Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Going insane...

Tuesday morning...
Reached office, went through the emails, opened e-paper and started reading...
My daily dose of cartoon strips...
And suddenly I am looking for a LIKE button to click on :P
OMG... and no I am not a facebook lover...
Am going totally insane ;)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Welcoming the new year!!

Time to walk down the memory lane..
Time to bid good bye to 2013..
Time to treasure the sweet memories and ring out the bad and harsh ones..
Time to CTRL-ALT-DEL so that we make way for better memories :)
Here's wishing you all a wonderful time ahead!
Hope I have a wonderful year ahead too :)

Signing off with the CocaCola anthem... I am absolutely loving it

Umeedon wali dhoop,
Sunshine wali asha
Rone ki wajah kam hai,
Hasne ke bahaane jyada...

Zidd hai muskurayenge
Khush rehne ka hai ye wada!

Umeedon wali dhoop,
Sunshine wali asha.

Is saal faisla kar lo,
Har haal me khush rehna hai.
Bas achcha sa sunna hai,
Bas achcha sa kehna hai.
To khul ke khushi lutao,
Ye kya hai aadha-aadha!

Umeedon wali dhoop,
Sunshine wali asha.

Zidd hai muskurayenge
Khush rehne ka hai ye wada!

Ek life mili hai sabko
Par vo hi khush rehta hai,
Jo haath chudake gum se,
Bas nadiya sa behta hai..
Jo beta peeche chodo,
Naye saal me naya iraada!

Umeedon wali dhoop,
Sunshine wali asha.

Zidd hai muskurayenge
Khush rehne ka hai ye wada!

Tum dil se agar puchhoge,
Woh khush rehna hi chahe,
Jab sache mann se maango,
Toh khul jaati hai raahein,
Toh khul ke khusi lutaao,
Ye kya aadha-aadha...

Umeedon wali dhoop,
Sunshine wali asha
Umeedon wali dhoop,
Sunshine wali asha.

Zidd hai muskurayenge
Khush rehne ka hai ye wada!

Happy 2013 till then :)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Blah blah blah!!

Warning - Meaningless blogpost, read at your own risk !!

There's so much to write, to freeze in words so that I don't forget such beautiful moments in my life, but it's just not happening.. huh!! Lazy me! Busy schedule @ office... :(

Life has been too fast.. changing and wanting me to keep pace. Can't complain! They say , this is life. Though, I'd love to know who exactly belongs to this "They" category ;)
Din't know when my holidays ended and I had to resume office.. feel like going on a long break yet again.. this one wasn't really enough, though it was a whole lot of fun! Not always are you the center of attraction , so when I was this time, took all the liberty to feel special!

News has been disturbing, a year since Nirbhaya succumbed, but the devil inside just doesn't succumb to the bad. Oh! for God's sake people, live and let live. Fear grips whenever a girl is alone..Sad! This one very recent incident shook me to the core, mostly because I was at the receiving end. I travel back home post office via the public transport bus. One evening I left office around quarter to nine, fortunately got a bus without much wait. The conductor was over friendly, talking to every passenger in the bus. After a couple of bus stops I realized that the bus was almost empty. After some more, it was a teenage girl, the driver, the conductor and me in the bus. As we passed some of the shady spots, we saw a group of men in brown uniform, I still don't know who they were - auto drivers/bus drivers/bus conductors.. They fancied the conductor's eye. The bus stalled and he started making small talk with them. After sometime, he got down from the bus and started talking to them.. It was a 5 minute wait but seemed like ages.. The cold November wind brought me no cheer , all I could feel was my heart beat rising.Not spending anymore time, I got up, the girl followed, we held hands and marched down and away from the bus, before we knew, we were almost running like zombies on the road ! Phew! Writing this brings goose bumps ... When will we have a safe haven to live our lives in...

Politics, AAP, Congress , BJP rule the T.V., Arnav Goswami shouting his heart out rules the T.V.,still better than the saas-bahu serials which portray ladies in a manner, I'd never want to see myself in... so no point watching them.

