Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Crap post!

 Yes, this blog is dying and the blogger has no idea what to do to keep it alive. So a stupid post ahead.. Do not read if you are looking forward to read something nice.
1. Utterly bored, sitting in office..  the internet is rather slow - yes it is, slower that my internet connection at home, and yes I work in an IT company and yes it is a reputed one!! Duh!!
I type in a line and then hit enter and then wait for the letters to appear so total Duh-duh!!
2. Everybody around me is suddenly getting pregnant. Not that it is bothering me, but yet talking about pukes and deciding baby names with everyone I talk is not a great conversation idea, is it?
3. I ordered a Turquoise kohl and I am loving it! Finding reasons to wear white, blue or black so that it looks cool. Went to the hubby and asked if he saw anything different. Put on my devil horns when he said no and then made fun of him for not noticing his wife for an entire day.. Hahahah
4. Stopped reading.. and writing... and painting! God!! Why am I doing this to myself?
5. Does anyone here know about PCOS, follicle monitoring... if you do help me figure out what all this is?
6. Is there a particular age when one should have a baby? I mean, what if I cannot still accept that I am grown up enough to have a baby of my own. Plus the hubby doesn't wake up at night even if I honk a horn in his ear, what are the chances then that he will if and when we have a baby!!
7. Does green tea really help lose weight? I have been having 2 cups everyday for 3 months, not even an inch or pound lost!!
8. The cook has gone mad... insane... dumb! He was on a two month leave and lost almost all his jobs except ours. Now he has new jobs and prefers to avoid our place. A usual conversation between the hubby and cook goes like this if at all the cook picks up his cell phone -
Hubby - It's 10 pm, when are you going to come?
Cook - I don't know
Hubby - Are you going to come?
Cook - Yes, what work do you want me to do?
Hubby - The usual- cook for supper and clean the utensils
Cook - Has bhabhi[Me!!] cooked the curry and vegetables?
Hubby - Yes she has, how much more will we wait , it's 10 pm already. Come soon.
Cook - Ok, I will come by 11:45pm. But I will only wash the utensils!!

So, now the cook is ordering me to cook!! And it doesn't stop here, when he comes he tells me to help him... Can you please arrange the utensils, can you please add spices to the curry, can you cut the salad... hahah
9. I so much want to write posts, tweet and the likes... but absolutely no ideas and no pop-ups... duh again!
10. I have been dreaming lately- weird dreams!! Dreams where I get hurt :(
11. Not been to any good food joints lately.. boring working week days and even busy -wash-clothes-cook-food-clean-house weekends!
Gimme a break!!

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