Monday, December 21, 2020

Moments to cherish!

 When Veer was really little and wanted to nap he would climb in my lap and hold onto my neck. In a sitting position and holding me tight, he would sleep. The rhythmic humm of his breathing calmed me down... It is no easy feat to take care of a BABY! Not long after, he became a no-lap baby - did not climb laps and slipped down on bed to sleep...

Of late things have changed and he wants to be held - all day long... While we do pick him up whenever we can, we are going through tantrums and loud bouts of crying and getting angry if he is not held.. but night times are still the same... no lap sleeps! until last night when after his bed time schedule and slipping down my lap on the bed, Baby Vivi decided to climb back in... With his sleepy eyes and cute dino night suit he climbed on to mommy dear's lap... held me neck with his warm hands and snuggled me... once again his breathing calmed me down.. and I held him like that - long after till he was asleep, with my phone ringing in front of me.. with my tummy calling for food... we just held on..

Guess a mother needs her baby as much as her baby needs her... As I sit down and write this down I can still feel the happiness I felt last night <3

Sunday, March 3, 2019


Cannot believe been more than a year already I haven't blogged...
The last year has been eventful...
On the 31st of January, we welcome the apple of our eyes - my little man, Veer :)
As afraid as I was when I came to know about my pregnancy, cannot describe in words today the magical feeling I get when I hold him...
But the going has been tough - I was vomiting throughout my pregnancy (deserves an individual blog post), had to stop going to office for health reasons, had a normal delivery (touchwood!) but had certain complications later on... Will write about things as and when I get time, but this blog post is for this little baby whom I am going to love forever and forever, for my darling Veer!

Baby you are loved. I am learning something new everyday. When I was in school, roughly in the 9th standard, I guess, there was a story about a cherry tree. This is how the gist goes -
    'A young boy on his grandfather's insistence planted a cherry seed. Anxiously, he'd water the seed and wait for the tree to grow. When the sapling finally grew and blossomed into a tree and bore a cherry, the boy asked his grandfather - "Is this what it feels to be like God"... Such is the joy of creation!'
The line - "Is this what it feels to be like God" - left an impact on me... And my baby, when I held you for the first time, all I could was to remember this line. The pain vanished, all I could see was you and the beauty you are. Perfecto!

I am growing with you everyday, the first burp, the first yawn, the first smile. I was so afraid of changing your clothes and your diapers, I still am but I hope I am getting better. The round neck clothes and the cute onesies you look perfect in baby, make me skip a beat when I have to dress or undress you. You are so fragile, so tiny but oh so loved! I also cannot forget the first time you cried due to colic. The shrill sound and your pain moved me to tears, so I know this is gonna be tough.

I do not need coffee to wake up nights with you, you have all the caffeine my body needs...
As I type this post, I see you move and I know it is time to end this post. I will write more, I want to pen down all these memories of you forever..
Happy Sunday guys!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Blogathon 2018 - Day 17 - A red eye...

If you read my earlier blog posts, you'd know that at my work-space we sit in a pod structure, which is basically a round room with two round tables and we sit across each other. There are no fixed cubes or cabins and this supposedly supports better communication, which might be true - but I haven't just accustomed myself to the space. I find it difficult to look for a space to keep my laptop bag and my purse. While the bag can sit on the floor, I do not feel like placing my purse with it. The open cupboard gets direct sunlight and on day one, I had a mascara bleeding in my bag. Well, this is not the only issue - I find it weird to munch on nuts and/or fruits in front of everybody.. But the thing which has taken a heavy toll on me is the health issue. Now when you sit in such a close proximity to other people, you are more prone to the cough and cold bugs. We saw a drastic temperature rise since last week and almost everybody is under the weather. We had a lunch party recently and the number of unwell team mates has gone up. There were only a few exceptions and I was one of them - till yesterday. I have been doing really unwell since afternoon. I have really small eyes and to add to it (or should I say subtract!), my right eye has become smaller, swollen and is super red. And the thing is the eye is not painful but the right side of my head is paining. I hope I do not catch any bugs!!


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Blogathon 2018 - Day 16 - Doodling again!

So, I have been doodling and lettering again..  Here is a cute little reindeer wishing you a great day ahead..


Blogathon 2018 - Day 15 - Sculpting time!

Now that I have restocked on clay, here is a cute custom unicorn, which is soon to be adopted. She is a sweetheart and I am taking due precaution that it turns out good.. This is also my first custom creation, so pray for me!


Blogathon 2018 - Day 14 - Love!

How can you love someone else if you don't love yourself? I learnt this the hard way - but now that I have learnt it, I am happy I did... It is very essential to love yourself, give yourself some tender loving care, getting yourself that much needed spa session, buying that pretty top you have been eyeing for long, adorning the red lipstick you always wanted to... If you think you love someone else and give them priority above your own self, you can never be happy.. So darling! don't forget to love yourself first!!


Blogathon 2018 - Day 13 - Happiness is in the small things!

So, the hubby and me booked a cab home from office last evening. It was one of the firsts where we were both sitting on the back seat of the car and had time to ourselves. Given that it was a U.S. holiday, he had not calls. The usual schedule is he drives and I sit next to him with him being busy in calls. But yesterday was different. We held hands for the whole 30-45 mins ride, not that we talking much - we just relaxed and held hands. In everyday life, we forget the smallest things, but for me these are things which make me the happiest. Once home, I was humming to myself while doing the everyday chores and suddenly everything looked sunny and beautiful!

Isn't happiness in the smallest things!!

Moments to cherish!

 When Veer was really little and wanted to nap he would climb in my lap and hold onto my neck. In a sitting position and holding me tight, h...