Thursday, February 4, 2016

What do you do when!

What do you do when you do not know what to blog about? Open your reader, using Feedly now, think about how much you loved Google reader and why the hell was it discontinued, read a lot of articles and forget that you were supposed to pick up ideas to brag about on your blog, move on to some related links, DIY's, jot down some recipes, YouTube for some awesome cake videos, search for fondant recipes and get frustrated as to where should you go to buy glycerin and gelatin and light corn syrup, browse through a trillion sites and find nothing useful, google items with an "in India" suffix, browse through some cute dog and cat gif's , call up/ping the husband and tell how much you want to buy a puppy then move on to tattoos, think of which one you want and where, call/ping the hubby again to tell him how much you'd want a tattoo while he repeats why it isn't really good for your health, move on to baking and search for bake ware, drool on the items found, shortlist and add them to the ever increasing wish list, come back to reality realizing you have spent almost half the day without work and have still am topic less for a blog post... phew
What do you do then?
Simple, write a stupid post like the one I just wrote and make it a point to write a complete sentence so that it is short enough so that somebody reads it... what motivates you to write peepz...? Help me, will you?? 


  1. He hee Deepika :-) when I don't know what to write about I write a gratitude post for last month or a book roundup for previous month or write a wish list for this year ;-)

    1. Thanks for the ideas Ramya!! I will incorporate these... to keep my blog alive :)


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