Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bullet Point Post

  • Construct a BRT for a route which has like a total of ten buses to and fro.
    1. Close the BRT for obvious reasons!!
    2. Start constructing road divisions around it and let the boulders stay to harm the passengers
    3. Use the closed BRT for as a skating ground for your kids or rather for jogging in the morning
    4. Dump garbage here!! Who cares!
    5. Sleep on the BRT rather than the footpath (No risks of Salman Khan driving over you! :P)
    6. Use the BRT to park your cars.. viola!! Free parking
  • Why does the interview I don't go to end up being like the *easiest*... angry :{
  • Why do people die, especially the ones you know or related to people you know!
  • Why doesn't my eggless cake rise though it still tastes yummm!!
  • Why do I say things which I know I shouldn't?
  • Why does the smudge less kohl smudge on the eye lids but not come out even while washing with face wash!
  • Why does lunch @ office suck real bad, when I am not carrying home made lunch?
  • Why oh why does the nail paint remover end when I have really shabby looking nail paint?
  • Why are all the awesome cake bake, cake wreck etc food related sites blocked in office?
  • Why do people fall in love and then forget what love is!
  • Why does Arnav Goswami shout so much!!
  • What is it with all the AAP drama?
  • What is it with NaMo and tea parties?
  • Why do buzzfeed and boredpanda post the same content as a new post? I am reading guys!! I know this is repeated content..
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