Friday, August 24, 2012

Junk again...

          So what do you do when you get up at 6:30 in the morning, fill water enough for your buckets to take in ( did I tell you, we get water only twice, 6:30 to 7:00 in the morning and 2:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon, which is obviously out of my reach) and you warm comforter gives you that very-calming-and-soothing-and-lovely-comeback-sweety look and you step right in and get up only when your younger brother comes and wakes you up... And no its not over yet.. Last night I was blabbering about going early to office, about the piles and piles of pending tasks.. At just the right time, my darling lil' brother says he wants to have a bath before me and as the good sister I let him do that. So the warm water is gone.As we discuss our theories on using the available water conventionally( you see, now there's a theory in anything and everything, we are watching the "Big Bang"), he fills in water in the bucket for me and inserts the heating coil. He had a luxurious bath when I was getting mesmerized at "Eat,Pray,Love.." 30 pages down and I am like addicted to it . A must read girls!! A review about it later. So when I tell him to compensate for having that bath before me,by fetching the warm water from the kitchen to the washroom, he tells me he forgot switching on the heater ..... (*eyes rolling up*)
          And I start blabbering about the pending tasks at office once more.Blah,blah,blah... And he cutely and nicely expresses that I can work longer and he'd pick me up from office around 9:00, and I give him this, you-10:00am-office-reacher-back-by-7:15pm-no-work-guy confused look and he says he'd play POOL... Can you believe it, poor elder sister is going late to work coz you, yes you took her bathing water and also did not switch on the heater plus its like FRIDAY and I hate working on FRIDAY's and you , you 10:00am-office-reacher-back-by-7:15pm-no-work-guy, you're gonna stay back late for a game of POOL.... Why the atrocity!! :P
          Anyways, this is a seriously useless and listless post.. as I had nothing else to do. I just warded off my addiction and promised myself not to open another episode of BIG BANG and another page of EAT PRAY LOVE until Friday evening, or I know I might spend another hour or two with my comforter,novel and the laptop...
          Happy Fridaying people.... Wow!! Finally Friday is here.... Have a great time!!

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