Friday, October 11, 2013

Let me fly

Free my wings
let me fly
dont stop me
I wanna fly
The burdens too much
The path has too many thorns
I have given up
I dont wanna try
I cannot match the expectations
neither your nor mine
I have given up
Its not worth a try
Sometimes, its better to go home before dark
Sometimes, its better to close my eyes than see the dark
Sometime, atleast this one time let it about me
Atleast let me fly..
Dont cage, dont burden me...
I cannot take it anymore, let me fly
The darkness frightens me today more than ever
The distances widen, never to reduce
So, let the darkness rule my word,
Let the distances increase...
I have given up
I dont wanna try..
No matter which path I choose, it leads to doom..
No matter what I wanna do, it leads to doom...
I know each word I have spoken was bad..
I know each deed I have done is a sin..
But that's not what I intended for,
But that's not what I wanted to do...
But now that it has happened...
free my wings... let me fly
Dont stop me .... I wanna fly

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