Thursday, November 29, 2012


My blog is already more than 100 posts old and I came to know about this so late....
Awww... I missed my blog's 100th post day....
But none the less... more than 100 posts.... yeeeee am so so happy :)
Thanks NS, you were the driving force....
Thankyou so much :)
Love you the blog - the biggest vent to all my feelings..

One last dance

He held her close, she held on to him. Resting her head peacefully on his heart, letting her heart beat sink with his… she knew they’d have to let go.. Let go of the beautiful relationship , of the long nights of longing, of the sweet nothings, of the fights over not getting time to be together … yes it was time to bid their final good byes…

Her tears would not stop… It was time to say good-bye

And before she knew, he took her by her waist and made her body swing to his tunes.. A step here and a step there and they were dancing, dancing as if there was no tomorrow…

Then he got down on his knees and proposed to the princess of his life... She could not believe it was finally coming… She said the long awaited “YES”… And then together they bid good bye to their lives as ”HE” and “SHE”… coz it was time to be “WE”…

P.S. -- The painting is still incomplete... Will do some detailing and re post... Couldn't wait..even though it was incomplete

Happy Birthday Dad


2012 >>2011>>2010>>2009>>2008

Dad’s birthday :)

It all started with Dad telling me to come home on the 27th. Soon, normal talk turned to requests and then to bribes (yes!! We did that, bribe each other to get things done :P) and then to threats… And I had to relent. Picked up a gift for Dad, called Mum to get his favorite Black forest cake and keep it secret!! As usual, Dad started calling me for my whereabouts when I was around 10 kms away from my house and he was right there to pick me up at the bus stop. It was fun to be with Mum and Dad, called Lil’ K , teased him that he was missing all the fun and then threatened him to come home as early as possible, after all it was Dad’s 49th Birthday…

Around midnight, Dad entered my room and asked me for his Bday cake :P I mean it was supposed to be a secret, but how can it be a secret if we repeated it every year, every birthday… We got up, relished the cake, the gulab jamuns, the rasgullas.. yes we have a sweet tooth, the entire family… Called up Lil’ K again, such a bitch I can be at times!! For a change, gave Dad and Mum this big bear hug… they were taken with surprise, we dint usually show up our emotions so loud. Then finally I entered their bedroom and dint know when I slept, right there between them… :P

Next morning saw Dad getting impatient. He dint know why the rest of the family hadn’t wished him yet. I assured him they would , but he was impatient, the first of the times I saw him being impatient for something so petty. So, we ended up dropping messages to one and all in the phone book reminding them of his birthday.. And then came the cooking spree… we cooked and cooked.. cooked till we dropped.. It was a nice family thing and when everybody left, we happily opened the gifts… and called it a night…

Cannot write in words, the enthusiasm, the love, the fun…. One of a kind

Fast Fwd

2008 >>>>>>>>>> 2012


Chitthi na koi sandes,

Jaane vo kaunsa des,

jahan tum chale gaye.

Is dil pe laga ke thes,

Jaane vo kauns des,

Jahan tum chale gaye…

Happy B'day Dad!!

Miss u ….

BTW I got a promotion on your Bday…

How fortunate is that!! If only you were here to share my happiness!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Who do you think you are??

Who do you think you are,

yes you, who thinks I am a good-for-nothing,
and you, who thinks that I should get married now, even though I don't wish too,
and you, who talks to me only when you need help,
and you, who thinks just because I am nice and I am talking to you, I am not a "good gal", not that I care how you define a "good gal",
and you, who thinks just because I have been living in a city,away from my parents, I would have slept with almost all the guys I know,
and of course you, who thinks I don't know what kind of clothes I should wear, just because you cannot carry yourself properly, you think you can say that to me?
and you, who thinks I shouldn't talk to guys
and you, who gleefully crushes my love under your feet like it were a cigarette butt
and you, who thinks I am option, you can reach me when you don't have any one else
and you, who has a problem with my attitude, it is my own, why do you have to bother..
Yes, all of you.. who sometimes overpower my feelings and thoughts and make me go weak...
Remember that I may be weak sometimes, but I haven't quit and I will never!!

The song in my mind and on my iPod -

"Tum mera haath chhod ke agar jana chaho to, jaa sakte ho
Saath rah ke agar mujh pe taras khana chaho to ,jaa sakte ho
Ye na socho ke tum bin mera kya hoga
Sach to ye hai ke jo hoga achha hoga
Mai hun kamjor tum ye mujhko samjhana chaho , to jaa sakte ho."

Stronger than ever!!

I stand each time I fall,
and each time I stand I am stronger than before..
I loved you,
You didn't trust me,
You dint want me,
I cried.. not that it affected you..
I let you go.. coz you wanted..
I grew stronger
I love you, you love me,
I try making things better,
And here I am, taken for granted..

