Friday, May 31, 2013

May Photo A Day.. May 31.. Four things..

Here are four things which are dear to my heart...

My books... which make me feel complete... which can keep me awake at nights when nothing else and no one else can.. which make me sit and read nonstop on weekends... :)
My cuddly soft toy... which is with me no matter what... It comforts me, laughs with me, hears me rant, hugs me when I feel alone and is my companion no matter what..
My paints,brushes, pencil, pen who let me scribble,draw, sketch, color anything and everything.. help me emote whether it is pain or happiness.
And "U", you who hold a special position in my heart, you whom I trust more than myself, you whose little frown makes my day bad , you whose smile makes my day :)

Linking to May photo a day challenge that will change your life !!


  1. I love that lumpy!!!! its very cute :) :) and the painting is incredibly wow!!!!!!


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