Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Bells on bobtail ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to ride and sing
A sleighing song tonight!

Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way!
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh!!

Merry Christmas guys!!
If I could, I would paint the town red and white :) Coz I cannot , I am wearing my red pants and my pretty white lace top!! And I had an awesome lunch with the gurlies :) Sizzlers and sizzling brownie!!
The only bad being I have a working day and have loads of work to do. All my friends and family are on holiday... and here I am working @ office!

How are you guys?
How are the celebrations going on?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Why oh why!!

Why is the kurti I liked not present in the online catalogue,
If it is present, why is it not on sale?
If it is on sale, why is it not present in my size?
If it is present in my size, why don't they deliver where I stay?
If they do deliver where I stay, why is there a delivery charge?

Why oh why!!

Why do you mention that 3 shoes for 999/-?
If you do mention it, why doesn't the discount apply on selection?
If it applies on selection on a set of ok-types footwear, why aren't they available in my shoe size?
If they are available in my shoe size, why aren't they available in colors I want?

Why oh why!!

Ended up buying nothing for myself :|

Munching on fennel seeds

Do you also drink water on eating fennel seeds[saunf] and enjoy the after taste and cool and then eat more fennel seeds and then drink more water and repeat the process till you are satisfied with it or till the fennel seeds in your palm end??
I do.. every single week day post lunch and snacks in office!!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dance as if no one is watching!!

There are so many posts in my drafts mode, some needing just a touch up and some a write up... but this one needs to be written , right now right here!!
This is what music does to me...

I am waiting for the bus and plug in my headphones. One of my favorite dance number is on, I hear it once and it doesn't satisfy me, it never does! I turn off the radio and move to the music player with the album on repeat mode.. Once in office, the music fever is still on and I am almost at the verge of dancing in the lift.. No I am not a good dancer and yes I was the only one in the lift... The fever is on when I am applying my lip gloss and I quickly do a few moves in front of the mirror.... wooooooooooo..... That's what music does to me...

Just came back to my desk and the songs are still on repeat mode and I am enjoying every bit of it..
Am I the only odd one out or does it happen to you?
I feel intoxicated by music...
Do you too?  

Friday, November 14, 2014


I walk with my heart in my hands,
Ready to give love to all.
You came,
Made me feel special…
I gave my heart to you..
Little did I know, you’d take the liberty to break it..
And then give my broken heart back to me..
You smile with the world,
Laugh on their jokes..
For me all you have is bad words and tears..
The unrest grows,
Tears come no more…
Why should I anymore care for you,
Why should I bother?
Why should I live with the pain, when there’s a better world to go!
With heavy hands I pick up the pieces,
The memories shattering me even more…
The broken pieces pierce, the blood flows… so do the tears…
The memories I cherish come back to me…
But the pain is unbearable..
Should I let time heal and carry on or should I just move ahead and never look back!
The answer has never been simple, it never will be!
But a single life I have and that I gotta live…

Cannot wait all my life for that smile or that twinkle in your eye..
Cannot wait all my life for that touch or that cuddle…
Cannot wait all my life to get love back…
Cannot keep on giving without you responding back..
I am human, as flesh and bones as you are…
And it hurts… hurts to see a dark tomorrow!
You can simply put the blame on me, easily call me names,
Easily shun me out of your life, easily hurt me!
And I still don’t know what to do?
Should I let time heal and carry on or should I just move ahead and never look back!
The answer has never been simple, it never will be!
But a single life I have and that I gotta live…

I wanna be a bird to fly free,
I wanna be a painter, go ahead and paint my world green,
I wanna be a write, write down each word I feel,
I wanna be that little girl who smiles will all glee…
Fly with me if you want to, or please do set me free..
Coz a single life I have and that I gotta live…
No more do I carry my precious heart in my hands,
No more do I have any love to give..
A broken heart it is, A broken heart it will be!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Lost in your thoughts,
Time comes to a stand still..
Sorrows bring tears,
Smiles widen with the happiness!
I changed,
You changed!
All left with me are the memories..
Memories I cherish and hold onto..
Memories I live for,
Thinking maybe some day..
They'd be our present not our past...

Lost in your thoughts,
Time comes to a stand still..
Tears flow for the times we have missed, for the times we fought!
The cold breeze dries away the tears, soothes and promises a better future.
All left with me are the memories..
Memories I cherish and hold onto..
Memories I live for,
Thinking maybe some day..
They'd be our present not just our past...


Friday, November 7, 2014

To "My Man"..

