Monday, February 1, 2016

The one where I cooked and baked!

If you know me... then you'd know how much I love eating... Yes, I know I also constantly talk about the kilos and inches.. but then food is love, food is life!
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When I first tasted hummus with pita bread at the Irish House, I loved it.... I tried at a couple of more places, but sometimes the bread was too thick or the hummus was too bland! So then what better than a DIY!!! Saturday morning, I wore my chef hat and got down to mixing the dry yeast to bake some bread.. made some pita and some brown bread! The only thing I didn't like was the yeast smell... any pointers on how to not let the yeast smell interfere... I hated it and the hubby and BIL did not want to even try! But the pita breads came out to be really soft and tasty when baked... and the brown bread was good too! I added some oregano to the brown bread and the baked oregano bread smelled divine!!

The hummus required tahini, so I used the alternate recipe of switching it with roasted sesame seeds powder. Although, I followed the recipe, the smell of the powder overpowered everything else.. I had to soak-and-boil-and-grind some more chickpeas to balance it out... So lesson learnt, add less sesame seed powder! But the end product was good... I enjoyed some tasty hummus and pita bread. And I baked some awesome brown bread from the left over dough!

The pita bread was over before I clicked a pic, so here's a pic of the hummus and brown bread!! Happy munching!

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