Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A little prayer

A little prayer.. for the Father and my father above..
If you can hear this Dad, please help me.. It's time you take me home..
Cannot take this anymore..

Father I am not worthy to stand before you..
For I has despised Your law and Your command
I was rude and senseless,reckless and mean
But Oh! change me Father and wash me clean
Oh here I am.. Do take me home..
For tired and weary am I to roam.
Oh take me Father into your heart and let me never from you depart..
Yes let me never from you depart..

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just another post

I don't have anything to write today.. there's a lot in my mind but I lack the strength to put it down in words..
This can be a very negative post.. so stop reading if you are in a good mood..

Why does it happen that anything and everything I do turns out to be incorrect..
I don't really know what destiny has in hold for me.. sometimes I don't really know if destiny/God/good-bad etc exist in this world.. If they do, then why do I have to live a life like this.. I know there are people who have worse lives.. and I do understand that.. but to each his own! Why should I be satisfied with a mediocre life when I don't want to.. when I take efforts to rise above.. I have already tasted the fruits of hard work.. but now what ever I do, as minute as it can be turns out to be bad.. Why does my life have to revolve about people's take on me? Why cannot I just be what I am and be accepted like that.. and if I cannot be accepted like this what do I do?
How can I live with the fact that I am hated? What do I do if I am over sensitive to things around me.. What do I do if I cannot control my tears.. and mind you they are not crocodile tears.. You need emotions to cry.. Just because you lack them or are too rock strong doesn't mean I have to be likewise.. Why should I be? Whatever I do or say is either orthodox or invaluable or incorrect or not-matching-the-society or a-blot-on-your-happening-world which you try to make me a part of.. If I am all this and worse, why did you make me a part of your life? Why make me feel like I am a good-for-nothing? Why.. I cannot live like this.. I do not choose this.. You talk about me having irrelevant expectations, and what are you doing? Is it relevant? You know I am not good at winning in words when it comes to talking with you, so you take advantage.. You know that I have no other place to go {Thank our Indian society for that!!}, so you keep on hurting me.. You know I am strong, so you think I am good with anything... I am not! I am sensitive.. It pains when I see a lone kitten or pup on the road.. I cry when I see anybody cry.. It pains when I see an accident.. I feel tragic when anyone dies.. And you knew I was like this.. Can you imagine the pain I go through when you ignore/hurt me? Can you imagine how good our life can be if you leave your ego aside? I will be strong.. anyways I don't have any other option..

Monday, January 20, 2014


I have always loved dolls and soft toys...
I am surprised how I din't write about them yet...
Be it Archies, Crossword or any other mall or online shopping site, I'd always be window shopping for dolls and soft toys.. The kid in me still wants to buy them each time I see them..

I had this beautiful doll which my uncle got all the way from London. She had beautiful blue eyes and blue hair, a beautiful lacy blue frock and light blue shoes.. I don't a night in my childhood when I would have slept without her.
I have a collection of soft toys - a monkey, an elephant, a white tiger, a baby owl, a penguin, minnie mouse, goofy, pluto, a lion cub, a giraffe , two tortoise, a smurf.. the recent entry being Snoopy :) and they are super cute and beloved :) I can cry with them, laugh with them, dance with them... share my life with them.. I feel incomplete without them around :)

It was a friend's daughter's birthday recently and we gifted her a beautiful barbie doll set! Oh! how much I want it for myself now ;)

Here it is, have a look !!

It is the barbie-pool-grill-set.. It has a swimming pool, and you can actually pour in water :) It has an umbrella , two nicey chairs, a tape recorder, a grill, grill attachments and food items and the doll is beautiful :)
I spent almost all my time with the birthday girl assembling the doll set :) Yeee.. and I cannot tell how happy it made me.. Everybody asked me if I liked kids ;) Well I don't really know that and surely am not looking forward to one of mine soon [I do love the birthday girl .. muahhh], but I loveeeee the doll set...

Cannot imagine my life without these toys and dolls !!
Time to buy a new one :)

And it is here...

Presenting to you..
The all new...

Smart white!!

With smarter beige interiors!!

Long drive pe chal...

Does it happen with you too?

Does it happen with you too?

That you come to office
Feel your throat is parched
Drink half a liter water
Refill your bottle
Drink another half a liter water
Continue the above two steps, till you realize you've had like 2.5 liters of water in 2 hours..
And then you get up every 30 minutes to go to the washroom..


Friday, January 17, 2014

When you sleep...

The air gently blows your hair off your forehead,
The gentle heaving of your chest,
The rhythm of your breath,
The thump of your heart beat,
As I rest on your shoulder and gaze at the stars above,
I feel happy :)
Lucky to have you..
Satisfied by the life God has given me..
So what if there are ups and downs, so what if there are grays and blacks with the whites..
I'll always have you.. And with you I'll always be blessed!
You are the silver lining in the dark clouds of my life...
You are the sunshine of my life!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Here is the awesome, yummy, chocolaty walnut cake we baked..

How does it look people?
First attempt at microwave baking!!

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It'll never be the same again...

Without you, life just doesn't feel right.
Without you, light can never be totally bright..
Without you, I'll always be incomplete..
With you, life was really sweet..
As I move ahead, I'll keep all our memories together intact..
Closed in a corner of my heart, treasured beyond measure..
The little secrets, the beautiful moments..
The birthdays, the dinners, the ice-creams, the surprises..
All I can do now is shed tears.. sometimes shout out loud, at others shed quiet tears..
Why did you have to go,
Why did you have to leave..
The separation pains, tears, bruises.. the wounds don't heal!
Time is not really the best medicine...
It'll never be the same again without you Dad..
Life just doesn't feel right !