 The curtains swayed, the shining moon casting its shadow on your face.You curl up and cuddle the pillow. I pulled the comforter over you, a ritual I do every night. The warmth makes you feel good. As the curtains and the moon play hide and seek, I stare at your face, something I can get never enough of. You look at peace, innocent like a baby.. Behind this serene and youthful face is the man who takes over the burden of the house EMI, the car loan, work load and above all he handles me - be it in my worse times or my best or when I am just being me or when I am throwing tantrums! As I continue thinking about us, the memory lane doesn't look like a bed of roses, it never has been, the thorns prick badly and I need to stop thinking about the bad, but then how can you appreciate the good if you haven't seen the bad. I repent on the follies I did, at the same time forgive you for what wrongs you have done to me. After all, it is about accepting each other with the differences, as you always say.. And I am doing just that! Ofcourse we have our good times... and I hope we have many more to come. One thing I have learnt about myself and find it similar in both of us is the time we need for ourselves. I need my time to cool down or to just sit back and think over things and so do you! I need my time with my books and toys, as you do with your candy crush and your cell phone. We have learnt to respect each other's private time... and I find it much needed for us.
 You make me proud, you make me happy.. Sometimes you handle me well! Sometimes we don't agree.. But I guess these sometimes make life interesting! Not that I like fighting with you, but believe me I always try not to! But the bubble bursts under pressure. You are bad at gifting and you are making me bad at gifting too! Really :) I must have given you more gifts before marriage than I give you now... I don't what's it with you and gifts, but I love them as I love cards and flowers and no, they are not a waste of money and I read the cards before buying, I don't just check the drawing over it!! My cards are thoughtful and relate to the moment! We have our little secrets, you are a different "you" when you are with me as I am a different "me" when I am with you. I cannot wait to talk to you when you leave for office and when we come back home... Its keeps me moving! Your smile relieves me of the pressures!I am as bad at hiding emotions as good you are at it, but I guess that completes us..
 When I tell you I love you and I say it a million times and say it everyday,I dont say it out of habit.I say it to remind you that you're the best thing that ever happened to me and want to make you feel special! Cheers to the times together and cheers to the times to come, coz I know with you they'd be good and if bad times come, we'll fight them together! Be there for me, I will be there for you too.. I am sorry for the times I hurt you.. I'll try not to... Little did I know that you'd make me complete when we got married.. you are the only one who can tell me that I am wrong and also prove me wrong [even sometimes when I am not wrong!, such is your strength]....
 Too much of sugar can cause diabetes.. so I should stop now :P

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Suggest Suggest....

Hey all you wonderful people out there…
Image Courtesy : The one and only
I need to take a holiday… some much needed rest… The last week on November from the 22nd November till the 30th. Suggest a nice place…!!!
Goa is what is the default location, Jaipur/Udaipur are looking good to me.. any more suggestions from the blogosphere??

Monday, November 3, 2014

The client visit...

    If you are in I.T. or related to someone here, you’d know about clients coming over to India offices. To me it’s always been analogous to coming to office early, fancy lunches [which you’d just hear about maybe coz you are too low in the hierarchy] or going shopping with them to those fancy stores which sell clothes with Indian embroidery or other items which can be tagged “Indian”.
    A member from the client team came over today and is gonna stay over for 2 weeks. We knew he was coming but when/where/how wasn’t know till today morning. Today’s sunshine saw our offshore manager in office at 9am… like 9 am!!! He doesn’t really come to this part of our office, this secluded and confined place. Read about this office here! We knew something was wrong as he gave me a rude stare when I was dunking my oatmeal cookies into my cuppa. And by the time I enjoyed the dunken magic, another senior team member came to the stair case, which we now call our cafeteria and told me to go inside..because THE CLIENT IS COMING…
    Each time people called over to each other over their cubes or called onto each other for their morning dose of coffee/tea and gossip, we were told to be quiet and not take coffee breaks… because THE CLIENT IS COMING…
    Now when the client finally came, the manager escorted him to a conference room and we were introduced to him much later, when we had our head phones on and were in a call with the onsite coordinator! Imagine the disgust when you are talking to someone in a conference call and there are people standing on your desk!! Huh! And we had to pause the call and greet him before he was whisked away by the manager!... THE CLIENT HAS COME…
      As if everything was ok, we got an email with the following contents:
1.       Everybody to come office by 9 – 9:15 AM à no problem
2.       Avoid long coffee breaks and lunch breaks as this creates really bad impression on clients à Really!!!
3.       Avoid any unplanned leaves à Not that you let us take our planned leaves peacefully!!
4.       Avoid mobile calls as much possible and internet surfing during this time à Really!!
What are we like, in a school or something?? Lunch time saw everybody changing glances and laughing on the instructions and stares which we’d received from our manager! Now for a breather, I have this amazingly beautiful anklet which rings beautifully when I walk. It pleases me and isn’t too high to create disturbance.
And now linking my anklet to this “CLIENT HAS COME”… I was walking to the door and given that there is a pin drop silence observed, the anklet trinkling was being heard.. And I got that dreadful stare again!!
Hope I don’t get an email to not it wear it to office!!

