Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Ok, so before I write this post which I have been waiting to write for a long long time, let me make it clear that I am not a misandrist, neither am I a lesbian. I have this fairly nice group of guy friends and I love my father and brother and cousins and the other male members of my family. This post is just because I am furious and sad and feel unsafe most of the times when I am alone, away from my house or not under the protective cover of the men in my life. I am a modern 21st century average looking girl, career oriented, style conscious, working, educated etc etc.. but one thing I am not is fearless.. yes I fear going out on the road post 9:00pm, if I take an auto late at night I prefer talking to a robot in my cell phone just to make it clear that someone somewhere is waiting for me, I wrap myself with my jacket and scarf whenever I board the public buses, no matter if it hot or cold outside and so on..
          Its a nice afternoon, drizzling outside. As I prepare myself to shone off my culinary skills to a couple of friends, I race down to buy stuff. A couple of guys are standing on the road, kids not more than 10th standard, so theoretically approximately 10 years or more younger than me. As I stepped on the road in front of them, they started whistling and hooting. I mean, are kids of this age supposed to be doing this? My mind is racing, should I go talk to them and tell them to stop this nonsense. I do the otherwise, I start walking totally ignoring them, 1:10 I tell myself is not a good ratio to be talking. As I continue walking down the lane, they start following. Might be funny for them but wasn't certainly for me. I din't know what to do, as I turned back and gave them one stern look, it was enough to get their hormones rolling and on a crowded road on a busy street, they start singing songs.... for once I was embarrassed hearing "sheila ki jawani" and "chikni chameli".. I din't know where was this heading. As I entered the shop and took my very own luxurious time selecting the veggies, the corrupted minds and souls left me.. By the time I finished shopping , I was nervously sweating and on the verge of crying...
          On yet another day when I was feeling real low, I decided to visit the Chaturshringi temple. It was around seven in the morning when I reached the temple. The pious ambiance filled with the melodious Sanskrit chants calmed my soul, but I guess it was real short lived. There was a group of candidates preparing for some army entrance exam, I guessed that from their hair cuts , matching jerseys and training activities. So, when I otherwise really honour army officers, I wouldn't deny that these guys were not even fit to be called "citizens". When I had my fill of staring at the Goddess statue I came down sat at the footsteps pretty far from the guys practicing.Just minutes ticked on the clock and half of the guys had now migrated to the staircase I was sitting on. Not in a mood to take in any more problems, I moved to another place. But the guys just seemed to match pace and place. I mean, its a temple. Have some shame guys. You come here to practice, I had come for some solace not to watch a bunch of idiots who'd be dumb enough to stare, sing and even try peeping into my cell phone or occupy the seat I was seated on... I mean take a chill pill....
          I was returning back from college particularly late one evening. It was recruitment time at office and I wouldn't obviously give up sitting for an interview just because it meant 9:00 pm on the clock. As I walked towards Ruby Hall (that's where I took a bus home) I felt a mid aged man following me. Not paying much attention and mentally discarding him as "harmless uncle" I continued walking. Long before I knew, he had picked up pace and was almost walking with me. I casually dismissed his smile and decreased my pace to let him pass.But no, he had other plans. I fastened up, he did too. I slowed down, he did too. I wrapped my scarf around my face and fastened my grip around my deodorant bottle, lest I have to use it on him.(Frankly, I don't know where do they sell pepper sprays) I thanked my luck when I saw a lot of women at the bus stop.But he took it to his advantage, he tried keeping really close and nearly bumped into me when I was trying to get into a bus.This was it. As I saw my bus approaching, steps away I stepped on his foot and snapped it real hard. You may call me cruel, heart less etc etc and I don't care about it. I did it meaningfully. Love you my darling "Adidas" for making such nice shoes. I got in the bus leaving his mind racing and foot hurting (as if I care)
        SO WHAT DO WE DO IN SUCH SITUATIONS? Shout for help, use our deodorants or pepper sprays, hit the guys back ( mind you I have had my fill of self- defense, three years of karate practice) or just be silent and move.. I hate it when I go out with fear behind my oh-so-confident-looking-face... I hate it when a group of people can get me to my wits end and make me run for dear life, I so much don't know what to do in such situations. Most of us face such situations in life or may be worse, but really do we know a way out of this? Should we restrict ourselves to daylights and male partners? WHAT EXACTLY DO WE DO????.............. answerless, clueless and confused

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