Monday, September 22, 2014


I stopped myself from writing this post.. I din't want to crib about my office anymore... But then this is it.. Cannot digest anymore of it...

There is a different wing at our office dedicated to working for Microsoft. People here are worshipped by some stupid people at the other offices and when I was interviewed for a post here , everybody thought I am lucky! I din't wanna come here, not that I am scared or I am not technically strong.. it's just that the culture here did not match my expectations. I had a series of discussions with all people I could to try and avoid this situation.. but as always din't get any help and had to join this office.

Now to describe this office - It's like a 4 storeyed bungalow but just badly designed. There is a single room on each floor and there are wooden dividers which divide it into 6 cubes seating 4 each. As if the office space isn't small enough the cube heights are such that the manager can actually stand with his arms resting on the edges and peep into machines!! huh! Absolutely hating it! And darn! that's not all.. there is a single coffee machine for all the coffee demands for the complete office!! And I haven't had the guts to try the coffee here.. ewwww... There are two teeny tiny washrooms at each floor one each for guys and gals... You actually have to wait for sometime to visit the loo... God! what am I even doing here..  Lunch is served on one of the floors and you actually have to sit in cubes with chairs lined across tables...

I am so so pissed off right now, I cannot even express half of it.. The sinks here resemble the equivalent of the steel sinks we see in the Indian railways, just that here they dispense drinking water.. There is no open space, no gallery forget having a gym or any other way of recreation.. So, if you work for Microsoft you are supposed to be nerds working non stop in an equally depressed environment where nobody talks.. God!!

But that's not what triggered this ranting post here.. We don't have much work yet.. the processes are pretty difficult and involve a lot of set-up before the actual work starts.. and while I have done my best to view the videos and go through the presentations, now I am left with nothing but browse sites.. but I guess that cannot be done either.. The manager every now and then cat toes and stands behind our machines and stares... WTF dude!! Why? I am a girl in my 20's and if I don't have work what do you expect me to do? How many more times should I go through the existing material? I will read the e-paper and will go visit all the sites I want to coz I am not like the others here who are learning the tutorial videos like re-running FRIENDS!! Ok, now to what triggered this post.. I was helping my plants fight zombies on my iPod when the team lead came to my desk and told me not to play.. I told him there's not much work here.. in fact there's none so he said I'd rather do something else.. he told me this would affect my IMPRESSION in front of the manager and went on to clarify that the manager hadn't said anything yet but he feels so.. huh!! So here I am ranting about the absolutely dumb ass place and people, my iPod resting back in my tote...



Wednesday, September 17, 2014


So when you are going on and blabbering and telling me and giving me your advise, I am mentally munching and showing you the middle finger

#MiddleFinger #IrritatingPeople #Don'tNeedYourAdvise #StopTalking #FOff

Gals will be gals!!

One of my friends [Calling her SK on the blogosphere] purchased a beautiful anarkali suit online. We were a bit hesitant while ordering it coz no doubt it was too beautiful and aptly priced but buying it online looked risky, but then we being we , ordered it! When the delivery was received we couldn't help but go awwwwwwwwwwwwww as the beauty of the suit!! It is awesomeee...

Happiness is... ordering an anarkali suit online and it being exactly what you expected!!

So when both of us were going gaga about the suit and SK was feeling like a princess already without even having it stitched, following is the conversation we had.

A lil' more background - I was asking her to get it stitched and wear it soon so I could see her in it and she was suggesting I'd rather wear it coz she was waiting for appropriate occasion to wear it!!

Her [1:35 PM]:
  tu pehen lena

Me [1:35 PM]:

Her [1:35 PM]:
  but mera tujhe ayega nai

Me [1:35 PM]:
  nahi aayega

Her [1:35 PM]:
  tera figure sexy he na mere se ;)

Me [1:36 PM]:
  BULKY is the right word

Her [1:37 PM]:
  its sexy
  ask those who dont hv ;)
  but a problem too

Me [1:37 PM]:
  more of a problem
  khane me namak jyada nahi hona chahiye
  kam ho to theek hai.. daal sakte hain

Her [1:39 PM]:
  kya analogy he
  waah waah

Me [1:39 PM]:
  haina kamaal!!