Growing up or growing old or just growing bore...

1.       A couple of grey hair smiling gently on the scalp
2.       Hair volume reducing every day
3.       Slight fine lines on the face
4.       Inches and pounds adding up
5.       Need to rest on weekends rather than going out
6.       Preferring online shopping over the huge league of malls
7.       No window shopping
8.       No sense less calls, just talking sense
9.       Getting angry with the maid over ignoring the dirt
10.   Being unhappy with the cook coz he cooked something unexpected over telling him politely
11.   Thinking nonstop of the future rather than living in the present
12.   Adding a new album in my music gallery which reads “Peace” after a lot of albums “Rock”, “Hip Hop”, “Honey Singh”… etc and hearing “Peace” when I do actually hear music…
13.   Forgetting headphones at home and not feeling bad about it
14.   Not having configured the radio after getting a new phone even when its 2 long months
15.   No adrenaline rush on getting/buying a gift
16.   No hurry to download that song which I loved seeing on the T.V.
17.   No worry when someone is wearing the same top as I am
18.   Peace and calm when I see the top I had added to my wish list in “sold out”
19.   Not talking for a couple of hours and still being fine with
20.   No coffee and still not cribbing about it
21.   Not holding on to grudges and calling somebody just because I want to
22.   Not just reading, reading and understanding
23.   Taking that long walk home instead of hurrying
24.   Standing in front of the mirror, feeling disgusted about the dark blue top and changing into something which I think is more sober
25.   Closing the red lip stick and red nail paint in the closet…
26.   Feeling out of place with a bright cover for my cell phone
27.   Changing the font from comic sans to Arial
28.   Smileys and stickers being replaced by text messages
29.   Long text messages replaced by mono syllables
30.   Facebook open all the time to checking it once just for the sake of
31.   Wearing different shades of nail paint on toes and fingers and still being ok with it
32.   Wearing imperfect nail paint…
The list is unending... Do you also feel the same?
Am I growing old already?

Monday, September 22, 2014


I stopped myself from writing this post.. I din't want to crib about my office anymore... But then this is it.. Cannot digest anymore of it...

There is a different wing at our office dedicated to working for Microsoft. People here are worshipped by some stupid people at the other offices and when I was interviewed for a post here , everybody thought I am lucky! I din't wanna come here, not that I am scared or I am not technically strong.. it's just that the culture here did not match my expectations. I had a series of discussions with all people I could to try and avoid this situation.. but as always din't get any help and had to join this office.

Now to describe this office - It's like a 4 storeyed bungalow but just badly designed. There is a single room on each floor and there are wooden dividers which divide it into 6 cubes seating 4 each. As if the office space isn't small enough the cube heights are such that the manager can actually stand with his arms resting on the edges and peep into machines!! huh! Absolutely hating it! And darn! that's not all.. there is a single coffee machine for all the coffee demands for the complete office!! And I haven't had the guts to try the coffee here.. ewwww... There are two teeny tiny washrooms at each floor one each for guys and gals... You actually have to wait for sometime to visit the loo... God! what am I even doing here..  Lunch is served on one of the floors and you actually have to sit in cubes with chairs lined across tables...

I am so so pissed off right now, I cannot even express half of it.. The sinks here resemble the equivalent of the steel sinks we see in the Indian railways, just that here they dispense drinking water.. There is no open space, no gallery forget having a gym or any other way of recreation.. So, if you work for Microsoft you are supposed to be nerds working non stop in an equally depressed environment where nobody talks.. God!!

But that's not what triggered this ranting post here.. We don't have much work yet.. the processes are pretty difficult and involve a lot of set-up before the actual work starts.. and while I have done my best to view the videos and go through the presentations, now I am left with nothing but browse sites.. but I guess that cannot be done either.. The manager every now and then cat toes and stands behind our machines and stares... WTF dude!! Why? I am a girl in my 20's and if I don't have work what do you expect me to do? How many more times should I go through the existing material? I will read the e-paper and will go visit all the sites I want to coz I am not like the others here who are learning the tutorial videos like re-running FRIENDS!! Ok, now to what triggered this post.. I was helping my plants fight zombies on my iPod when the team lead came to my desk and told me not to play.. I told him there's not much work here.. in fact there's none so he said I'd rather do something else.. he told me this would affect my IMPRESSION in front of the manager and went on to clarify that the manager hadn't said anything yet but he feels so.. huh!! So here I am ranting about the absolutely dumb ass place and people, my iPod resting back in my tote...



