Tuesday, April 2, 2013

$$ Richie Rich $$

Let's calculate :-

I spent around Rs 500/- to join a library which rented me two books at a time. Then I pay a monthly amount of Rs 250/- which is non refundable. Now the prices have increased multi fold... yes you read it right, not just doubled or tripled... but more than that! huh!! What are they thinking *rolls eyes*

So, now I have planned to buy books for myself.. Tan tana....

So, if I spend 500 bucks a month on buying books, I end up buying 1/2/3 books..

And depending on the number of pages, I end up reading them in a month or a month and half...

Given this pace and given the fact that I have sponsors (yeah!! two sweethearts who have agreed to sponsor my books.. love you both!! *with obvious terms and conditions apply*) can you guess how many books I will have by the next year.............. whopieeee

That makes me Miss Richie Rich.... $$$$$$$$

I just hope I can keep up my pace :)


  1. The street seller in front of SGS mall on M G Road sells original and at flipkart rates. :)

    1. Really!!! Music to my ears :)
      I dint know that they were originals..
      I have had my bad share of buying books from the streets and finding missing or messed up pages...
      But this is great!!
      Thanks for stopping by Ajay!

  2. Had you posted this one on April 1 I would have not believed your future richness ;)

    1. Heheheh...Thankfully I din't !!
      To add to my richness, I got a copy of "Tantra" by Adi, my first free book from Blogadda!!
      Thanks for stopping by :)


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