Friday, October 27, 2017

The tiffin box

An empty tummy, just like an empty vessel makes noises. It aggravates into a monster and then nobody can calm it. Although she knew she was the HANGRY kinds, it took her a lecture from her Mom to tell her to keep her tummy full always - because God couldn't be everywhere he made Mothers!
She loved eating and cooking.. that was a good combination. She believed in cooking and eating from the heart, else the food didn't turn out to be tasty.So when she cooked, she cooked from the heart - one of the many learning taken from Mom and Dad.
The cooker whistled, six, two more to go, she counted. The spices were roasting, spreading their aroma. The milk boiled covered with a thick layer of cream. Now it was time to turn the magic wand and combine them into one. The pulses, the spices, the cream embraced each other and slowly the love potion was getting ready. She loved how everything tasted so good together. Just a pinch of salt, some coriander and wohoo food is ready. It was one of her favorite comfort food.
After dinner, tiffins were packed, she was glad to have a big share. She'd relish it again, a smile spread across her face. Satisfied, she slipped into sleep. There is no love sincerer that the love of food.. and when you are in love, life looks beautiful.
Birds chirped, the sunlight woke her up making a beautiful maze on the walls of her room. The daily chores done and she was ready. She took out her tiffin and lo! it just didn't seem right. She remembered filling it to the brim but all she could see was 4 spoons. She was sad. Nobody should do that :( Why!! The tiffin box made her sad.
Why don't people understand - there is no love sincerer that the love of food.

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