Wednesday, September 17, 2014


So when you are going on and blabbering and telling me and giving me your advise, I am mentally munching and showing you the middle finger

#MiddleFinger #IrritatingPeople #Don'tNeedYourAdvise #StopTalking #FOff

Gals will be gals!!

One of my friends [Calling her SK on the blogosphere] purchased a beautiful anarkali suit online. We were a bit hesitant while ordering it coz no doubt it was too beautiful and aptly priced but buying it online looked risky, but then we being we , ordered it! When the delivery was received we couldn't help but go awwwwwwwwwwwwww as the beauty of the suit!! It is awesomeee...

Happiness is... ordering an anarkali suit online and it being exactly what you expected!!

So when both of us were going gaga about the suit and SK was feeling like a princess already without even having it stitched, following is the conversation we had.

A lil' more background - I was asking her to get it stitched and wear it soon so I could see her in it and she was suggesting I'd rather wear it coz she was waiting for appropriate occasion to wear it!!

Her [1:35 PM]:
  tu pehen lena

Me [1:35 PM]:

Her [1:35 PM]:
  but mera tujhe ayega nai

Me [1:35 PM]:
  nahi aayega

Her [1:35 PM]:
  tera figure sexy he na mere se ;)

Me [1:36 PM]:
  BULKY is the right word

Her [1:37 PM]:
  its sexy
  ask those who dont hv ;)
  but a problem too

Me [1:37 PM]:
  more of a problem
  khane me namak jyada nahi hona chahiye
  kam ho to theek hai.. daal sakte hain

Her [1:39 PM]:
  kya analogy he
  waah waah

Me [1:39 PM]:
  haina kamaal!!

Her [1:39 PM]:
  ekdum engineering style :P
  samjhi na

Me [1:44 PM]:
  aur kya!
  aisi chat hai ye
  can take a snapshot and put it on my blog :P

Her [1:44 PM]:
  Haha lolzz

Gals will be gals!! Can talk about anything and everything under the universe.. can fix in any analogy anywhere and still go around and laugh about it!!
Celebrating being a gal.. :)
Cheers to all the gals who can chat non-stop, don't let distances matter when it comes to gal-friends, enjoy life and make each other smile no matter how low they'd be!
If you are a gal, pat your back, put on that pout and smile!
We definitely make this world a better place to stay in!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I scream , you scream just for ice-cream!!

No, this post isn't about the new flavor of ice-cream I tasted.. for that instance I don't remember I last time I even tried ice-cream... thanks for the ever multiplying pounds and inches!! But this has something to do with ice-cream, hence the name..

There is a Naturals ice-cream corner on the road back home from office, and no I don't remember ever stopping them to slurp on the tasty devil.. but anyways. For those who don't know or haven't tried, Naturals is an ice-cream brand who boast of natural ice-creams and I absolutely love the Mango ice-cream there, you will too...
So, we'd been returning from office one day and got stuck in traffic right in front of Naturals. The shop is adjoining the gate of a big housing society and often I'd look at the guards at the society gate and imagine how they'd want to eat ice-cream every time they saw someone eating. There was a group of young ladies eating ice-cream and one of the guards was looking at them.. one of the girl got up , went inside the shop and got a cup of ice-cream and gave to the guy. He bowed down and thanked her. This may not sound as great when I am writing here but the expression I saw on his face was worth a mention!! If only life could be about such small pleasures and smiles, it would be a better place to live in!


About lunches!!

We are served lunch at office. The lunch hours last from 12:00 noon to 2:15 PM. Our company offices are located at four different locations in the city and I have worked at each of these locations. 2:15 is the hard stop and even if you are a second late then good bye lunch! Some of the serving staff is rude enough to start packing the food when you are trying to fill your plate.. and believe me it is rude.. very rude.. they may have their timelines, that I do understand but it is still rude!!
I was in a compulsory training with 8 other colleagues which went from 12:30 to 2:30. On usual days, the trainer would leave us by 2:00, giving us enough time to have our lunches! This particular day the training stretched and we were late for lunch. Just to try our luck, we visited the cafeteria to see if you could get anything to eat; though we knew we could still meet rude faces like in the other 3 locations! We entered inside and saw the cafeteria staff having lunch with their head. As soon as we entered, he asked us if we wanted lunch. When we answered in a yes, he was courteous to tell us there was enough lunch for all of us and we could take it from the store room! Now this was a surprise! And as if this wasn't enough one of the other staff members actually guided us to the store and helped us fill our plates! With a smile :) he told us we could take a refill so needn't hurry!