I have not been drawing or painting, time is running so fast leaving me too busy and tired.. Started reading "The Selfish Gene"... after like more than two fortnights and believe me it feels good :) Started blogging.. reading and writing makes me happy,feels great to have something to look forward to..

Office has been hectic add to it the politics and credit snatching and you have a place perfect where every morning feels like a blue Monday morning. No promotion as I was on leave during the promotion times, dude what about the entire last year which I worked! Working on a technology I have very less knowledge and even lesser interest in.. Anything but blue!
But thankfully, today is a Friday! woooooo.... calls for being happy.. Cheers!!
FRIDAY FRIDAY... ye ye ye ye ye ye..

How have you been peepz?

Happy Friday!!

Lots of love

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Aankhon se fir ye pyaar ki barsaat ho na ho...

Humko mili hain aaj ye ghadiyaan naseeb se...
Jee bhar ke dekh lijiye humko kareeb se
Fir aapke naseeb me ye baat ho na ho..
Shayad fir iss janam me mulakaat ho na ho..

Lag jaa gale

Pass aaiye ke hum nahi aayenge baar baar,
Pass aaiye ke hum nahi aayenge baar baar,
Bahein gale me daal ke hum ro lein jaar jaar
Aankhon se fir ye pyaar ki barsaat ho na ho

Shayad fir iss janam me mulakaat ho na ho..
Lag ja gale ke fir ye haseen raat ho na ho..
Shayad fir iss janam me mulakaat ho na ho..

Lag jaa gale...

On repeat mode!!

Some songs are just bliss...
Soothing to the ears , soul and heart..

Here's one I love and currently on repeat mode...

Rooh ka banjara re parinda
Chaad gya dil ka re gharonda
Chaad gya dil ka re gharonda todke.. re gharonda todke, gaya chodke

Je naina karun band band
Beh jaaye boond boond
Tadpaaye re, kyun sunaaye re geet malhar de!
Ve malang tera iktara iktara
Ve malang tera iktara

Itra tu basi basi padi hai sirhaane
Band darwaaja dekhe lauti hai subah
Thandi hai angeethi
Seeli seeli hain deewarein
Goonje takra ke in me dil ki sada
Goonje hai re
Goonje hai re
Dil ki sada !!

Je naina karun band band
Beh jaaye boond boond
Tadpaaye re, kyun sunaaye re geet malhar de!
Ve malang tera iktara iktara
Ve malang tera iktara

Innertia.. just don't wanna come out of it...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


He applied glue to the stamps and she stuck them on the cards.
The post master asked them, whose wedding cards were they.. they replied "ours" in unison.
Giggling and back to work, they quickly stuck the stamps and posted them...
Did the cupid just hit!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

On depression,expectation and misunderstanding...

So what really happens to a normal, bubbly , girl-next-door person to suddenly become so vulnerable? What really goes wrong with a person whom you know was really "normal" the last time you saw them and the next you know they are seeing a shrink or maybe just have dark circles under their eyes.. let me not go to cases extreme than this...
Its all about expectations, ain't it? No matter how much we try and tell ourselves to give but not expect anything in return, we are human beings and obviously, we expect... When we know that a misdeed of ours hurt us back, we , but obviously, expect a good deed to bring back love, encouragement, but when that doesn't happen, it hurts. Then starts a series of misunderstandings and if one is sensitive and a slave of mind (now not everybody can master their mind, atleast I cannot) they fall prey to depression. And believe me, depression is bad. Not only does it give you a dual behavior , cause you cannot show the entire world that you are depressed, it also makes you do things you other wise won't.And its a vicious circle, it takes an entire lifetime to undo and erase things one does when depressed. It's the time of ones life when one needs everybody to stand with them and love them unconditionally, but that doesn't really happen. Sad but true, we see a lot of people now a days in the bounds of depression, and given the current lifestyle, you cannot really talk and tell people how you feel. More than half of them hear just for the sake of and the rest make fun.
But then sometimes you are lucky enough to find that ray of hope, who'd stand by you.. talk a gentle word, try heal your wounds and pull you out of the dark corner..

