Monday, July 9, 2012

Of bed bug and bites and bitten backs

                 So when she was told to forget her dreams and carve a new future that seemed oh so bright to her parents, she didn’t know what life had to show her. This is just one of those incidences when she would shed tears all alone and never tell anyone about it and later maybe share it over with a friend or a loved one over coffee and then think how boldly she had faced problems – all big and small.
                She never wanted to go away from her parents, her house and her child hood dreams. Her parents, like every other parent wanted her to be an engineer or doctor, and then once she is educated, they said, she could have a life of her own. So quite against her will, she moved on to a new life. She got this small room, a wardrobe she shared with her cousin, a small bed and a study table. She was happy and content as she saw the twinkle in her father’s eye as he left her to begin a new life. The first night at a home away from home brought her a medley of emotions – sad leaving her parents behind, happy to start a new life in a dream city, surprised, anxious and afraid!
               As she struggled to catch some sleep, she felt something bite her right shoulder. The pain advanced towards her back. When she finally got up making an effort to maintain the pin drop silence and turned on the lights, she could not bear the pain. She removed the bed sheets to see a thousand bed bugs on the mattress. She knew she could not wake up anyone else. As she stood in front of the mirror and saw her bitten back, her tears started flowing, more ferociously than the rain outside. Welcome to a new life!!

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