Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Reality Check..

So what happens when I get happiness more than I deserve,
When I am  happy beyond what I can imagine,
When I am the center of attraction,
When I feel every dream of mine is about to come true, in fact some of them really come true,
When everyone around me shows me how much they love me,
When for once, I am satisfied that maybe I am not as bad as I thought....

There's always some one who is gonna pull me down,
Tear my heart apart,
Show me that I don't really deserve what I am getting,
Tell me that I am in a fairy world and my dreams are a waste of time..

And this ladies and gentlemen, is the reality check...
And before I even sit down and draft the mail where in I wanted to share my happiness, tell you that I am on cloud no 9, here I sit with tears in my eyes and write down what I feel now...

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