Brought a smile to our faces :)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Need to write!

I have not been lazy.. It's just that I don't know what to write about... I so much should!
I haven't been reading much, not painting or drawing.. life is just going down one level every day..
So, don't really know what to scribble!
But anyways coz I need to start, writing this song I am hearing right now..
Hopefully will take up some challenge so that I come back on track!

Saare sapne kahin kho gaye
Haaye hum kya se kya ho gye!

Dil se tanhayee ka dard jeeta
Kya kahein humpe kya kya na beeta
Tum na aaye magar jo gaye
Haaye hum kya se kya ho gaye!

Tumne humse  kahin thi jo baatein
Unko dohrati hain gum ki raatein
Tumse milne din to gye
Haaye hum kya se kya ho gaye!

Koi shikwa na koi gila hai
Tumse kab humko ye gum mila hai
Haan naseeb apne hi so gye

Haaye hum kya se kya ho gye

Remember this song? Like it?
What's up with you fellow bloggers?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Unfortunately.. me!

I am dumb when it comes to people and relationships.
People actually do bad things to me and then all they need to is to smile or talk nicely to me once and my heart melts.. just for it to be repeated all over again!
This unfortunately is ME! and no matter what I do I just cannot rise above this.
Why do I get hurt at such small things and if I do get hurt why and how in the world do I forgive someone so quickly and easily...? Why oh why?
I end up hurting myself innumerable times I do this!
I gotta learn not to trust anybody but myself..
I gotta learn to stand for myself...

I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's home to me and I walk alone

I walk this empty street
On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Where the city sleeps
And I'm the only one and I walk alone...

Friday, August 22, 2014

Letting go..

Why is it so difficult to let go of things?
Why cannot we forget all the bad, the sorrows , the dark times?
Why do they keep coming back like nightmares?
Why does yesterday haunt today and make tomorrow unbearable?
Why the desire to cry?
Why the need to stay alone?
Why cannot it be all smiles and no tears?
Why is there no "delete the past" button ?
Why does the mind have to refresh what I don't really want to remember?
Why so many why's when all I wanna be is happy?

So many questions, absolutely no answer...
The journey is long and I am tired.. wanna rest..

Friday, April 4, 2014

'D' #A to Z Challenge

Dad... i miss u so much.. i am not strong.. i am a weak gal and i need u to hold me each time i fall... but u r no where near to do that.. why r the distances between us so far that i cannot even talk to you... i am dying to be with u... for u to hold me and tell me everything will be fine... the date still haunts me... our bike... the marks on the road, u,the hospital, the reports, the fir,the death certificate,the court cases, the life insurances... y did u leave us like this dad?? y dad? i need an answer...

This post is a part of the A-Z blogging challenge.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

'C' #A to Z Challenge

'C' is for 'Cindy'

Continuing our tradition of celebrating birthday's at 00:00, I was surprised when Dad did not turn up on my birthday till 11:45pm.. He came late, woke me up and wished me a happy birthday! but I was too sleepy and angry to respond. The next morning he told me to peep under my bed for my gift. To my surprise there was a huge gift pack, almost my size :) It took me an hour to carefully open the beautiful git wrap and to my complete surprise inside lay 'Cindy' , peacefully sleeping. My doll.... my sized doll! She smells awesome, that sweet plastic smell :) She slept with me, changed into my clothes when I wanted to wash hers and even sat on the dinning table for family lunch..
Awww.... I love you Dad and I love you Cindy!!
This post is a part of the A-Z blogging challenge.

'B' #A to Z Challenge

'B' is for 'BIG BANG THEORY'.....

In love with the big bang theory show! Its was a custom for K and me to come home, cook and then eat food while watching this show... And no, it din't end at one show, it went on and on till our eyes drooped... Runs and re-runs of the same episodes.. and now we have almost learnt the dialogs :P and say them along when we see them! And this is not all, the mother too has been dragged in the dinner shows and now even she knows Penny and Sheldon!!

This post is a part of the A-Z blogging challenge.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

'A' #A to Z Challenge

'A' is for 'ANGER'
I am angry.. very very angry...
And I have no way out but to keep mum and carry on...
When I registered for the challenge and thought about the word I'd choose was "AWESOME"... but I am so angry that this just seems apt..
I am angry and I wanna blast out at you, for every wrong you are doing to me.. knowingly or unknowingly you have no idea how much this hurts! [I guess you do know you hurt me , that only makes you exponentially increase the hurt and harm]
No songs are soothing me, no words are making me calm, absolutely nothing is making this anger go.. but I know I don't have a choice.. I know I will have to let go.. I know I cannot tell you anything.. I know you won't hear... All I wanna know is whether you are worth all this pain...
Sad [for me, happy for you] but now my heart no more beats to the beats of love!

