Thursday, August 23, 2012


So, finally am writing.. It feels like I am doing a favor to myself!!
Viral fever and the irritating weakness post fever.... Mr. God has not been favoring me much I guess..
I am feeling like some piece of junk, rusted junk.. I am doing nothing except cooking,eating,sleeping,to and fro from office and thats it.... absolutely nothing to make me feel happy and cheerful.... The portrait workshop I attended did help me sketch nose, ears , lips and eyes.. but individually , the combined effect does nothing to look like a human face or for that instance not even like an animal to my understanding. So, I guess I am giving up drawing human faces... 
Read "Tea for two and a piece of cake" at tortoise speed, but was worth the read, loved it... so real.. How can people write so practically, you can almost feel you are a part of it... Sudha Murthy's "The day I stopped drinking milk" was just fine to awaken the writer in me, but the fever was just the correct antidote. Going by the name, I guess if Miss Mommy must have been through a similar experience, I wouldn't have to be bothered to drink milk (I absolutely hate cold milk, warm milk is fine but not without coffee or Bournvita and no I am not a Complan girl)
Work at office just doesn't seem to get better or lesser. Its just the same minus my non-appreciating manager,who-would-turn-his-chair-every-ten-minutes-to-peep-into-my-screen and who-would-look-at-me-as-if-I-killed-a-cat (or lets say some really really extinct animal on planet Earth and he is the one solely responsible to protect that breed) So, finally I do feel happy entering my cube. The atmosphere is no more tensed and I can actually open google reader to read blogs without having to explain that just the UI resembles gmail, its not gmail for true.. I still did not get a promotion, but I guess its time to be happy with what I have :)
I haven drawn or painted or sketched for ages now, so when I finally tried my hands today, couldn't really draw anything.... (*sigh*) This is all I could manage...

Have a happy Thursday people!! Weekend is just round the corner

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