Friday, November 7, 2014

To "My Man"..

 The curtains swayed, the shining moon casting its shadow on your face.You curl up and cuddle the pillow. I pulled the comforter over you, a ritual I do every night. The warmth makes you feel good. As the curtains and the moon play hide and seek, I stare at your face, something I can get never enough of. You look at peace, innocent like a baby.. Behind this serene and youthful face is the man who takes over the burden of the house EMI, the car loan, work load and above all he handles me - be it in my worse times or my best or when I am just being me or when I am throwing tantrums! As I continue thinking about us, the memory lane doesn't look like a bed of roses, it never has been, the thorns prick badly and I need to stop thinking about the bad, but then how can you appreciate the good if you haven't seen the bad. I repent on the follies I did, at the same time forgive you for what wrongs you have done to me. After all, it is about accepting each other with the differences, as you always say.. And I am doing just that! Ofcourse we have our good times... and I hope we have many more to come. One thing I have learnt about myself and find it similar in both of us is the time we need for ourselves. I need my time to cool down or to just sit back and think over things and so do you! I need my time with my books and toys, as you do with your candy crush and your cell phone. We have learnt to respect each other's private time... and I find it much needed for us.
 You make me proud, you make me happy.. Sometimes you handle me well! Sometimes we don't agree.. But I guess these sometimes make life interesting! Not that I like fighting with you, but believe me I always try not to! But the bubble bursts under pressure. You are bad at gifting and you are making me bad at gifting too! Really :) I must have given you more gifts before marriage than I give you now... I don't what's it with you and gifts, but I love them as I love cards and flowers and no, they are not a waste of money and I read the cards before buying, I don't just check the drawing over it!! My cards are thoughtful and relate to the moment! We have our little secrets, you are a different "you" when you are with me as I am a different "me" when I am with you. I cannot wait to talk to you when you leave for office and when we come back home... Its keeps me moving! Your smile relieves me of the pressures!I am as bad at hiding emotions as good you are at it, but I guess that completes us..
 When I tell you I love you and I say it a million times and say it everyday,I dont say it out of habit.I say it to remind you that you're the best thing that ever happened to me and want to make you feel special! Cheers to the times together and cheers to the times to come, coz I know with you they'd be good and if bad times come, we'll fight them together! Be there for me, I will be there for you too.. I am sorry for the times I hurt you.. I'll try not to... Little did I know that you'd make me complete when we got married.. you are the only one who can tell me that I am wrong and also prove me wrong [even sometimes when I am not wrong!, such is your strength]....
 Too much of sugar can cause diabetes.. so I should stop now :P

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