                                                                    Hurt now,
                                                                  In bitter pain,
                                                                 Lean and weak,
                                                                    I fall down...
                                              But don't think I have lost it...

                                                              This time I get up,
                                                           I'll be stronger than ever..

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lightening speed..

I saw you,
I wanted to draw you...
I have always been awed by you,
The majestic appearance,
The free spirit,
The lightening speed,
The humble eyes...
Though I couldn't capture all of it,
My maiden attempt :)


Restless, eyes full of tears,
She waits...
Her mascara is washed off,
Her kohl smudged.
Oh the wait!!
He comes, "Happy Birthday Sweets!!,
I am sorry I am late"
is all he has to offer.............
He doesn't note her eyes
nor her lost smile
nor the beautiful dress, she thought he'd adore..
The party ends, he drops her back.
"Happy Birthday self", she shouts out loud..
Tears roll down and this time they don't stop.
Restless, eyes full of tears,
She waits.. 
                                for the wait to end..

Friday, November 23, 2012

I am so happy

Yeyeye... I feel like dancing and singing out loud, painting the town red.. or may be blue ;)

And I have so many reasons to do so...

One, I had an awesome start of the day, with the perfect time to read my daily news and my daily dose of music,"angrezi beat,radha..." and the likes gave me an awesome start.

Two,it wasn't really cold today morning and I had an awesome time enjoying the cold breeze while coming to office.. And then perfect Latte made me happier.. though I had to throw away the second cup, don't know why I thought I can drink two or maybe I got it for some one else (*eyes rolling*)

Three, I spoke to PS today and SP day before and SN the day before that day :) :) And it brought back memories, memories of those two years we spent together... SP,PS,SN,SK and me studied together for our 11th and 12th standards, and it was the perfect "GALS ONLY" time we had. Sorrows, happiness, food , studies , gossips... we had an awesome time in college but then our paths separated. The usual talk-everyday schedule was replaced by facebook messages and then even the messages ended. So today, we spoke after like 7 years.. SP,PS and SN got married... OMG !! I missed one of the most important days of their lives :( But none the less, it was fun talking to all of them.. We are planning to meet.. yeeyeeyee

I am so happy I am gonna see them after so so long :)

And like I always talk about God's plan B to make me sad each time I am happy, I had a bad bad fight with one of my loved one today.. SS, I am sorry, I dint mean to be rude... but you know I get irritated so fast.. I am so so sorry :( Hope I can make up to what I did to u.. but then I hope you understand why I was angry... Hope you'd smile soon and be your normal self !!

But for now, I am going to paint the town blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Happy holidaying people :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

My take on things..

A lot has been happening around us over the last two weeks. Loosing one of the most powerful politicians, the paranoia of Shiv Sainiks over dragging two "FREE" citizens over them expressing their opinions on their personal profiles and the hanging of Kasab. Every incident in itself made me ponder and debate about what I think about all of it, how would it affect me voicing my opinion, what other people think about what happened and how will these things affect us in the broader picture called "Life".

I already expressed how the closing down of Pune hampered my life for a couple of days. I am overwhelmed with grief for the loss of a loved one a family faces, but the same fear gripped me that day, the fear of loss!! A life is a life and is more precious than anything else. So when over a couple of hours, Pune and Mumbai were closed, the lives of a millions were affected. I don't think a people's leader would bear his own people being troubled and tortured like this for something as basic as food, medicines and commutation. I personally don't know much about him nor his way of ruling, all I know is what was portrayed by Amitabh Bachchan in Sarkar , though now I know he played a real big part in our politics, given the national cremation offered,draped in the Indian Tricolor. Again a novice that I am, I thought the honour was for people who sacrificed their lives for the country. Yet again, I may be wrong as I don't know about it.

And more soever I am afraid, given what happened to girls who expressed their opinions on a social networking site, I don't know what fate would show me.I mean, we know Bal Thackeray for his ferociousness, for his voicing of his opinions, for his cartoons speaking out loud, and isn't that what Shaheen did. She wrote what she felt.Then why break up her uncle's clinic? Why when its not allowed by law were two girls taken to the police stations in hours when they weren't supposed to, why were their families locked up in their houses, so they couldn't reach their girls in need? Why? I have no idea what emotional trauma they must have been going through!! All I know is it's bad,embarrassing and unexpected. And no, I don't have any grudges against the policemen who arrested them. Who doesn't know that Shiv Sainiks know how to get things their way.. If not the police, they would have had their options B and C ready... So when the police was worried about maintaining decorum, closing down the normal life,handling lakhs who wanted to give homage to their beloved leader, here two girls were dragged into negative light.. and became history. Aren't there any more important issues to be handled?