Monday, October 14, 2013

And the weekend ends..

And so the dread is back again, I am completely dressed in Monday Blues!! Don't wish to go to office.. who'd want to?? hehehe.. anyways.. what makes this blog post exciting for me is , I did a lotta things over the weekend which were the first-of-its-kind for me...
I had always been excited about the burning of the Ravan effigy during Dusshera, but never got a chance to see it actually happening. So after completing my silver jubilee I finally get a chance to see it. When I was in my bus coming back to Pune last evening, I saw a huge effigy of Ravan and betcha I was awed!! It was huge, real huge. There were so many people, all waiting to burn out the wrong and establish good in their lives. It was great to see...
I was sharing my bus seat with a mother-daughter duo. When I was in my oh-so-nice-mood with the evening breeze slightly teasing my hair and the songs in my headphone making the moment just right, Miss daughter puked... I had no option but get up from the seat and stand.I went to the driver's cabin and stood watching the road.. the view was breathtaking.. The wide stretch of the black road and the surrounding greenery.. Wow!! I am still mesmerized.. The conductor let me occupy his seat (in the driver's cabin)till the next stop when some people got down and I could get another seat.It was fun!!
Weekend was great @ home! Got some much needed me time, met a school time friend... and friends are such blessings for the soul :) God gave a lot of ups and downs in life but then God created friends.. I am happy to have you SP.. :)

Have a happy week ahead people!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Let me fly

Free my wings
let me fly
dont stop me
I wanna fly
The burdens too much
The path has too many thorns
I have given up
I dont wanna try
I cannot match the expectations
neither your nor mine
I have given up
Its not worth a try
Sometimes, its better to go home before dark
Sometimes, its better to close my eyes than see the dark
Sometime, atleast this one time let it about me
Atleast let me fly..
Dont cage, dont burden me...
I cannot take it anymore, let me fly
The darkness frightens me today more than ever
The distances widen, never to reduce
So, let the darkness rule my word,
Let the distances increase...
I have given up
I dont wanna try..
No matter which path I choose, it leads to doom..
No matter what I wanna do, it leads to doom...
I know each word I have spoken was bad..
I know each deed I have done is a sin..
But that's not what I intended for,
But that's not what I wanted to do...
But now that it has happened...
free my wings... let me fly
Dont stop me .... I wanna fly

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hello blog and bloggers :)

So after a lot of incomplete drafts and empty canvases and unread books, here I am.. hale and hearty :) as I always was...
Work and so many things going on in my life kept me so damn busy.... phew....
Not that I am not busy now... but what better than reading and writing to vent all the frustation of not getting a promotion and the confusions of preparing for a marriage... OMG so much of work..

How have you been peepz..

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On surprises

Chipmunk wrote a post about surprises..

I love surprises,.... provided they are good and nice...
I love giving them and believe me giving gives me so much pleasure... I feel like I have done a feat to enter my name in history.. oki this is an exaggeration.. but I so feel so

I love when I gift something to people.. but feel horrible when there's nothing to show the happiness on their faces.. I mean.. so what if its a small gift, or maybe its something you dint really think you need... but isnt my thoughtfulness a reason for you to flash your smile .. You know it counts for me...

But then... people will be people and it aint important that everybody feels the way I do... Its all about acceptance anyways isnt it??

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Giving up and hitting back...

Sometimes in life, we want to give up on things, not necessarily in the negative sense of it. So like you give up on one thing to do something else which made you equally or more happy.. Happens!!
Happened with me.. was busy with things which I thought made me more happy than blogging.. but then you realize such pleasures are time restricted and once they are over they make you value other things more...
I know this is a very confusing post, but so is the state of my mind now. I am happy but this happiness has come with a lot of  *Terms and Conditions apply.. but I guess thats how life is.. Have been shopping a lot, spending a lot of time with people I love... but dont know what is missing... Something is missing, something is not correct... something feels incorrect... something is just not right..
Hope things fall in place and hope I dont leave writing things down... It is such a relief to be able to shell out all my feelings...

