Friday, April 5, 2013

The awesomeness called the "HALF FRIED"...

Put on the gas,
Place a pan on it,
Apply butter on the pan.
Take an egg,
Wash it nicely *Go on,Roll your eyes, I wash eggs before using and yes I know, that we don't eat the shell*
Pick up the spoon,
Make a slight crack , right in the mid of the egg,
And slowly and nicely, pour the contents on the pan, paying special attention not to break the inner yellow epicenter...
Gently sprinke salt and pepper...
Viola!!! a perfect half fried egg is ready to be relished!!
I am already feeling hungry :)

Such a miracle it is, yummy, gets cooked in 2 minutes(beats our dear friend maggi!!) , is healthy and filling too...........
I am loving it !
Do you??


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