Monday, March 4, 2013

Updates.. updates

Whoooo........... its been a whirl wind... had so much on my plate.. mixed platter rather! So, here are the updates :-

I was down with fever... huh!! fever when it is already so hot outside :( Fever, head ache, stomach ache, upset tummy, nausea, vomiting... in short all-in-one... band baji hui hai :( I have really not been working since the last week in office... The medicines almost doubled my troubles, though the tummy is much better I have been sleeping for like 5 hours each time I take my medicines.. And all I have been eating for three days is dal khichdi... I am a fan of dal khichdi, provided I am not ill.. huh!! Much better now :)

So when the fever subsided and the medicine dose was over, we went shoppingg.... WHooooooooooo... and I came home with so many shopping bags, two nice tops, two punjabi suits, a nicey pair of red chappals... Don't remember the last time I shopped for so much in a go.... All thanks to SS,AS and DM :)

After the shopping spree, we had an awesome three course meal!! It was the most awesome meal especially after the dal khichdi days.. We went to "The Mirage". AS had this awesome coupon, which gave us a flat 60% off on the food!! Awesome food at 60% off plus four food lovers with empty tummys is a deadly combination, I tell you. The soup was awesome - we had tomato soup and manchow :) The paneer sholay we had for starters was tasty and so was the chicken starter I guess!! The guys were licking their fingers! In main course, we ordered the all famous dal makhni and oh boy!! It was so yummmmm... And then we had chocolate brownies... two of them..... wowie!!! Food.... :)

My money plant finally bore a new baby leaf... It is teeny weeny and so cute :) I had almost lost all hope that it would ever ever bear any new leaves.. NS of momofrs fame (yes!! the awesome mommy of twins is my colleague and we have shared cube space, all thanks to her I started writing :)) bought three money plants to office and I gleefully took one of them from her... yeeee NS.... our money plants blossomed... lets hope our salaries do too ;)

I painted...
A tiger, which is looking like a cat, big deal!! It still resembles the feline family
A peaceful swan which K rudely said was my worst painting till date... huh!!

I bought books...
So many of them in a go.... Oath of Vayuputras, French Lover, The Krishna Key, The Secret Wish List..
"The Wimpy kid's diary" set of six is on its way inmy kitty.... and "The Krishna Corolis" is next in line... I am loving it.... :)

Ma, K and I escaped to "Kihim" beach for a silent and peaceful weekend. Bliss!! Pre-booked the bus, though the journey was too tiring, it was all worth it. The ride was bumpy and it was very hot.. But once we reached the beach... what fun, I tell you!! We ordered veg and non veg thalis, one each. The food was very very tasty... I ended up eating so much.... Went to the beach in late afternoon, the low tide kept the waves really small, but it was fun... we had a buggy ride and instead of a two-way we told him to drop us far away ... walked back on the beach... had awesome omlette and maggi on the beach and spent most of the night chatting and singing under the stars ... Next morning brought a hide tide, got soaked in the cold water.. Wowie... it was so much of fun... Perfect weekend :)

Bridget Jone's Diary, Devil wears Prada,Eat Pray Love, Inkaar, Kai po che,Murder 3, Jism 2,Table no 21, Khiladi 786, Son of Sardar... all thanks to the broad band connection and my genius brother who loves downloading movies :)
So what's up with you guys ?????


  1. Am jealous, Jealous, JEALOUS!!!
    Lucky you!!
    I Jealous with a big 'J' !!
    :D :D :D
    btw, am glad you had some well-deserved fun time....
    and haan, my plants sprouted leaves I'm happy to be a mumma once again :P

    1. Hehehe....
      Literally lucky me...
      Yeee... to our plants sprouting leaves :)
      Thanku for stopping momofrs.. you dont know how much that means to me...
      You are the reason I could ever start writing :)
      Thank you so much


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