Monday, November 3, 2014

Growing up or growing old or just growing bore...

1.       A couple of grey hair smiling gently on the scalp
2.       Hair volume reducing every day
3.       Slight fine lines on the face
4.       Inches and pounds adding up
5.       Need to rest on weekends rather than going out
6.       Preferring online shopping over the huge league of malls
7.       No window shopping
8.       No sense less calls, just talking sense
9.       Getting angry with the maid over ignoring the dirt
10.   Being unhappy with the cook coz he cooked something unexpected over telling him politely
11.   Thinking nonstop of the future rather than living in the present
12.   Adding a new album in my music gallery which reads “Peace” after a lot of albums “Rock”, “Hip Hop”, “Honey Singh”… etc and hearing “Peace” when I do actually hear music…
13.   Forgetting headphones at home and not feeling bad about it
14.   Not having configured the radio after getting a new phone even when its 2 long months
15.   No adrenaline rush on getting/buying a gift
16.   No hurry to download that song which I loved seeing on the T.V.
17.   No worry when someone is wearing the same top as I am
18.   Peace and calm when I see the top I had added to my wish list in “sold out”
19.   Not talking for a couple of hours and still being fine with
20.   No coffee and still not cribbing about it
21.   Not holding on to grudges and calling somebody just because I want to
22.   Not just reading, reading and understanding
23.   Taking that long walk home instead of hurrying
24.   Standing in front of the mirror, feeling disgusted about the dark blue top and changing into something which I think is more sober
25.   Closing the red lip stick and red nail paint in the closet…
26.   Feeling out of place with a bright cover for my cell phone
27.   Changing the font from comic sans to Arial
28.   Smileys and stickers being replaced by text messages
29.   Long text messages replaced by mono syllables
30.   Facebook open all the time to checking it once just for the sake of
31.   Wearing different shades of nail paint on toes and fingers and still being ok with it
32.   Wearing imperfect nail paint…
The list is unending... Do you also feel the same?
Am I growing old already?

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