I know the loss of a loved one. A life is a life and how ever it ends , the loss is irreplaceable. I don't know how life will change after giving Kasab a painful death.It cannot for sure bring back the loved ones we lost, it cannot guarantee that hence forth such things won't re-occur, what does it guarantee then? What does it change then? For me, just two things are clear,one, that things can happen secretly and two, at the end of day what I read in my history text books long back is true, our President does have a say! I entirely stand with the ones who lost their loved ones, but what did we do now by hanging Kasab, killed a son? Isn't this a loss too for his family in their own ways. Yes he was wrong, entirely wrong in what he did... but we all know how he was turned into a deadly terrorist from the cute teenager he must have been once upon a time. He did not have parents as supporting as we had, he didn't have environment for his mind to grow positively, he didn't have someone to take him back home and tell him what he was doing was wrong. And for that instance, when Kasab was hanged a hundred more of his kind would have vouched and resolved against us to take revenge!!

Perplexed about the incidences and their occurrences!! What's your say?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Every girl's dream....

A very cold morning..
Even the sun denies coming out of its warm cover...
She gets up from the warm embrace of her blanket, laces her jogging shoes and there she goes chasing the night away....
Coz in her heart is the dream.... to let her hair down and dance to the DJ's music in her LBD!!!

Today morning view when I went walking!!
Beautiful ain't it??
I was all alone on the beautiful path..
Finally on the way back, opened my arms , took in the cool breeze and ran down the slope like a crashing helicopter, just that I dint crash (*winks*)... (yes, I actually did that :P, but it was fun!!)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


And they ask me why isn't my Dad visible in any of the many family pics I upload...
My dear people.... I wish they had special camera's for heavenly people...
And then I smile and reply, "Some one needs to click, he's right there behind the camera..."


I dint talk to you, not to anyone in general until and unless I was sure we were friends - and people called it attitude. I had made this small comfort zone around me and preferred staying in it, my books , my dolls, my things - and people called me an introvert. I was tagged. I was some one who couldn't make friends, who couldn't trust people, who couldn't open up and talk, who wasn't a nice company to people who dint know me, who wasn't fun, who was always in a world of her own. Everybody mocked at me, comparing me to people, telling me to do this and do that, be like her and learn from him , but nobody rejoiced in what I was. I was forced to leave my comfortable cocoon I had spun around myself and open up, talk, live as you'd term it. But little did you know what I termed "LIFE" as.... and I did... for you and you and you... all of you whom I love.. I changed

Now I talk to all of you, be with you like you, behave the way you'd love to... somethings I like doing some I have started liking for you... but then you don't leave me there either. I talk and you say I talk a lot. I make friends and you say I cannot draw lines. I adjust and be comfortable in what so ever I have and you say I don't have self esteem. I try being what you want and you say I lack individuality...

But what you don't know is.. the real me.. do you? Don't bind me in shackles under the name of love,friendship,relationships.... they don't work for me anymore... For what importance is a relationship which bring tears to my eyes and makes me feel inferior. What happiness can such a relation bring which needs every word to be thought off before spoken and what promises would a future hold where I wouldn't be ME.. Don't catch me this tight, I'll fly away... Let me be me... whether in a cocoon or like a butterfly, its my life..

You hold me in between the two arms of a scissors, it hurts this way and that way too... don't do this.. you don't know what you'd loose.... And yes I am proud to say this, you wouldn't get someone like me.. Try your luck... All the best!!

Pune Central woes..

Remember my post on the diamond earrings I gifted to mum this Diwali. Unfortunately, inexperience showed up. I bought rings and they were small for mum. I had to get them replaced , which I did, but very unsatisfactorily. It was supposed to be a 100% exchange for a month's time. But they just did not having any other piece of jewellery with a cost near my earrings. So, either I had to pay around 7-8k extra , which I dint afford to do, or end up bearing a loss of the difference in the cost. I mean, how is that a policy, if they don't have any items in the same price range, why should I bear the loss ? After a lot of discussion, they agreed to give me a kiddy watch which costed the difference amount. Now , there is not kid in my house and even if there was one, I cannot imagine gifting an ugly, plastic pale blue watch to them even it is selling under a "BRAND NAME". So I ended up exchanging the earrings and bearing the loss... Awful !!

