Tuesday, April 16, 2013


My project of a year and nine months ended and I was pushed into another one the very next day... Thankfully this one was a small one(or so it seemed then) and ended in a month's time. I have been having a great time office since the last couple of days (TOUCHWOOD), but to the awesome girls I have handed over the project too!!

I have been a fresher not long back and know the pain when you are to do something and you don't really know how to.. I also know it is tough when your seniors, expecially girls behave like bitches.. so I tried being pretty nice and friendly to these two. But to no avail, now that I am friendly and nice to them, they end up not listening what ever knowledge I have to transfer to them and I find myself telling them solutions to problems faced atleast 5 times earlier. So, when I sit and explain everything step by step to them, they wouldn't really try and understand or even question me (in case they have issues understanding the processs) , not note down the steps to resolve issues, and call me irrespective of the time... and then talk to me as if I am a long lost friend, girls I am not... When I don't talk to you without an "AAP", you cannot refer me with the "TU"... huh!!! No, I am not commanding authority, but then there is a behavior expected in a corporate world, isn't it?

I am extremely irritated... huh!!

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