Friday, October 12, 2012

What am I upto..

So I have been reading and reading and reading and doing nothing else. The fever and the weakness doesn’t let me do anything else. Poor K has to sweep the floor, get food for us (he tried cooking for a day or two and then he knew it wasn’t his cup of coffee),wash the utensils and then again pay attention to me (I know how reluctant I am when it comes to eating medicines) So I read a lot of blogs and felt totally insane.. I should stop writing, I guess. After reading other people write, I feel like all I write is crap. But none the less, here I am today coz what else am I supposed to do after working 8 hours, facebook being blocked in office and have to wait for K to pick me up.. Well yes I can read.. but then when am I supposed to rant :P

So yes, I read the all so famous “Fifty shades of grey”, followed by “Fifty shades darker” and am gonna start the “Fifty shades freed” soon… No mischievous smiles please, but I really couldn’t swallow the book- its actually grey and dark, though I like the budding relationship between Ana and Christian and I absolutely love the way the story goes, but all the sex stuff… Its too kinky , I mean I couldn’t take it.. But now that they are happily married, I am happy too.. Hope it has a happy ending  And yes, Christian Grey- his description is heart –winning. Almost Greek God like  Though nothing else from the rest of the book and I mean absolutely nothing else, I’d love to have Ana’s wardrobe and ride the “Tango Charlie” (Grey’s personal chopper) and go sailing on “Grace” (Grey’s personal yatch) and have my man propose me the way Grey did in a room filled with flowers and an Opal ring *wink*wink*

“The Slayer of Kamsa” is an excellent write. We all know about Kamsa as Krishna’s cruel uncle, but how he rose to power is something I was unaware about… And this is absolutely lovely book to read about that. Thought the starting pages made me put it down real soon, but once I digged in further, it was awesome. I loved it. Am waiting to read the second part..

“Eat, Pray , Love” was good to read, though I strained my eyes due to the tiny font, but anyways it was worth it. The description of Italy has left me yearning to go there. Given the food lover I am, I cannot resist the pizza, gelato and the other yummy food items mentioned it the book. For someone who meditates to come out of the usual life problems, one can actually relate to the Indian life of prayer depicted. I’d really like to know where exactly is the Ashram mentioned. And falling in love, how beautifully put down on paper by the author… Waiting to watch the movie now(yes, I have been DUMB enough not to see it yet)

“Cocktail” is a collection of usual life, love stories. On longing, loving, lusting, they are the kinds you can actually relate to real life. Simple English, nice big font, ease of reading 

“Coma” by Robert Cook is a novel about the mysterious coma cases and the organ trade there off and how a budding intern tries solving it. Being a girl, the way she wants to make her mark in a male dominated profession and the things going on in her mind are beautifully put down. Though after some time , it seemed like a normal Hindi film plot, but none the less a nice read 

Preeti Shenoy’s “Tea for two and a piece of cake” is a must read, not only for the story(which seems so real that I almost thought I was there..) but also for the way it has been written. How a Greek God and a rich one mind you falls in love with a plain Jane and then get married and how the monotonous life and difference in opinions later make her break the cage and fly, face challenges and yet boldly face every storm. Hands off to the hands that rock the cradle, surely they rule the world!!

That's all from me now guys.. Have a great time :) Happy weekending!!


  1. Oh my goodness. You did read! I am so bad when come to reading. I haven't (literally) read any romance/fiction books. I need to start somewhere ...--Oh ... I read teenagers' novel :-)

    But, I do love non-fiction books or Wall Street Journals/NYC Times a like.

    Keep writing and I will visit here and there. Take care,
    Journey of Life

    1. Hey JOL,
      I love reading....
      Thanks for visiting :)
      Take care,

  2. I know I know, my wife bought all three (you know they come in that pack of 3 at Crossword) and now she is asking me "why did I buy these books?"
    So she went through it because she bought them......

  3. Hey Haddock,
    You know what I finally started reading the third part I had refrained myself from.. But then again, Why did I buy them ???
    *eyes rolling*


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