Her [1:39 PM]:
  ekdum engineering style :P
  samjhi na

Me [1:44 PM]:
  aur kya!
  aisi chat hai ye
  can take a snapshot and put it on my blog :P

Her [1:44 PM]:
  Haha lolzz

Gals will be gals!! Can talk about anything and everything under the universe.. can fix in any analogy anywhere and still go around and laugh about it!!
Celebrating being a gal.. :)
Cheers to all the gals who can chat non-stop, don't let distances matter when it comes to gal-friends, enjoy life and make each other smile no matter how low they'd be!
If you are a gal, pat your back, put on that pout and smile!
We definitely make this world a better place to stay in!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I scream , you scream just for ice-cream!!

No, this post isn't about the new flavor of ice-cream I tasted.. for that instance I don't remember I last time I even tried ice-cream... thanks for the ever multiplying pounds and inches!! But this has something to do with ice-cream, hence the name..

There is a Naturals ice-cream corner on the road back home from office, and no I don't remember ever stopping them to slurp on the tasty devil.. but anyways. For those who don't know or haven't tried, Naturals is an ice-cream brand who boast of natural ice-creams and I absolutely love the Mango ice-cream there, you will too...
So, we'd been returning from office one day and got stuck in traffic right in front of Naturals. The shop is adjoining the gate of a big housing society and often I'd look at the guards at the society gate and imagine how they'd want to eat ice-cream every time they saw someone eating. There was a group of young ladies eating ice-cream and one of the guards was looking at them.. one of the girl got up , went inside the shop and got a cup of ice-cream and gave to the guy. He bowed down and thanked her. This may not sound as great when I am writing here but the expression I saw on his face was worth a mention!! If only life could be about such small pleasures and smiles, it would be a better place to live in!


About lunches!!

We are served lunch at office. The lunch hours last from 12:00 noon to 2:15 PM. Our company offices are located at four different locations in the city and I have worked at each of these locations. 2:15 is the hard stop and even if you are a second late then good bye lunch! Some of the serving staff is rude enough to start packing the food when you are trying to fill your plate.. and believe me it is rude.. very rude.. they may have their timelines, that I do understand but it is still rude!!
I was in a compulsory training with 8 other colleagues which went from 12:30 to 2:30. On usual days, the trainer would leave us by 2:00, giving us enough time to have our lunches! This particular day the training stretched and we were late for lunch. Just to try our luck, we visited the cafeteria to see if you could get anything to eat; though we knew we could still meet rude faces like in the other 3 locations! We entered inside and saw the cafeteria staff having lunch with their head. As soon as we entered, he asked us if we wanted lunch. When we answered in a yes, he was courteous to tell us there was enough lunch for all of us and we could take it from the store room! Now this was a surprise! And as if this wasn't enough one of the other staff members actually guided us to the store and helped us fill our plates! With a smile :) he told us we could take a refill so needn't hurry!

Brought a smile to our faces :)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Need to write!

I have not been lazy.. It's just that I don't know what to write about... I so much should!
I haven't been reading much, not painting or drawing.. life is just going down one level every day..
So, don't really know what to scribble!
But anyways coz I need to start, writing this song I am hearing right now..
Hopefully will take up some challenge so that I come back on track!

Saare sapne kahin kho gaye
Haaye hum kya se kya ho gye!

Dil se tanhayee ka dard jeeta
Kya kahein humpe kya kya na beeta
Tum na aaye magar jo gaye
Haaye hum kya se kya ho gaye!

Tumne humse  kahin thi jo baatein
Unko dohrati hain gum ki raatein
Tumse milne din to gye
Haaye hum kya se kya ho gaye!

Koi shikwa na koi gila hai
Tumse kab humko ye gum mila hai
Haan naseeb apne hi so gye

Haaye hum kya se kya ho gye

Remember this song? Like it?
What's up with you fellow bloggers?

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