Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Time pass..

And this is what happens when you need to complete the required number of hours @ office and you have absolutely no work [read *rest period* aftermath of a passing storm and eerie silence before another]

Bullet Point Post

  • Construct a BRT for a route which has like a total of ten buses to and fro.
    1. Close the BRT for obvious reasons!!
    2. Start constructing road divisions around it and let the boulders stay to harm the passengers
    3. Use the closed BRT for as a skating ground for your kids or rather for jogging in the morning
    4. Dump garbage here!! Who cares!
    5. Sleep on the BRT rather than the footpath (No risks of Salman Khan driving over you! :P)
    6. Use the BRT to park your cars.. viola!! Free parking
  • Why does the interview I don't go to end up being like the *easiest*... angry :{
  • Why do people die, especially the ones you know or related to people you know!
  • Why doesn't my eggless cake rise though it still tastes yummm!!
  • Why do I say things which I know I shouldn't?
  • Why does the smudge less kohl smudge on the eye lids but not come out even while washing with face wash!
  • Why does lunch @ office suck real bad, when I am not carrying home made lunch?
  • Why oh why does the nail paint remover end when I have really shabby looking nail paint?
  • Why are all the awesome cake bake, cake wreck etc food related sites blocked in office?
  • Why do people fall in love and then forget what love is!
  • Why does Arnav Goswami shout so much!!
  • What is it with all the AAP drama?
  • What is it with NaMo and tea parties?
  • Why do buzzfeed and boredpanda post the same content as a new post? I am reading guys!! I know this is repeated content..
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

And the saga of not getting promoted continues...

You hog like a hog..
Work on technologies absolutely new...
Trod on untrodden paths..
See dreams your managers show you..

Promotion Time..
You are shown a graph
Told statistics
And then happily denied a promotion..

People come after and get promoted..
People join with you,be on bench/long holidays and still get promoted..
You are a year behind when you actually did deserve a promotion..

I am sad..
This is so not done...
I have worked a lot..
I have appreciations to my credit, but no promotion..
A year late than my batch mates... it feels bad and low :(
I have worked a lot.. I guess that is my mistake..
I shouldn't really have..
Now if I leave this team, the next manager wouldn't know my skills and hence I won't get promoted...
If I don't leave this team, I still don't know what reason I'll get next...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Breaking the blog-dharna..

So well yes, I am breaking the blog-dharna.. and writing...
This is a cheat post though..
Don't read.. it might just be full of crap :)

I am going all donuts over the song.. aaj blue hai paani paani paani..
It has got stuck to my tongue and my music player...And my radio has been laid to rest..

HTC is playing games with me...
Seriously "Quit playing games with my heart and my messages"..
Each time I try typing something, it introduces tabs and spaces and asteriks.. Don't know why!
And each time I try browsing the internet, I get an auto scroll... So I can't see anything , forget reading or writing.
Doesn't allow me to install any application either..
God Bless Me!

Heard "Lucky Ali" is coming to Pune for a concert and the tickets are at throw away rates... but by the time I tried booking the tickets, they were all gone.. Duh!!
I so so love Lucky Ali.. So So unlucky me :(

Baked an awesome cake this valentine's.. and devoured it :)
Made some yummy gajar ka halwa :)
I am so loving it... but hating the kilos being added..
Need to start exercising!

Archies has launched this uber cool collection of Garfield mugs,wall clocks,water bottles, totes...
Me want, me want...
I have created this awesome "Wish List" which has a collection of tops,fragrances,bags I want..
Now only if I could buy all of them..
The list just keeps on getting longer and better...

Work is sucking big time.. I so don't feel like coming to office.. Every morning I feel the "Monday blues"..
I am not a workaholic, but I don't like No-WORK either...
So feels bad and boring and so-not-ME-types...
What with you peepz??

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why I want to believe that "God" exists..

I still don't know if He/She/It exists or not...
When I say God, all I want to refer is to the power of good..
the goodness which helps a person believe that after a dark night, the sun will rise and shine..
No matter what happens wrong, there is till scope for right..
No matter how deep in quickstand, there will be a rope to pull you out..

There have been times when I thought that "God" doesn't exist..
When I faced sadness, loneliness.. but then again a smile cheered me up, time healed me, music applied a balm on my soul..
While all this may sound hypothetical to the unrest mind, to the mind at ease.. maybe it'd just want to believe that there's something good somewhere which balances the negative..
But then to each his own..

Tune mujhko banaya
Main to jag ko naa bhaya
Tune gale se lagaya
Haq tu hi hai khudaya
Sach tu hi hai khudaya

So call Him/Her/It, Ram,Allah,Christ.. whatever..
All I'd want to believe is in the sun ray which brightens a dark room!

Live and let live :)
Praying that everybody is happy :)

Mommy again....

My money plant  has become a mommy again.... Yipeee :)
In the last two years ff me owning this teeny-weeny-greeny-in-a-glass-bottle-on-my-office-desk, it has finally sprung out a tiny leaf.. The second leaf...yeeee...
I don't know what people must have thought when they saw a giggling me carry my darling plant to the pantry, giving it a bath [*Check -  nobody was in the pantry, luckily*], kept it in sunshine and bought it back to the desk...
Aww... :)

Here's the teeny tiny leaf which has just begun to sprung and also the one and a half year old sibling :)
Am going bonkers already :)
Sorry for the poor picture quality... HTC Sucks!! :|

Monday, February 3, 2014

The dairy milk Silk advertisement... I am loving it

Kiss me..
Close your eyes, Miss me!!
Close your eyes and kiss me..
I can read your lips on your finger tips..
I can feel your smile come on my lips..
And happiness in your eyes :)

In love with this :*
And with Dairy Milk Silk tooo......
Are you ??

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