Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Start A New Life!

The loss of a family member is a wound that never heals, never soothes, never calms! No amount of time helps and no matter how much you try, there comes a time when memories flood, you try holding on to happy ones, but you cannot part away with the sad ones!
When I lost my Dad in a road accident, little was left in my life. But things aren't as you imagine, rather than sinking and not living, I had to live, stand for my mother , smile for my brother who had just begun his engineering. Life was not simple. We all wore multiple masks to hide the sadness and sorrow, coz out of our four strong pillars on which our house stood, one was gone - the one which was the strongest! But life doesn't stop, does it!
With a year of education still waiting for me and 4 long years for the brother, life changed. We didn't afford the luxuries which we could earlier, nor did we have a reason to smile. We all felt alone in this world with nothing but darkness all around. Mom stayed back at our native home and brother and I moved on, came to Pune to finish our studies. Mom had to be strong so that we don't give up and vice versa. Finally, things started falling a bit in place.. the sad memories haunted but we were slowly moving.. Finally, brother and I rented a place and started living together and I could actually feel my life brighten. It was a really small apartment, but how does it matter if you have your brother to share it with you. We laughed, we cried, we cooked, we lived! After a long time, I felt better! Before long, we started looking forward to bring mom to stay with us. It was difficult,she had a job and she had memories she wanted to hold onto. A lot of requests later, mom relented and here we were finally living together in Pune - the city of our dreams! It is a small apartment surrounded by greenery. We signed the agreement and moved in, cleaned the house and assembled all we had and then mom came. Fortunately she loved it. Finally this small flat was our abode, our "Home sweet home" and it still is! And life has never been better! We miss you Dad but atleast we are together now - a promise I made to you is finally live!

Yesterday we were discussing about getting a new house! Yes a flat of our own.. Our finances are better, conditions are better and it's time to get our own house! And Dad your blessings are with us! Thanks for being with us, even when not here!
Here's to new beginnings and new starts!

Watch the housing video below and start a new life!

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