Tuesday, October 17, 2017


That time when a relative touched you inappropriately or when a teacher misbehaved, that cat call, that touch in the bus home. Haven't we all at some time in our lives been abused. Some times we didn't understand, sometimes we didn't know what to do even when we understood, sometimes when we spoke, our voices were hushed.. #MeToo
As I go through my Facebook and Twitter posts today, I see my friends, colleagues, acquaintances post the #MeToo hashtag. I am dumbfounded - that girl whom I deemed strong, who stood against the tide and proved herself, even she has been abused. That friend whom I considered the voice of the youth, even she at some time has felt the same. They come out as brave women believe me.
I am scared, scared for girls everywhere. No place is safe - you are not safe in your house, not safe in your school, not safe on the roads , not safe at your workplace. Age is no bar, nor is your dressing sense nor is your marital status. Nothing stops this inhuman ability of people to talk and touch inappropriately.
How difficult is it to understand the word "NO". When someone says it, they mean it. Since when has abusing become a part of amusement? And why doesn't it ever stop. Why is no one spared? I know of people who were abused as kids. What does a baby understand? What would a toddler know about inappropriate touch? Why should a teenage suffer your wrath? Why should a married women be raped? Why should anybody have to suffer? Why cannot we respect our bodies as the holy institution God has made them? Why?
So many questions, but no answers! The aftermath - the marches, the candles lit, the court cases, broken hearts and home! And what do I do as a person at my end to stop this?

No, I do not want to sympathize, neither do I want any sympathy. I do not want to shout our for my rights after the harm is done. I do not want to cry tears of shame when I think about how as a child I was abused and I didn't even know it was abusive then. Term it as feminism or call it 'My Body, My Rules' - the terminology doesn't matter. What matters is unity - we need to stand together against this. We need to be educated and we need to educate. Let us stop the harm before it happens. Let us stand together and let the tormentors know that a 'NO' is a 'NO' and if it is not regarded so, they will be punished.


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