This post is a part of the A-Z blogging challenge.

Friday, March 28, 2014

The bill

She unlocked the car and saw the bills on the seat. Thinking he'd forgotten them she bought them to her work desk and asked him if he needed them. He answered in the negative telling her it was past office timings and it wouldn't be possible to pay them then.
When he dropped her home, she asked him if he'd keep the bills. He said she could keep them and he'd take them the next day..
The next day he forgot them, so did she.. In the evening he called and scolded her for not giving him the bill. He blamed her for the fine he'd have to pay, just because she was stupid enough to get the bills from the car. She din't know what to do. She got them up thinking he wouldn't have to go till the parking to get them. She thought he had forgotten them.. but anyways she got blamed... She kept the bills at his disk..
The next day she asked him if he had paid the bill, to which he replied bluntly that he din't. All he wanted to do was to clarify certain details... so all the anger for nothing she thought... she had almost cried over the previous evening..
The next day she asked him about the bill. The reply was straight and simple.. The issue had been clarified and no, it din't have anything to do with the office timings as he was to pay it online. And he was not even going to pay it before his pay day..
She wasn't left with any words..
Neither with any more self respect..
Tears flowed....


Sometimes life just doesn't move the way you expect,
Sometimes the road is full of potholes,
Sometimes there are no roses , just thorns,
Sometimes there is no silver lining to the dark clouds,
Sometimes no matter how much you try whatever you do turns out to be incorrect,
Sometimes no matter how much you work , you won't get any appreciations,
Sometimes the maze you are stuck in will never have a way out,
Sometimes the game you play will always be won by the opponent,
Sometimes you won't have a say in your own life,
Sometimes people will be always be cruel and not care for you,
Sometimes you'll be stuck in between decisions which are both equally important,
Sometimes your life's biggest happiness will not be taken in consideration,
Sometimes you'll be left alone , crying to yourself,
Sometimes you'll find yourself with no way to move ahead on,
Sometimes you'll realize the relationship you think you are in, is a one sided one,
Sometimes you'll have no options in life,
Sometimes life will be so harsh that your tears will dry,
Sometimes you will have nothing else but pity for yourself,
Sometimes all you'll have is broken confidence and lost self respect,
Sometimes you'll paste that plastic smile just to let people think you are happy,
Sometimes the tide will always be strong whenever you wander near,
Sometimes there will be no stars to cheer you up when you glance in the night sky,
Sometimes you'll cry silent tears,
Sometimes there will be no one to wipe your tears,
Sometimes you'll feel you are a liability,
Sometimes all you'll have is sadness and you'll spread it around,
Sometimes the cartoons you draw will end up looking sad no matter how much you try,
Sometimes you won't be able to express yourself and the incomplete blogs would lie in the drafts,
Sometimes missed calls will stay unreturned and messages unanswered,
Sometimes life will be full of unanswerable questions,
Sometimes all you can do is sulk and repent,
Sometimes you'll be scolded for no mistake of your own,
Sometimes you'll be responsible for every wrong,
Sometimes no matter how much you love, all you'll get is hatred...

Hope such sometimes stay for some time and not become a lifetime...
Coz... at such times.. all you can do is QUIT!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Good bye Google reader! Hello Feedly!!

Goodbye Google Reader..
You will be thoroughly missed...
You were the only reason I met so many nice people and continued reading the jewels they wrote...
You are the only reason I could come back to a part of me which I had lost somewhere in the fight of engineering/job... the reader in me lives because of you :)

Hello Feedly!!
Now that I have imported my google reader data here, you have become an integral part of my life :)
I so hope I can update myself and read all the blogs I had missed over :)

Thankyou CM!! Your advice worked..

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I want google reader back..........

I am missing google reader..
Reading blogs was so easier then...
I want it back....

Be your own sunshine!

Heya peepz..
Long back when ever there were things in my mind, I'd either write them down on paper or draw stuff and then forget about them.. Then blogging happened.. Thanks to Noor.. and then I met so many people who'd cheer me up when sad, be a part of my happiness.. I derive strength when I read your blogs, my tears flow when you cry and I become super excited when you are happy..
No more do I feel the pressure of keeping things in my heart as I can put them all down here! It empties my heart and soothes my soul...

