Sunday, July 29, 2012

A letter

Hi A,
          How have you been? Life has really been miserable without you. I had never imagined myself without you, so I feel real strange when I put on that fake smile and show the world how magnificent my life is. No, its not that I am entirely sad, there are times and there are people who make me happy. I have "moved on" as they say, but I don't really understand where I am heading. Life was challenging, you know. It was only you who knew. You've seen me growing into a young lady from that brat into that understanding young lady. Your wings covered me from the rest of the world. I was so safe under your warm cover that the cold winds, though made me shiver but your love soon wrapped me in soft fleece blankets. You don't know how difficult it is for me to not reply to your calls and messages. You don't know how many tears I shed when I think of "US". It was never you and me, it was always "US"...
          I don't know why our paths separated, but I guess its for our own good. Your once warm cover has now thorns stuck into them and you are the one who pierced them. I bled tears and blood, but you were no where to see or understand them. I realize I was so dependent on you, but baby you did see me grow. So, you'd know that I can very well stand on my feet again, more  stone-hearted from memoirs of past but yes I am standing once again. I manage to smile once again, yes the tears seem out of control sometimes, but that's fine I guess.I know you repent on your mistakes now and that's good coz then you'll keep your partner to be real happy. But I don't want to be that partner. Not that I don't love you, I so much do. But the night mares I have been through don't let me look back. And if at times , I do look back, all I see is tears and the hatred glowing in your blood-red eyes.
          I don't know if I'd ever trust anyone else the way I trusted you... I loved you, I still do but...

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