Friday, December 27, 2013

Blah blah blah!!

Warning - Meaningless blogpost, read at your own risk !!

There's so much to write, to freeze in words so that I don't forget such beautiful moments in my life, but it's just not happening.. huh!! Lazy me! Busy schedule @ office... :(

Life has been too fast.. changing and wanting me to keep pace. Can't complain! They say , this is life. Though, I'd love to know who exactly belongs to this "They" category ;)
Din't know when my holidays ended and I had to resume office.. feel like going on a long break yet again.. this one wasn't really enough, though it was a whole lot of fun! Not always are you the center of attraction , so when I was this time, took all the liberty to feel special!

News has been disturbing, a year since Nirbhaya succumbed, but the devil inside just doesn't succumb to the bad. Oh! for God's sake people, live and let live. Fear grips whenever a girl is alone..Sad! This one very recent incident shook me to the core, mostly because I was at the receiving end. I travel back home post office via the public transport bus. One evening I left office around quarter to nine, fortunately got a bus without much wait. The conductor was over friendly, talking to every passenger in the bus. After a couple of bus stops I realized that the bus was almost empty. After some more, it was a teenage girl, the driver, the conductor and me in the bus. As we passed some of the shady spots, we saw a group of men in brown uniform, I still don't know who they were - auto drivers/bus drivers/bus conductors.. They fancied the conductor's eye. The bus stalled and he started making small talk with them. After sometime, he got down from the bus and started talking to them.. It was a 5 minute wait but seemed like ages.. The cold November wind brought me no cheer , all I could feel was my heart beat rising.Not spending anymore time, I got up, the girl followed, we held hands and marched down and away from the bus, before we knew, we were almost running like zombies on the road ! Phew! Writing this brings goose bumps ... When will we have a safe haven to live our lives in...

Politics, AAP, Congress , BJP rule the T.V., Arnav Goswami shouting his heart out rules the T.V.,still better than the saas-bahu serials which portray ladies in a manner, I'd never want to see myself in... so no point watching them.

I have not been drawing or painting, time is running so fast leaving me too busy and tired.. Started reading "The Selfish Gene"... after like more than two fortnights and believe me it feels good :) Started blogging.. reading and writing makes me happy,feels great to have something to look forward to..

Office has been hectic add to it the politics and credit snatching and you have a place perfect where every morning feels like a blue Monday morning. No promotion as I was on leave during the promotion times, dude what about the entire last year which I worked! Working on a technology I have very less knowledge and even lesser interest in.. Anything but blue!
But thankfully, today is a Friday! woooooo.... calls for being happy.. Cheers!!
FRIDAY FRIDAY... ye ye ye ye ye ye..

How have you been peepz?

Happy Friday!!

Lots of love

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