Monday, November 3, 2014

The client visit...

    If you are in I.T. or related to someone here, you’d know about clients coming over to India offices. To me it’s always been analogous to coming to office early, fancy lunches [which you’d just hear about maybe coz you are too low in the hierarchy] or going shopping with them to those fancy stores which sell clothes with Indian embroidery or other items which can be tagged “Indian”.
    A member from the client team came over today and is gonna stay over for 2 weeks. We knew he was coming but when/where/how wasn’t know till today morning. Today’s sunshine saw our offshore manager in office at 9am… like 9 am!!! He doesn’t really come to this part of our office, this secluded and confined place. Read about this office here! We knew something was wrong as he gave me a rude stare when I was dunking my oatmeal cookies into my cuppa. And by the time I enjoyed the dunken magic, another senior team member came to the stair case, which we now call our cafeteria and told me to go inside..because THE CLIENT IS COMING…
    Each time people called over to each other over their cubes or called onto each other for their morning dose of coffee/tea and gossip, we were told to be quiet and not take coffee breaks… because THE CLIENT IS COMING…
    Now when the client finally came, the manager escorted him to a conference room and we were introduced to him much later, when we had our head phones on and were in a call with the onsite coordinator! Imagine the disgust when you are talking to someone in a conference call and there are people standing on your desk!! Huh! And we had to pause the call and greet him before he was whisked away by the manager!... THE CLIENT HAS COME…
      As if everything was ok, we got an email with the following contents:
1.       Everybody to come office by 9 – 9:15 AM à no problem
2.       Avoid long coffee breaks and lunch breaks as this creates really bad impression on clients à Really!!!
3.       Avoid any unplanned leaves à Not that you let us take our planned leaves peacefully!!
4.       Avoid mobile calls as much possible and internet surfing during this time à Really!!
What are we like, in a school or something?? Lunch time saw everybody changing glances and laughing on the instructions and stares which we’d received from our manager! Now for a breather, I have this amazingly beautiful anklet which rings beautifully when I walk. It pleases me and isn’t too high to create disturbance.
And now linking my anklet to this “CLIENT HAS COME”… I was walking to the door and given that there is a pin drop silence observed, the anklet trinkling was being heard.. And I got that dreadful stare again!!
Hope I don’t get an email to not it wear it to office!!

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