Hows life without the google reader guys??
What are you using...
Tell me..

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June Photo A Day Challenge June 5 -- Environment...

Happy Environment Day peepz...
It was raining heavily last evening...
Clicked this sparrow enjoying post the shower...

Linking to June Photo A Day Challenge

June Photo A Day Challenge June 4 -- After dark...

Dark secrets ...
Dark mysteries..
Hidden in the womb of the night!!
But I stand still...
Coz I know no matter how dark, there will be a ray of hope... a tiny ray to brighten my day...

Linking to June Photo A Day Challenge

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June Photo A Day Challenge June 3 -- On my table...

To post a picture of things on my brother's table ...

His favorite coffee mug, a memoir which reads 'you are the best brother' , his white board reading "Photography king" and two of his favorite clicks..

Now you know where I learn photography from :)

Linking to June Photo A Day Challenge

June Photo A Day Challenge June 2 -- A moment...

A moment... of love...
A feeling to never part...
Fear of the coming night...
But a promise of the coming day :)

Linking to June Photo A Day Challenge

Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Photo A Day Challenge June 1 -- B is for

B is for..
Blank Paper in my Drawing Book on which I used my Black Ball pen to Behold the Beauty of a WOMAN...

How does it look?
I am loving zentangling!!

Linking to June Photo A Day Challenge

Friday, May 31, 2013

May Photo A Day.. May 31.. Four things..

Here are four things which are dear to my heart...

My books... which make me feel complete... which can keep me awake at nights when nothing else and no one else can.. which make me sit and read nonstop on weekends... :)
My cuddly soft toy... which is with me no matter what... It comforts me, laughs with me, hears me rant, hugs me when I feel alone and is my companion no matter what..
My paints,brushes, pencil, pen who let me scribble,draw, sketch, color anything and everything.. help me emote whether it is pain or happiness.
And "U", you who hold a special position in my heart, you whom I trust more than myself, you whose little frown makes my day bad , you whose smile makes my day :)

Linking to May photo a day challenge that will change your life !!

May Photo A Day.. May 30..TOOL..

So when I baked a rainbow cake today evening,
I used the knife to open the food color bottles..
I used the knife to check if the cake was ready..
And once it was , I used it to cut out a nice piece...

Cake anyone ??

Linking to May photo a day challenge that will change your life !!

May Photo A Day.. May 29..KISS....

They say...
It's the next best thing we can do with our lips...

Why go to the next, when we can still do the best ;)

Linking to May photo a day challenge that will change your life !!

May Photo A Day.. May 28.. What you’re doing now..

May Photo A Day.. May 27.. CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT..

I can't live without love...

Near or far...
We'll never be apart..
Maybe in distance but never in heart..

Linking to May photo a day challenge that will change your life !!

May Photo A Day.. May 26... FAVE THING TO DO ON SUNDAY...

Sundays are Fun days...
I do everything I love...

Paint.... :)

Linking to May photo a day challenge that will change your life !!

May Photo A Day.. May 25..US..

May Photo A Day.. May 24.. GO...

A dash of the sensual Nina Ricci perfume...
My wrist watch,pink lip gloss , my favorite purse...
And I am all set to GO!!!

So where's the party tonight ??

Linking to May photo a day challenge that will change your life !!

May Photo A Day.. May 23.. PJ's..

What can be more comforting than wearing PJ's...
I can spend my day and night in the comfort of my PJ's
Here's a pair I absolutely love... Black and white :) both my favorite colors....

Linking to May photo a day challenge that will change your life !!

May Photo A Day.. May 22.. CHANGE..

When I hear the word change... a lot of things come to my mind..
A larva spinning a cocoon and then changing into a beautiful butterfly...
A white canvas changing into a beautiful painting...
And so much more...

But, this isn't what I think on an early morning when I am rushing to office and waiting for a bus,
Or when I need to go grocery shopping,
Or buy the newspaper...
At such time all I want is changeeeee....

Change to give to the bus conductor and the shopkeeper and the newspaper seller...