And this is not enough, next day when I went shopping with mum and K, we were waiting for the billing. K's sweatshirt did not have a barcode. Now, in usual times, they called the sales person from that particular brand and asked them the price, but this particular day, the cash counter guy told me very rudely that I'd have to bill it on the floor I bought it..There was no rush, we were the only ones standing at the counter and I dont have an answer for this rude behavior. When I asked him about it,he said he dint know the number and then dint know the name of the sales person, oh, come one.. atleast come up with an acceptable excuse!! A large size carry bag was enough for the clothes, but again he said he dint have medium and large sizes. Now a large sized thing costs 7 rs and a small sized 3 rs , which meant atleast buying 4 carry bags, which I dint obviously!! And now comes the catch, when I checked the bill, I was billed a whooping 2500/- extra for some levis jeans which I dint buy... and then they kept me waiting for another 30 mins to reimburse the amount.... Bad times!!! I am not going back to Pune Central again :(

How The Thackrey loss in my loss in the true sense!!

I wouldn't really comment about Mr BalSaheb Thackeray (one because I am not much into his works, so doesn't make sense to comment and two because I read what fate Shaheen and Rini had to face for posting a comment in a country which allows Freedom of Speech) . But what I'd really like to say is how it was my loss.

So, mum, K and me went cloth-shopping to Central. Had a quick KFC snack and headed to shopping, this was Saturday morning. Central wasn't an amazing experience. This was my second bad experience with Pune Central, Erandwane. By the time we reached home, we were totally exhausted. The cooking gas had ended the previous night and we were totally dependent on the restaurants for our food. And the next thing I know, Pune is closed. No, I completely agree, that a big respected leader passed away and there were chances of violence, but what I dint understand was why! Whom were people going to fight? GOD?

To sum it all up, we were left with no food and no cooking gas. And my mum is an anaemic. We had a tough time, with no shops open, no restaurants working, no autos to commute and for that instance no medicals open... Not the same everywhere in Pune actually, but in my area, this was the scene. Saturday and Sunday looked like a huge effort. Monday morning saw mum draped in sweat with an aching body, her bp was low, like very very low. And then again, I live on the moon, so I dint get an auto to commute to the hospital. The only auto which was present did not agree to travel just a km to the hospital, though I was ready to pay his ten times the price (*eyes rolling*) Finally, we did get a rick and reached the hospital!!

But tell me is it worth the pain ? Just because a great person passed away, can we risk the other loved ones in our lives. I cannot tell you how afraid I was when I saw mum in that situation and couldn't get an auto or a cab. God bless the Thackeray family and give them strength, God bless the police for maintaining decorum, but then again tell me is it worth to risk other lives?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Surprise surprise!!

Yeeeeeeee… am so happy… could not contain my happiness, better to write it down here so that I do not giggle to myself every now and then. Before people start thinking I am struck by the laugh-to-yourself-bug, here is the BIG secret…

Finally, I got mum diamond earrings from Nirvana :) Yeee!! They are tiny, but they are beautiful! I absolutely love them, am dying to see her smile once she gets them.. I wanted to buy studs but ended up buying these.. they are so mesmerizing, will post a pic once I gift them to her…

And that’s not all – Got her a new cell phone – HTC Explorer :) So , we are now an HTC Family… Though she’ll have to learn how to use it but I guess that’s fine :) Ye ye ye ye…. Shit, I am giggling again to myself as I write this :P But I am so happy :)

And yes bought a sexy sweatshirt for K, peeped into the room to see him hugging his sweatshirt… Cannot tell you how happy that makes me.. Gives me all the more reasons to smile..

Thanks SS for shopping along with me, hope you liked your gift too.. And yes, the dinner was awesome :) Loved the conversations we had after such a long long time....

And before you think I forgot myself (I am a selfish gal, you see), I ordered Shantaram – By Gregory Robert Davis after a strong recommendation by KB… (Here you go KB, now you surface on my blog :P) and it came with an awesome 38% discount!!

Waiting to see Mum happy … and hopefully Dad too!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mind wanderings..

An old playlist playing my favorite songs,
my comfy bean bag,
warm maggi in my classy blue bowl,
frothy hot coffee - lil sugar and lotta coffee, just the way I like it,
an engrossing novel ..
Under the stars, the moon shining brightly..
Need i ask more...
This is perfect
Is it ??
What if there was someone with me..
Sharing my coffee and maggi,
Humming the same songs I am humming,
Holding me warm and tight in the cold breeze,
Filling the empty place....
Shy smiles and giggles under the moon,
Winks and pecks , stars shining in our eyes..
Won't this be perfect...
But what if he doesn't want to do this?
What if this is not his definition of perfect?
What if he doesnt enjoy what I do ?
What if this makes him unhappy..
What if he is too sleepy to see me smile and giggle?
What if he is busy?
My warm blanket comforts me,
The coffee makes me warmer....
The songs calming my mind...
This feels good !!


"Why do you cry my love", he asks her.
"Coz I miss you.." and a tear rolls down her eyes.
"But I am always with you..., close your eyes and feel me...".....

Moments to cherish!

 When Veer was really little and wanted to nap he would climb in my lap and hold onto my neck. In a sitting position and holding me tight, h...