Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On surprises

Chipmunk wrote a post about surprises..

I love surprises,.... provided they are good and nice...
I love giving them and believe me giving gives me so much pleasure... I feel like I have done a feat to enter my name in history.. oki this is an exaggeration.. but I so feel so

I love when I gift something to people.. but feel horrible when there's nothing to show the happiness on their faces.. I mean.. so what if its a small gift, or maybe its something you dint really think you need... but isnt my thoughtfulness a reason for you to flash your smile .. You know it counts for me...

But then... people will be people and it aint important that everybody feels the way I do... Its all about acceptance anyways isnt it??


  1. ahhha there comes a soul just like me!!!! :) :) :) its true you know, we make surprise to make them happy smile and more of all it completes us, we take a special time to go and get things in our schedule having in mind their likes and dislikes which requires a smile to make a happy end and that smiles hide the amount of search to get that perfect gift for them :) :) :) hope every one must knows :) I will scream in joy! if some one gift me, no harm even if it s not a proper situation to exhibit!!! but happiness means a lot to me:)


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