Linking to May photo a day challenge that will change your life !!

May Photo A Day.. May 21.. I CARE ABOUT THIS..

This is a gift very near to my heart...
And I care about it a lot..

Deep inside my closet, inside a pretty box...

Lies this beautiful mug....

Each time I look at it, I remember the day you gifted it to me...
The feelings, the emtions... The love :)

And I know...
It's just u and me.. together forever...

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Minnie Mouse...

Tried my hand at water color painting after a long long time..
And Tan-tan-na....
My sweet lil' Minnie Mouse...

Thursday, May 23, 2013

This and that...

Life gives us moments..
Moments when we laugh,
Moments when we cry..
Moments we want to inscribe in gold...
Moments we want to forget forever...

Life is full of this and that...
but sometimes all I feel is a void..
Happiness doesn't make my lips widen into a smile,
Sadness brings tears but which don't really hurt me...
I carry a plastic smile and people think its genuine..
They have their own notions to think what I think, to feel what I feel!!
I don't know why they think they understand what I feel, when they aren't really wearing my shoes!!

As the dark hole widens, the memories flood in.. memories I din't want to revisit as I know all they can bring is tears and sadness and swollen eyes and bitter taste buds.. but somehow this feels right... atleast for now...
Coz I know even this shall pass... Everything does... This shall too...

Sometimes I feel I am over positive or maybe the books I read find a place in my head... I somehow feel powered up.. coz I know I will stand up no matter what, some phrase, some line, some condition I can relate to in the books I read.. and I know I can stand up once again... Just that sometimes the black hole whirls me inside... in those dark secrets with locks best kept locked always... but each door opens and I am thrown back in the harsh reality of LIFE... and then I know what ever I read or think, the fairy world I create around myself is sure to break one day and every body around me makes sure it does!!

For till when can you survive in the world of dreams you weave for yourself !!
This and that and a lot more to come....

Monday, May 20, 2013

May Photo A Day... May 19... My Favorite View...

Gotta be my happy smiling family...
Nothing more precious than Mom and K smiling :)

May Photo A Day .. May 18.. WANT

May 18... WANT...                                                                              
K and I had been to this disastrous restaurant once...
The ambience was bad...
The food was bad...
The music was awful....
I so WANT to eat it again...

May Photo A Day May 17...SEASON

May 17... SEASON...
Its so very hotttt!!!!!
Sweating :(

Look who had a dip to keep cool :)

May Photo A Day.. May 16... MAIL BOX

My entries for "May Photo A Day"....

May 16... MAIL BOX...
My google "MAIL BOX"....
Love the pebble theme!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

May photo a day challenge.. May 15 -- 7 O' ClOCK

7 PM on the clock and you'd find me sipping yummy Cafe Latte or digging into an awesome donut at CCD :)


May photo a day challenge.. May 14 -- NEED

What is life without fun, laughter, joys and sorrows?
What is a painting all in black without any colors?
Bland... just like food without spice



Sunday, May 12, 2013

May photo a day challenge.. May 13 -- SUNRISE/SUNSET

This is my entry for today... Sunset at the beach!!


May photo a day challenge.. May 12 -- MOTHER

The word is more than enough... powerful in itself...

Happy Mother's Day Mum :)
Its my parents' 26th Wedding Anniversary too :)
Happy Anniversary :)

Lots of love :)

This is my entry for today...

Look who is playing "MOTHER" here :P


May photo a day challenge.. May 11 -- SMILE

This is my pic for 11th May...
A line which stretches eye to eye and makes the world seem beautiful!!
I made this miniature smiley fridge magnet for me brother and me :)

All smiles for the camera 
Love you my lil' kiddy brother :)


Saturday, May 11, 2013

I sketched!!

May photo a day challenge.. May 10 -- STARS

The stars shining at night...
My cute fridge magnet....
Starred bullet points....

