Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Just good friends!!

They called each other just good friends!
She was his friends's ex. The gentleman code didn't allow him to think of anything more of her but as a friend. After they broke up, she confided in him. They went on to become good friends from friends, but the feelings were same. She was his friend's ex, so no !! She found herself enjoying his company and so did he. Available yet commitment free! They knew they couldn't be a couple, the families wouldn't agree. She wasn't ready for a relationship and he was just having fun! Before they knew, they started sharing a relationship which better not be names. They were the best of friends, comfortable, free, no bindings!
Times changes, she moved on, got into another relations. He started looking for love, though nothing changed the late night calls with each other. He could feel her pain. He knew her time of the month and he knew she'd need to be comforted, and he did! He knew what she liked and made it a point to meet her/ gift things to her. Then he found some one, some one whom he could confide in, spend time with. The long time calls with the good-friend reduced, but every now or then, they found time for each other.
Then one day, he wanted his love to meet his good-friend. She saw what he didn't see! The love, the care was far more for the good-friend. She asked him, but he never agreed. But deep down the good-friends knew that was true! They had fallen for each other, no rules, no code of conduct can stop two hearts from falling in love, can they! But now what?
So they continued being just-good-friends! Hurting their partners!


Sitting here
Tears dripping down my eyes
Cheeks wet, eyes red...
Thinking about our times together
And then the time you hurt me!
Unable to draw a reason why?
Why the physical pain, why the emotional disturbance, why the ignorance, why the partial behavior?
No matter how much I try, I cannot forget and forgive.
Don't know what is more painful - the thought of parting and moving ahead without you or the pain of being with you!
Life can be tough at times, nobody ever said it was easy though!
When the world fights for bigger causes, causes which make me feel stupid, I cannot still put this pain out of my heart and soul.
Should I go on and live in the moment?
Should I put my foot down and fly away?
Should I run away from everything on the untrodden road?
Will it affect you?
Will you look for me if I am lost?
Will you feel bad, will you miss me when I am gone?
Will you find it difficult to look in your partner's eyes and not think about the love you never tried seeing in mine?
So many questions and absolutely no answers...
Cannot lean on you as you are the reason of my pain.. cannot lean on anyone else coz its my pain, not to be shared, not to be distributed.. all mine!
Why did you change? and if you say you haven't then was I blind?
Sorry means nothing if the mistakes are repeated?
Did I make a mistake?
Is this karma completing a cycle and getting it all back to me?
Have I committed a sin?
Questions! questions!
How can I with so many doubts in my heart and mind, think of a new beginning then?
How can I bring some one in this world, when I don't know if I want to live here.

The woods are dark, lovely and deep,
But I have miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep!!!

Oh! for that sleep! that peaceful sleep!

Just for laughs!

Get a haircut done, hubby doesn't notice,
Change your hair dresser!
Get a haircut done the second time, hubby doesn't notice,
Change your hair dresser again!
Get a haircut done the third time, hubby doesn't notice,
Change your husband!! :P

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