Monday, December 17, 2012

Lost in trance...

Bold and bright
And everything right,
Sugar and spice
And everything nice...
That is what I am,
That is what I outta be…
No hurt, no pain,
It’s like a dash of rain,
Pouring now,
And stopped again….
You cannot hurt me
You can bring me no pain,
Coz I’ll stand against it
And your try is in vain!!
I do not say I am too strong,
I would not say my tears don’t fall
But all I know is,
I will get up every time I fall!
If I give you a chance to enter my life,
To see me beyond the mask,
To love and be loved…
Don’t take the privilege to hurt me at off-limits..
Yes I have them and I’d stand by them!!
Coz as you know, and if you don’t lemme tell you..
I have the power,
              To make everything right,
                             Bold and bright..
             To make everything nice,
                             Sugar and spice…
And then I let my hair down,
Swooned by the music,
Lost in trance…
Nothing can stop me now :)


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