Sunday, March 3, 2019


Cannot believe been more than a year already I haven't blogged...
The last year has been eventful...
On the 31st of January, we welcome the apple of our eyes - my little man, Veer :)
As afraid as I was when I came to know about my pregnancy, cannot describe in words today the magical feeling I get when I hold him...
But the going has been tough - I was vomiting throughout my pregnancy (deserves an individual blog post), had to stop going to office for health reasons, had a normal delivery (touchwood!) but had certain complications later on... Will write about things as and when I get time, but this blog post is for this little baby whom I am going to love forever and forever, for my darling Veer!

Baby you are loved. I am learning something new everyday. When I was in school, roughly in the 9th standard, I guess, there was a story about a cherry tree. This is how the gist goes -
    'A young boy on his grandfather's insistence planted a cherry seed. Anxiously, he'd water the seed and wait for the tree to grow. When the sapling finally grew and blossomed into a tree and bore a cherry, the boy asked his grandfather - "Is this what it feels to be like God"... Such is the joy of creation!'
The line - "Is this what it feels to be like God" - left an impact on me... And my baby, when I held you for the first time, all I could was to remember this line. The pain vanished, all I could see was you and the beauty you are. Perfecto!

I am growing with you everyday, the first burp, the first yawn, the first smile. I was so afraid of changing your clothes and your diapers, I still am but I hope I am getting better. The round neck clothes and the cute onesies you look perfect in baby, make me skip a beat when I have to dress or undress you. You are so fragile, so tiny but oh so loved! I also cannot forget the first time you cried due to colic. The shrill sound and your pain moved me to tears, so I know this is gonna be tough.

I do not need coffee to wake up nights with you, you have all the caffeine my body needs...
As I type this post, I see you move and I know it is time to end this post. I will write more, I want to pen down all these memories of you forever..
Happy Sunday guys!

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