Here is my "Star Collage" for today's Photo Challenge -- STARS


Thursday, May 9, 2013

May photo a day challenge.. May 9 -- SNACKS

This is my pic for today ... i.e. 9th May..
What better than food :)
I absolutely love eating.. munching :)
What better than home made cheese-corn-capsicum-onion sandwiches toasted just right and served with yummy salted crisp potatoes :)

Just chop such capsicum and onion, add corn grains, add grated cheese... fill in the bread slices and toast...



Sometimes I just don't want to do anything,
Sometimes I just want to give up,
Sometimes even lifting an eyelid feels stressful,
Sometimes I want to ignore the beeps on my cell phone,
Sometimes I don't want to tread the path I planned for myself,
Sometimes all I feel is I am wrong,
Sometimes all I want to do is shut down myself from the world,
Sometimes I want to hide and never want to be seen..
Sometimes all I want to do is stay aloof...

But... I cannot really...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May photo a day challenge.. May 8 -- SHAPE

This is my pic for today ... i.e. 8th May..

The Holy Cross...
Blesseth be the Father and Blesseth be the Son!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Bday Blog...

My blog completed a year today....

Happy Birthday Blog!!
You've been with me through thick and thin...
Laughed with me, shed tears with me :)
Gave me something to look forward to... to write .... to read :)

Thank you Momofrs!!
All thanks to you , I started this :)

Thank you everybody for being a part of my journey...
Hope we have many more years of togetherness....


May photo a day challenge.. May 7 -- SOMETHING BEGINNING WITH F

F for flute..
F for feather....
He mesmerizes,
His flute soothes,
The feather symbolizing Him... adding to his charm

My entry for today...
Flute and Feather....


May photo a day challenge.. May 5 -- PAPER

My pic for 5th May..

Don't we love them..
Newspapers, books, e-papers,ever so helpful book marks,life sucking bills, bringing a happy smile notes, cards....
What would we do without them!!

This is my entry for today...
My book and my book mark :)
Oh how much I love them !!


May photo a day challenge.. May 4 -- IN MY CUP

This is my pic for today ... i.e. 4th May..


Summers call for coolers... so what better than yummy strawberry squash in my cup...
Yummilicious!! I am loving it :)



Monday, May 6, 2013

May photo a day challenge.. May 6 -- BROKEN

Oh!! The agony of a broken heart....
This is my entry for today BROKEN....


Books, a painting and some more...

      So finally I am the proud owner of 4 out of 7 books from the Krishna Coriolis Series....
Yee yee... congratulate me :) I smile each time I see the books on my almirah,I just hope Mum and K dont think I am going nuts :P
      I read Salman Rushdie's "Midnight Children"... such a nice narration :) I loved the book and downloaded the movie... Will see it tonight :)
      I painted.. and this time it did not turn out as good as I thought it would.. I should practise more...
Here is the painting...

      I took part in the May Photo a day challenge. Unfortunately, I forgot to post the pics.. and that will have to wait till today evening...

What have you been doing ????

Friday, May 3, 2013

May photo a day challenge.. May 3 -- THIS IS REALLY GOOD

This is my pic for today... i.e. 3rd May..


Isn't this really good??
My mom gave me this pretty heart shaped pendant set...
Its so delicately crafted and looks oh so nice!!
I am head over heels in love with it...


May photo a day challenge.. May 2 -- MORNING RITUAL

This is my pic for today... i.e. 2nd May..


It gotta be ... my freshly brewed and foamed cuppa coffee, morning newspaper and my favorite music.. :)



May photo a day challenge.. May 1 -- I BOUGHT THIS

I know, I am late :( but none the less I am taking part in this awesome challenge...

How to play!

Playing along with photo a day is super easy:
 Check out the May photo a day list.
 Each day look at the daily prompt and take a photo according to whatever the prompt is. For example for day 1 the prompt is ‘I bought this!’, so share something you’ve bought. It might be something you purchased today, like a coffee etc or something you love that you picked up some time in the past. It’s a great opportunity to get creative. Be inspired by a little creativity and see what you come up with.
 Once you’ve taken the photo it’s time to share it. There are loads of places you can share it. See below for more details.
 Check out other people’s photos. You can browse through them on my Facebook page, in the FMS Photo A Day Facebook group. Or on Instagram or Twitter just search for the #FMSphotoaday hashtag to see them all.

