Monday, March 11, 2013


So, my project finally ended... After a slow torture of a year and 8 months... phew....
So, today I am sitting in office, with my favourite songs playing out loud and I have absolutely nothing else to do.... yeeeeeeeeeee
Last week kept me very busy with closure activities and as my darling Murphy quoted, everything just went wrong.... The deployed code did not work on the client's machine, no matter what I did!! Additionally , I was told to join another project (which has even longer working hours!! They work on weekends too) It was a medley and for once I stood strong and said a perfect "NO" to join that project. I hope I dont relent.. So, when my peers were after me to join this project and had contradictions to all the reasons I gave them, today they din't even bother to talk to me... hehhe!! I dont know how to digest this, but can't people be courteous enough to tell the decisions they take... or atleast be professional.. anyways..
"The Oath of Vayuputras" is an interesting read, I am still mid way but don't know why it doesn't seem as interesting as the previous books of the triology... Now with a lot of time in my kitty (till I get another project), I'll finish this one quickly and move on to the others..

How are you doing people??

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