Thursday, December 20, 2012

Is being a girl my mistake??

You are happy to hear her tiny giggles,
Pinks suddenly seem apt,
She is the apple of your eye,the doll, the princess,
Her birth brings you joy,
You wanna give her every happiness possible for you and sometimes make even the impossible possible,
Dad's princess, Mum's sweetheart, Brother's loving sister, she is there.. like a happy rainbow smiling in your house :)
You want her to study hard, get the best of everything,
You even digest the bitter syrup of sending her away to far away town to study,
She brings colors to your life...
Your daughter !!

She is generous to share the icecream she saved in the freezer,
You know its a couple of cute words and she'd always keep your secret secret,
She'll stand by you no matter what... your friend when you are lonely,
And still there like a star shining in the dark, when you are surrounded by your friends,
You know you'll always have her, no matter what, she'll always be yours..
Your sister !!

She is there to hear your rants, to digest your anger,to share your happiness, to cook your favorite dishes, to give you a fresh towel when you shout from the bath, to remind you all the birthday's and anniversary's which you cannot remember, to share with you all you sorrows, to let you experience the power of creation..
Your lover, your wife !!

She is the hand that rocked your cradle.
Right from keeping you safe in her womb till the time she breathes her last, she'd be there for you, no matter what..
Your mother!!

And so many other roles - she might be your friend, your neighbor, a teacher you adore, a colleague you like or just the gal whom you happen to cross on the road ...

She is not safe today...
This world has become so unsafe...
I am so very sad and disturbed... How could this have possibly happened.. I mean rape a 23 year old girl, for God's sake people.. Where was your conscience ? What exactly was in your mind when you did what you did... No fear of God at all ?? Why... The emotional and physical turbulence...this is heart shattering...
I mean, I travel alone to and fro office, sometimes I do get late, sometimes I do not get a rickshaw and end up walking to the bus stop, I have friends who go later than me, who do once in a while get into private buses/taxis to reach home,most of the times we are alone or with a couple of more friends, but what in Christ's sake would we do if faced by so many people who have nothing but evil minds? 
Staying inside can be dangerous, you never know who is thinking evil about you, going out is dangerous , you never when you can become a victim..... then what should a girl do?

Confused and trapped,
I cannot move myself,
Who are you to apply a T&C apply to my life..
Just because I am a girl?
My life is colorful, or that's at least how I imagine it to be...
And you come and put me into bars..
You tell me to dress from head to toe, but do you not target women who are dressed appropriately(according to you),
You restrict my movement at night, but does your lust not hurt women in broad day light too...
You think just because I am a girl you  have a right to abuse, hurt, treat my body as an object you can do anything with?
Why don't you fear the Lord?
Why doesn't any fear grip you thinking about your mother/daughter/wife or sister ?
Why don't your hands stand up for my security rather than hurting me?
Think before you act man...


  1. I had all these thoughts too when I heard about the heart-breaking rape account. Really sad for that poor girl, angry that our country-men are stooping so low. I fervently hope they atleast get the most severe punishment.

    1. Hi Tan..
      Its so so sad...
      I mean, as a single girl , its so unsafe..
      I feel so sorry...
      They should get punished and tortured..
      Next them no guy should even think bad of a girl..

  2. M missing your posts... do come back soon... with more of your posts...


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