Today, I am feeling happy :)
I always tell myself to be my own sunshine.. coz if you can't make yourself happy, nobody and nothing else can!
It's difficult! But then God does give you reasons to smile and people who give you reasons too and then you shine bright!

I was feeling blue but NN [I have written about our awesome cake baking experience over here] instantly cheered me up! There's something about some people that instantly draws you to them.. the magnetic effect..

So today I am in the best of my moods... bright yellow shining like a sun literally!
Am wearing her cute yellow shirt with "Garfield" shouting out loud "Good looks are everything"
We both share our love for garfield...
And I have painted my nails an awesome pink
And I am wearing my fav blue eye liner!!
And here's the icing on the cake.. today morning NN was super cute and straightened my hair and I am loving it!!!
Yeeyyeyeyeyye :)
I absolutely love straight hair but cannot get them.. and that's not all.. they are still straight like 6 hours after she did this magic!! Thanku NN, you made my day!

Am shining!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Stupid Observations!

A very very stupid post ahead... Please avoid and ignore if busy!
  1. "Tune maari entriyan to dil me baji ghantiyaan rey ton ton ton ton"
    Seen this song peepz? I cannot take my eyes off Ranveer, I mean he is dancing with such vigour and such is his body language and style that I just cannot help but ignore Arjun Kapoor. He looks like background... I wouldn't even know that he exists as a hero in the film!
    Stupid observation right!!
  2. On the contrary, am loving Arjun Kapoor in the "2 States" promo.. He is looking so Chetan Bhagatishhhh.. The "PUNJABI puttar" with those geeky glasses and a HOT HOT girfriend :P
  3. Seen the promos for "Mai tera hero".. the song "Tera dhyan kidhar hai, tera hero idhar hai".. Such an awesome pack Varun Dhawan looks.. awesome expressions, dance moves! I mean each time I see the song, I cannot move my eyes off him.. If there is someone after Shahid Kapoor who can do the tapori kinda dance well, it's Varun!!
  4. I like Sonam Kapoor's style! She is a stylista, but I don't know how much is her share in deciding what she wears in the films she acts.. Saw the movie "Aisha" [yawn..] only for the clothes... Now I wanna see "Bevkufiyann" for the same reason and also for the cutie pie Ayushmann and obviously Rishi Kapoor.. but people say it's a bad idea.. Killer heels and pencil skirts!! Drooling over Sonam's clothes already!
  5. Have you seen Arvind Kejriwal on the T.V. during interviews/other appearences? You must have obviously. I have no clue why he is always sneezing/coughing, that too straight at the camera!!
    Bade log, bade log!!
Told ya!! It's a stupid post!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Feeling Blue!

Feeling blue..
Feeling blue..
Feeling blue....
My heart says, can't be, can't be true..
Oh me!
can't be true..
My heart says, can't be, can't be true..

Jaane kya chahe mann bawaraa...
Jaane kya chahe mann bawaraa...
Akhiyan mere savan chala..
Akhiyan mere savan chala...

Song of my soul!

Yaar mangiyasi rabba maine roke
kedi main khudaai mang layi..
kedi main khudaai mang layi

Mar jaan de mar jaan de
Mar jaan de kisi da maino hoke
kedi main khudaai mang layi..
kedi main khudaai mang layi

Kiniya duavan manga koi vi na mani jaaye
Kiniya duavan manga koi vi na mani jaaye
Kaanu roz roz de ve sanu dhoke
kedi main khudaai mang layi..

Pyaar mera kar rabba mere hawale
Yaar bina dil mera kaun sambhale..
Cheez apni hi maangi maine tujhse
Kedi main parayi mang layi..

Mera yeh naseeba hai meri nahi sunta
Sapno ke jaal to yeh roz roz bunta
Kabhie sun le tu meri bhi duhai
Kedi main parayi mang layi..

Mar jaan de mar jaan de
Mar jaan de kisi da maino hoke
kedi main khudaai mang layi..
kedi main khudaai mang layi

The atrocities of love!

A four letter word, which can change your life forever - for good or for bad!
I am stupid when it comes to love.
Someone loves you, you love them back, then they stop loving you but how do you do the same?
If a two lane traffic suddenly becomes one lane without you knowing it and you are on the other side of the road and so so bad at traffic sense, how'd you handle it?
Tears follow more tears and then some more till they dry, but next time they start again.
It's better not to love at all than to love and lose, and that too when the loss is the person being with you all the time but still not there to support you!
Life is a difficult games and for a non-player it can really throw challenges.. so what do you do - become a player or just let go!
In both the cases, it burdens your own soul... lost self-confidence, lack of self-respect, anxiety, depression...
It's like walking in a blind alley, can't enjoy the journey, don't know the destination..
Fear grips, words cease to come out, lips are better sealed.. but till when can you live like this..
Go with the flow, adjust with the high and low tides or break away and fly to an unknown destination.. not that the current destination is a known one...
Break or make...
Continue or disrupt..
Be or not to be...
Do or not to do..