This is my pic for today... i.e. 1st May

I love elephants... So when I saw this bell @ The Bombay Store, couldn't stop myself from purchasing it... A buy which I cherish :)


Thursday, May 2, 2013

The lady in the train

We were sweating profusely.
I had conveniently changed into my shorts and t-shirt.
The train was full, beyond all capacities I can imagine… around 20 people and 8 seats (bahut nainsaafi hai!!) and not to mention the infinite baggage.. huh!! I felt like kicking myself…
As we made our way inside the train or should I say pushed, kicked, cursed and somehow got inside and somehow seated ourselves into whatever place we got (fortunately both the lower berths were ours), she entered..
Clad in a black burqa, only her eyes visible to the outside world, she was carrying three kids.. yes three!!
And then came the bags…..
Finally her family settled, they had 2 seats, side upper and side lower, the upper was stuffed with their infinite bags and the family of 6 stuffed on the lower seat(the lady, her hubby, her MIL and her 3 kids)….

She had beautiful brown eyes, perfectly crafted
I couldn’t move my eyes off hers.. no hints there, they were really beautiful..
But that wasn’t all..
The elder kid (must be around 4 years, not more than that) was sleeping in her lap and her identical twins (10 months old), one each in her hand.
She continuously juggled between the kids, feeding one, making the other one sleep, helping her old MIL drink, eat and everything else…
The kids continued taking chances crying and throwing tantrums sometimes one after another and sometimes together… we were having a tough time… but she dint budge..
Her eyes showed no hint of pain or restlessness, no frown on her forehead… She continued nursing her kids…
At dinner time, she actually fed her MIL with her own hands, served her hubby who was cute enough to make her eat along with him..
And oh the dinnertime! For each morsel of food, she inserted her hand inside her burqa and ate..
Night must have been a challenge for her, as there was no place for her to rest her back. The elder kid slept on the seat in a corner and there she sat throughout the night putting her twins to sleep…
Each time I got up, she was up doing something or the other for the kids or taking her MIL to the washroom…

Tough times
Tough people… don’t know how she manages her life!!
I felt a feeling of pity, a strange helplessness.. her acceptance..
I don’t know how to put it down.. though what made me happy was that her hubby was pretty supportive. He was up with her all night, trying to pacify the kids, though they’d sleep only with their mother. He took care that she had food and never once did I see him frown either. Each time there were hawkers selling food, he’d ask wifie dear if she wanted to eat!!

Such is life.. such is love…
Helps you pull on life without complain :)

God bless you, lady in the train :)

*Blush Blush*

Beep Beep
His cell beeped
I love you, she had written...
1 min
No Beep

2 mins
No Beep

3 mins
No Beep

4 mins
No Beep

5 whole mins
No Beep on her cell

Beep Beep
His cell beeped
Muahh, she wrote..

1 min
No Beep

2 mins
No Beep

3 mins
No Beep

4 mins
No Beep

5 whole mins
No Beep
Her cell was still silent!!

Beep Beep
His cell beeped yet again
This was all she could manage...she knew he was busy... but yet..

Beep Beep
A smile spread across her face,
And it widened,
Her cheeks resembled a mild pink...
She blushed...
Leaving you to imagine the reply ;)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Reality Check..

So what happens when I get happiness more than I deserve,
When I am  happy beyond what I can imagine,
When I am the center of attraction,
When I feel every dream of mine is about to come true, in fact some of them really come true,
When everyone around me shows me how much they love me,
When for once, I am satisfied that maybe I am not as bad as I thought....

There's always some one who is gonna pull me down,
Tear my heart apart,
Show me that I don't really deserve what I am getting,
Tell me that I am in a fairy world and my dreams are a waste of time..

And this ladies and gentlemen, is the reality check...
And before I even sit down and draft the mail where in I wanted to share my happiness, tell you that I am on cloud no 9, here I sit with tears in my eyes and write down what I feel now...

Moments to cherish!

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