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Calling quits

I don't know what goes in your mind when you call it quits with me,
Maybe its my untamed behavior
or maybe its my lost smile..
Maybe we are presuming things
or maybe we are jumping to conclusions.
But maybe you have forgotten that --
          There's this little girl inside me
           who still prefers toys to make-up,
           chocolates to coffee,
           cuddles to adult talk,
           happiness to work place silence.
I lost her somewhere
Only to realize that that was the true me...
Only for you , not for the world though
   And she just doesn't wanna grow up.
And no,I am not talking marriage when I say all this.. coz marrying you is a dream I see almost every night..
I am confused and troubled, have any empty mind and hence a devil's workshop..
I respect your decision and will always do...
But just for once want you to think,
Is it really worth?
Coz I really don't know
What goes in you mind when you call it quits with me!!

Found this on my closet l…

What have I been doing….

Except the fact that I have been falling sick every now and then, there have been new advacements…. Finally , this time K and I bought Ganeshji home… yeeeeee

We made the temple (ok, I wouldn’t call that a temple, but I don’t know what word to use for Ganeshji’s seat)  and I made the modak… for the first time again. I am feeling good J
Our bean bags have finally arrived and its fun, bean bag, coffee, novel … wow!!

My rose plant, which otherwise looked like it was dying even after the immense care, has finally blossomed and here’s the cute flower. Happy weekending people!!

The highway

As a kid she was always confused when she saw her fellow kids go out with their parents and return as happy sould. First her parents never took her out and second if they did, she’d always come back crying. She dint know why but her parents found a reason to fight everytime they went out. She began avoiding going with them, but she dint really have those choices to make. Initially, she cried more when she noticed her tears went unnoticed, but later she found solace in the cold breeze, which coldly dried up her tears. She started loing the trucks on the highway, each time their bike slid besides a truck, the truck would shield her from the cold breeze. She felt warm. The highway, the lights , the trucks made her calm. Then again she had her toys with whom she’ddiscuss why her parents fought. Then she grew up. She found the love of her life, now that she had lost all hopes in an arranged marriage, she knew he was perfect for him. He cared for her, loved her and their relationship wasn’…

On longing...

Melisa lay on the hospital bed. All near and dear ones near her except him. She knew he was busy. He had office, after all it was a normal working day. So what if she was unwell, hadn’t he called her up in the morning. But wasn’t it clear to him that if she didn’t get up at that hour of time which she felt was ghostly there was something wrong with her. She had tried her level best to be normal given the fact that she was a brave hearted girl, but fever has its magic… or say black magic. She couldn’t. She was soon rushed to the hospital, was she supposed to be telling him this? Wasn’t he supposed to be asking this. Her she lay on the bed thinking about how the ethics in a relationship worked. Strange she thought to herself. Rewind à Wasn’t he always like this she thought. The other day she was stark naked in the bed with him and he had excused himself to take a call. I mean how could he? Did he not respect her or her sentiments ? She was puzzled to the core. She din’t know what to do…

Pigeon Soup Anyone ???

So first, it was “Earthworms on sale” and now “Pigeon soup anyone?” Is there always a plan B to irritate me? For instance, the previous room where I stayed, every morning greeted me with dozens and dozens of creepy earthworms free fielding on the bathroom floor. Now I have the pigeons. Its four a.m. and they would use their complete cooing (or whatever the sound of a pigeon is referred to as) power to wake me up wildly from a sweet sleep. To add to my woes is the broken kitchen window from where they enter inside and make the kitchen a birdhouse in the true sense. What began with one pigeon is now the playground of three happy pigeons. So, they fly in and out as if it’s their own territory and irritate me by their sound and all I can do is get up and shoo them away… Almost every morning I imagine myself making a pigeon soup (Don’t get it wrong, I am an animal lover otherwise, I mean a virtual pigeon soup) I am so aghast and sleepy… zzzzzzzzzzz
So, pigeon soup anyone?

Cerelac with paneer cubes

No, I am not suggesting any recipe what so ever.This is about one of the worst eating experiences I have had.Office has a sad menu to offer most of the times, leaving me with little option but to venture out to soothe my taste buds. “Swami” restaurant at a walking distance from my office has some paneer delicacies. The other day, we thought of trying something different and ended up ordering “Paneer pasanda” which according to me (experience talk :P) is supposed to be stuffed paneer in a mildly sweet white gravy. But what I got was a yellow colored gravy with excess of turmeric. It almost tasted like the turmeric milk mum forced me to drink when I had a cold. When I told the waiter about the same, he was more than glad to change it. But what he did instead was getting me a more dilute version of the same dish. And when it comes to food, I am on a big “NO COMPROMISE” mode. We offered to pay and leave as the staff refused to accept their mistake and get us something else to eat. One of …

I know you are still there for me…

I invite one of my friends(Lets call him M) over for dinner to show off my culinary skills. Rajma is K’s favorite and we narrow down our options to rajma, roti and rice. Fried potatoes I answer him if I can make it early from office. But as expected, the day you wanna come home early , you’d get exceptionally late. So, my client call gets extended, its pouring work at office and cats, dogs and buffaloes outside.I finally reach home and start cooking.
The pressure cooker is still whistling , when I hear the doorbell. So, I am not even mid-way and M is already here and the gas in the cylinder ends. I re-ignite the burner, but to no avail… Murphy’s law… I guess..K sweetly kept out the single burner we had as an option. Cooking becomes real slow though. Both K and M behave like the perfect gentlemen assuring me that they’d be fine waiting and asking me every now and then if I needed their help. The rain has stopped but the moisture is making me sweat a lot. As I curse the heat and the mois…

Blah blah blah

I return from office on a cute and happy Friday. K called to say he’d be late. As I put on the gas to make some coffee and enter my room to get in my comfortable pajamas, the doorbell rings and I see a big crowd of guys standing outside. They tell me of their Ganpati Mandal and the money I owe them. I tell them that I have done my bit and paid to the society. To which I get a staunch reply that they have a mandal right outside my society gate and I by default should be paying for it. After much persuasion, I tell them I am not going to pay and they say, they wouldn’t force me. But they just don’t leave. Even through the safety doors, I feel discomfort, I open my hair which I had tied up as one of the guys is continuously staring at my neck line. Let me tell you I am just the average kinds when it comes to looks and this was really making me uneasy. Lastly I yielded and went inside to get the money. As I hand them over the money through the safety door, one of the guys thanks me and as…

Subway strikes yet again

I love the subs at Subway with extra mayo and sweet onion sauce, perfect for filling up an empty stomach and treat for the taste buds! But I get really very very pissed off when the essentials (sweet onion sauce, mayo, onions, capsicum and lettuce) are missing. I mean what is a sub without all the essentials? Why call it a sub altogether?
When I shifted to this new place and was food hunting , I was so happy to see this Subway. Later, to my surprise they dint have half of the essentials. No fresh bread, though they proudly boasted, “We bake our own bread” signboard. I mean only one of the five varieties of bread. And forget the sub of the day completely, you go at breakfast and they’d say the essentials haven’t arrived yet, you go for lunch or dinner and they’d say it’s all over. Oh come on, when do we come then?? So I am entirely pissed off to stay near the well and not being able to drink water from it when I am thirsty, but God opens another door for me!!
So, now there is a new Subw…