
and tears hidden in the rain..
I cry alone..
So, the next time I stand,
I face the world and say
Bring it on,
I am tougher and stronger than before..

I quit..

An excruciating pain grips my jaw,
I cannot feel my feet, they are numb...
My other wise comfortable and warm blanket has nothing to offer tonight,
As I twist and turn praying for some sleep,
My weary eyes, tired and swollen, cease to close...
Blinking brings in more pain,
My throat is choking and so is my nose,
Have to use my mouth to breathe...
Till when the torture,
Till when the torment,
Till when will I stand this God?
Where are you God,
You promised you'd carry me when I am too weary...
But all I can see are marks of my swollen feet...
Liberate me of the pain and sufferings,
Free me from this world of mortals,
Cause love doesnt nurture love back
but hatred and hurt surely bring hatred and hurt back, so what if they were intentional or unintentional...
I don't understand this world of revenge,
I don't want to understand how tears go unnoticed... or rather termed as crocodile tears...
I so don't want to be a part of this bad bad word....
I let go...
I quit...

And …

And I always thought, no mistake was big enough if you really loved someone...

I know I am wrong,

I made a mistake bigger than the mountains.. but I really am sorry

My sorry doesn't count anymore,

My tears no more move you..

I am just a botheration...

You don't want to see me around,

You don't want to hear my voice..

I am the worst person ever..

And I always thought, no mistake was big enough if you really loved someone...

As you said, it would hurt for some days, and then everything will be fine,

But how will I live with this burden?

You hate me now,cannot tolerate me..

That hurts and you say I will get hurt for hurt..

But I never meant to hurt you,

I now know I did hurt you a lot...

But I really din't wish too...

I want to make up to you..

But my being around makes you numb already

Tell me, how then will I try to break the ice?

How then will I try to make you smile once again,

How then will I ever ever show you I really am sorry for what I did.

If only,

there was some way for me to prove that I wouldnt repeat my mistake,

there was some thing …

My first zentangle...

Beautiful... Lets me draw my mind....
Now I know why I love scribbling :P
Scribbling can be so much fun!!

Her sunshine!!

Colorful – that is what you make my life,

Bliss and happiness surrounds me, when I think of you,

The naughty wind teases me,

Makes my hair sway,

Makes me feel you are nearby,

You are God sent,

You make me complete,

You make me feel beautiful,

You are the sunshine of my life!

                                        Keep shining !!!

The three things I badly wish I could have are..................................

The three things I badly wish I could have are..................................

1. A perfect body to die for….
Who doesn’t wish for this especially when you’ve had it once upon a time and now all you look at is flab flab flab..
I so wish to be like I was 2 years back…

2. More time…
Time to do things I love..
To learn dancing, painting, sketching…
To dance as if I have been set free.. To wear those ballet shoes and swing to soft music..
To write every feeling I feel..
To read every book in my wish list.. To read every unread blog on my reader..
To spend countless days with people I love
To rest, to cook the numerous recipes I note down… and so much more

3. A life partner who'd understand me and whom I'd understand
Loneliness kills.. I want someone whom I can look forward too.
Some one who'll make me feel special and I'd do everything to make him feel special too..
Some one who'll take me in his arms when I want warmth, some one whom I can hug when they are tired …