Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The story of her,her and her!

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She opened her cupboard and coyly moved the streak of her behind her ear. The hair cut made her look better and of course she was glowing thinking of the date the next day. She took out the pretty white maxi, she had kept for the special moments. Maxi check, earrings check, foot wear check and necklace with the pretty red stud check… everything was in place. Painting her nails a bright red, she glanced at the mirror, happily! Mid way through her sleep she woke up with cramps. This couldn’t be right, she wasn’t expecting her periods till next week… but here they were! The pain was too much and no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t sleep. Another plan cancelled!! How much she wished she didn’t have these troublesome and painful periods! If only!
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She couldn’t believe it! This month too she has missed her period and her pregnancy kit still showed negative. They had been trying for months now to have a baby, but in vain. Medicines, injections, follicle study – nothing helped! He comforted her, took her in his arms and told her not to worry! When the time will be right, it will all fall in place. As the tears silently flowed, she knew how much they craved for a baby! If only!
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           The bell rang breaking her sleep. As she rushed to open the door, she cursed under her breath stepping on a lego. What kinda life is this! Seriously… I just slept! She felt like a robot, get up, wash, bathe the baby, cook, work… the day just ends. She craved for his touch, to spend some quality time with him. Papa and mumma had taken over darling, honey and sweetheart. Where were those candle-lit dinners and aromatic candles… the baby sure made them happy, but they craved for that much needed times together... But she couldn’t just leave the baby with any other family member. Even a bathroom trip which left the baby crying made her feel guilty. If only she knew how to handle this better. If only!


  1. OH! completely agree with this feeling Deepika, both happy and soemthing amiss feeling at the same time. Nice one

    1. I guess all of us have been through this Ramya or we will eventually! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Wow three well written stories. It's the matter of embracing and being happy with what we have. Kudos :)

    1. Well said James... all about acceptance. Thank you for stopping by my lil' blog!


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