Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Day 13 - Happiness is

Happiness is...  being mad together!!

We have supper really late, around 10pm, which is early by Punjabi standards but late given I want to take up a healthy lifestyle. So, we have been taking this EFFORT to stay healthy and dine at least 2 hours before going to bed...  But what do you do when, you cook a healthy meal with spinach, cottage cheese and fenugreek leaves, eat it at 8pm and the boy is hungry again at 10pm? You have a small portion of vanilla ice-cream (yeah!! what healthy!) with chocolate chips... and then the boy is hungry again and craving for pizza!! He disturbed the artist in me (who was lost in the world of water colors) to ask which pizza to order!! It was post 11 and we knew it would be difficult, besides I wasn't hungry for a cheese burst pizza... but we ended up baking a pizza... from scratch, yes count the pizza base too! So, the dough was folded, the veggies cut, the cheese grated and 5 mini pizzas made - which were supposed to take 15 minutes at 180 degrees but ended up taking 25 minutes!!
Talk about madness!! The pizza base turned out to be soft in between but had a perfect top and bottom crust... I have no photos clicked coz it vanished in no time!!
Pizza Love!!

Talk about being mad together!!

Leaving you with the watercolor magic I tried for the first time!!
Christmas Cards!!

Snowman - watercolor on card stock!

Ornament and Christmas Doodles!! - Watercolor on card stock!

Insides of the card - Water color on card stock!


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