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Updates Updates!!

A lot has been happening in life..
A mixture of good and bad.. Each time I see a dark cloud, I try and find out the silver lining around it. Let's see how long this approach works..
  • The other day I forgot to wash my coffee mug @ office desk, so just filled it with water and left for the day.The next day found the mug shining clean in the pantry :) Somebody was thoughtful enough to wash it for me!! Now that's what we call "GOOD HOUSEKEEPING"

  • I saw a horrid accident just seconds after the impact.. :| Am praying that everybody is fine. The bikes were badly shattered.. Fortunately, as it happened right in front of the office gate, the security guards played good Samaritans and took care of the situation - right from the people to police to ambulance to the bikes! Kudos guys!

  • Work and environment in office has hit an all time low. Don't know what I am working on and what for! New people are being recruited in the team with absolutely no existing work.. There have been no promotions , no appreciations , no onsite for the AAM-AADMI.. But for the manager-ko-butter-lagao population , life's good and I don't fall in this category.. :S Disgusting..

  • Need to start reading,writing,painting,drawing... HUH!! I have become such a bore.. all work and no play has made me a dull girl..

  • I have become over sensitive from the last few days [Blame PMS!!] and have been crying for no reasons at all.. and for reasons I have been crying a lot.. My eyes are paining and I try and stare at the screen to write this post..

  • Joined the office gym.. been a week.. let's see how long I carry on.. I hope I do.. the adding kilos and extending inches have already made me super conscious and hurt my self respect...

  • Don't know what's with acne and me.. I din't get them as a teenager and now they are sprouting like mushrooms on my face, arms,back... I am hating it already :| Life sucks with acne.. Have finally switched to using Neem face wash.. hope it works..

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Time pass..

And this is what happens when you need to complete the required number of hours @ office and you have absolutely no work [read *rest period* aftermath of a passing storm and eerie silence before another]

Bullet Point Post

  • Construct a BRT for a route which has like a total of ten buses to and fro.
    1. Close the BRT for obvious reasons!!
    2. Start constructing road divisions around it and let the boulders stay to harm the passengers
    3. Use the closed BRT for as a skating ground for your kids or rather for jogging in the morning
    4. Dump garbage here!! Who cares!
    5. Sleep on the BRT rather than the footpath (No risks of Salman Khan driving over you! :P)
    6. Use the BRT to park your cars.. viola!! Free parking
  • Why does the interview I don't go to end up being like the *easiest*... angry :{
  • Why do people die, especially the ones you know or related to people you know!
  • Why doesn't my eggless cake rise though it still tastes yummm!!
  • Why do I say things which I know I shouldn't?
  • Why does the smudge less kohl smudge on the eye lids but not come out even while washing with face wash!
  • Why does lunch @ office suck real bad, when I am not carrying home made lunch?
  • Why oh why does the nail paint remover end when I have really shabby looking nail paint?
  • Why are all the awesome cake bake, cake wreck etc food related sites blocked in office?
  • Why do people fall in love and then forget what love is!
  • Why does Arnav Goswami shout so much!!
  • What is it with all the AAP drama?
  • What is it with NaMo and tea parties?
  • Why do buzzfeed and boredpanda post the same content as a new post? I am reading guys!! I know this is repeated content..
P.S. - Image courtesy -- GOOGLE

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

And the saga of not getting promoted continues...

You hog like a hog..
Work on technologies absolutely new...
Trod on untrodden paths..
See dreams your managers show you..

Promotion Time..
You are shown a graph
Told statistics
And then happily denied a promotion..

People come after and get promoted..
People join with you,be on bench/long holidays and still get promoted..
You are a year behind when you actually did deserve a promotion..

I am sad..
This is so not done...
I have worked a lot..
I have appreciations to my credit, but no promotion..
A year late than my batch mates... it feels bad and low :(
I have worked a lot.. I guess that is my mistake..
I shouldn't really have..
Now if I leave this team, the next manager wouldn't know my skills and hence I won't get promoted...
If I don't leave this team, I still don't know what reason I'll get next...

Moments to cherish!

 When Veer was really little and wanted to nap he would climb in my lap and hold onto my neck. In a sitting position and holding me tight, h...