Friday, October 27, 2017

To make a new start...

If you are reading this, I am really grateful.. I haven't been sincere here... I have had thoughts to pen but they were never written.. When I did actually sit down to write, I did not remember what to and how to... I always had words to say and things to write but I become clueless when I click on 'New Post'.
Putting the negatives behind, I am making a new start. So, while I try to keep my existing hobbies alive - I have started claying and I find it really liberating.. Like a child with a new toy, I invested myself into creating small clay charms. I haven't mastered the art yet but I have made a start and I am happy I did. I also thought of selling these cute little charms, but I do not know the how-when-where? I do not know what to charge for them, I do not know if anyone will want to buy them, I do not think I will be able to sell them in person, I do not know where to get the raw material at a better price - there are way too many unknowns. I have a Facebook page but I haven't made it public yet. I do not know how many minimum pieces do I need to make to showcase my art. Well!!
And so my blogger friends I need help. How do I make a start?

Here are a few of my creations -

Do you like them?
They can be turned into keychains, charms, fridge magnets and a lot more!!!

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