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wearing the chef's hat...

Life is full of surprises and I have been surprised too much recently...
Here are some of the most beautiful ones..
So, when we reached home after the grand holiday, we were surprised to find our room beautifully decorated with balloons and chocolates.. A lot of thoughtfulness, work and love :) Thanks brother (Calling him RN on DipisBlog)Happy to have people who care and then again have the courage to show they care! *Thanks God* We were overwhelmed!
Comes night and yet another surprise,the cousin (Lets call her NN hence forth) came all the way from Mumbai! And that was not all.. there was champagne and flowers and cake and a lot of love!! Can we ask for more... Thank you RN and NN!! It really really means a lot to us :)
Saturday saw NN and me in the best of the moods to experiment and cook. We went through the recipes and decided on the menu which was quickly dismissed by the guys!! Need we say we are lucky! So, we skipped some fancy menu and bake a cake (which served 12 and so we ended up baking 3 in the ingredients prescribed for one..) When the first cake was finally ready, we dint have the patience and requested the guys to taste.. and the response was overwhelming *takes two bows, one on behalf of NN*.. We dint wait for it to cool.. It was so yummyyy.... Chocolate cake.. my first cake baked in an oven :)
We refrigerated the other cake and then put on some icing... the third cake was in our fridge for two days just to enter our tummys soon...
Thanks SS for tasting and helping us stir and everything else.. if not for you, I wouldn't have baked it :)
Thanks NN... you are such an amazing gal!!

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Thank God for toilet paper and tissue paper!

Ok, so before I begin writing this post.. lemme be really honest and tell you that I believe in the GO GREEN policies.. All my account statements come online, no paper wastage.. I show the IRCTC message and don't print the ticket while travelling.. prefer my not-so-smart-phone to jot down stuff instead of using the paper and the likes... So now that I have made my point clear let me come to the point - Toilet paper and tissue paper!!

I am so so thankful that they exist and more than that they are present inside loo's.. who'd otherwise use the soiled toilets when there is an urgent urge to. I usually avoid using them when outside.. but sometimes you just have to.. Imagine this.. you wanna use the washroom.. you find one in a shady corner.. the smell is unbearable, but ofcourse you can hold your breath for a minute.. you enter inside and see a soiled seat.. yuck.. but hey there!! you see the toilet paper hanging gladly.. *smiles*

Here's a hi5 to all those who think we should thank God for these mysteriously helpful friends!!

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Day 3 - Blogathon or Bookathon!!

Sorry darling blog... I din't write on day3 and day 4 and day5 and day6and today is day7 of the blogathon...
But I was so busy reading that I din't find time to write..
I had this BIG interview scheduled on Saturday and I studied sincerely... didn't work, just studied the whole of Friday till Saturday afternoon..
And the interview went well.. just to know at the end that they wanted some more technologies which weren't in my resume.. damn :( but anyways..
Unhappy that I din't get selected but happy that I gave it my 100%.. C# Complete Reference was just the book.. absolutely loved it, all questions answered!!
Hubby dropped me to this far-off place for the interview.. *Hugs*.. and even picked me up half way..
I was dead tired and had absolutely no strength to type on the teeny-tiny-not-so-smart-phone I have..

Sorry blog..
I'll be gone again from Friday till Wednesday :(

How are you all peepz..
Keep up the spirit, looking at the other blogs, makes me blog :)

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Thursday, January 2, 2014


The year 2013 has been "HAPPENING" for me..

Pause.. Rewind.. Replay...
My life changed totally this year, for good or bad.. time will tell!
I have been emotionally unstable, doing things I promised myself I wouldn't ever do, but the anger, the frustration, the impounding sorrow.. well there's just me to blame! Then there were things I knew which would just deepen my sorrow, but I still went ahead and did them.. and this with everybody I loved..
Its all about expectations I guess.. you want somethings to happen in your life.. you have this pretty perfect picture, but unpredictable as life is, the pretty and perfect picture doesn't last or sometimes doesn't just exist.. Dreams shatter, Tears flow.. --> leading to an unstable ME , who doesn't know how to behave , what to talk.. :(

I hope this year I learn from this introspection.. learn that silence is better (and then always I have my blog where I can crib)
Hoping for a great great next year :)
Wish you people have a great new year too :)

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Well then!! proved that I am an addict.. that too an insane one.. RED ALERT

So I am browsing through this friend's cellphone gallery.. New year pics, Christmas pics and so on..
And suddenly I want to press the "LIKE" button... And then I insanely touch the touch-screen and search for options and that's when this facebook addict (rather like-the-pics-addict) in me is intervened by a very confused friend, as to what I am doing... And I am left pondering... RED ALERT..

Did I tell you I already attempted doing this on the cartoon strips I read everyday on the e-paper!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy new year peepz...
Come new year and so comes the time to plan.. to make resolutions..
But let me be honest.. I don't keep to them..
So no point making them..
There was a time when I'd think ,plan , write down my resolutions in colored sketchpens, mark them with their urgency and priority and then make it a point to adhere to them...
But now I have grown up (atleast the years,the kilos and the inches are up :P)..
So no, I am not making any resolutions..
If there is something I need to do, I'll do anyways.. so not resolving..
I am going green so not polluting my mind and not wasting any papers in this process..
All I will try and do is be more happy..
Life is changing, it always does and all I want is happiness..
All around there is negativity.. I just hope I am optimistic enough and get back to what I was... this is so not me..

What's your new year resolution??
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Lots of love,

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